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 Yep, Firefox has become as bloated, slow and buggy as the original Mozilla browser (based on Netscape).  No doubt we'll soon see a new browser from the Mozilla team that will promise to be all the things Firefox was to it's predecessor (maybe it'll be as 'snappy' as Safari, unlikely!).
Can I use FaceTime to contact clients who use Windows PCs or Android tablets?
On the whole, I'm loving the new look.  Especially like how they've integrated Dashboard widgets into the Notification Centre and the clean UI.  However, I'm not liking that the Zoom button is now the fullscreen button (it was annoying enough when they removed the 'pill' button to hide the toolbar from Lion and now this too!).  Also, I wish Apple would get rid of the dumb blue folder icon and make it more intelligent - why not display a stacks icon instead (as used on the...
The 10.9.2 update fixed some of these problems, although some users still complain about QuickLook running slowly. Most major problems with Mavericks seem to steam from out-dated third party programs users had installed on Mountain Lion.  A lot users have found EtreCheck a great help in resolving these problems.
Anyone struggling with slowness, spinning beach balls, etc. should start a thread on Apple's Community forum (https://discussions.apple.com/community/mac_os/os_x_mavericks?view=discussions).  Plenty of expert advice and help.  Lots of users are having problems with Mavericks but there is usually a solution.  A good place to start is by running EtreCheck (http://www.etresoft.com/etrecheck) and post the results on the Community forum.
'+' button for Playlists is on the left but the drag & drop list appears on the right.  How is this logical!  
The artist photo 'Gallery' seems rather slow, unfinished and buggy.  I clicked on a photo and just got a grey box, nothing else.  Second time I got a black box with the image but no controls.  Third time I got the controls too.  You can resize the image window but the photo doesn't resize.  Totally lacks the Apple polish.   Also, on 'normal' non-retina screens the artist's Store view cuts off the 'Recommended' list and you can't scroll right to view...
I’m not a hardcore gamer but I do enjoy video games when I get the chance. One of the joys of owning a Mac is the feeling of perfection and quality. Games like Portal 2, Limbo, Bastion and Trine 2 all look and run great on a Mac (especially with a Bluetooth PS3 controller). This is where I start my Call of Duty 4 rant... COD4 maybe a 4 year old game but it’s still one of the best FPSs available on the Mac, and a game I’d heard so much about but hadn’t played. It seemed...
Interesting article - especially Aspen Movie Map which, according to Wiki, was designed to quickly familiarising soldiers with a new territory.
My mistake, I should have said calender icon updates.
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