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Intel chip?   Can't wait for the OS X port!
[tinfoil hat on] This happens after Microsoft issues their regular Patch Tuesday updates. Could Apple be running Windows Servers? Are auto-updates on? [tinfoil hat off]
Correct.  We have a legal system, not a justice system.
I hope all the trolls are right and that no one buys the Watch. That way, there will not be lineups for it and I can get one on the first day!   Look back to the first gen iPhone.  Would you buy one today? Are expectations too high for the Watch? Mine aren't.   Apple products are about evolution when released. Some call it planned obsolescence, but I consider it an investment in the future.
Good point. I recall reading how unsafe neighborhoods with tall buildings were compared to places that had the same density, but the buildings were effectively laid down on their side, and those places were much more community minded and safer.
Noah Wylie will be the only Steve Jobs that suspended my disbelief. And who was "endorsed" by the original at a keynote!
But buying a company that is beleaguered in a country that is right next door - and maintaining that company in an independence similar to Claris - would allow Apple to take maximum advantage for moving the money between nations and eventually into the USA. When you review the relationship and tax treaties, you understand why Burger King did it, and why it would make sense for Apple.
For those who believe North Americans would not pay thousands for a $349 product, China is where the Apple Watch will succeed on the high end.
Notice what happened when Burger King bought Tim Hortons and "moved" their corporate HQ to Canada to avoid taxes.   Wouldn't be a hoot if Apple bought Blackberry for the same reason - with Canada making it easier to bring overseas money in.   America really has to stop being the lone holdout when it comes to foreign profits.
Even with all the naysayer, one thing can be guaranteed:  there will be people lining up and disappointed that stock is not available for weeks/months.  And similarly when the next new version of the Watch comes out.   I do like the wording of the article, percentage of revenue "growth" which I take to mean a new revenue stream that doesn't already exists.  It kind of makes sense the Watch would have a role in that, because what other "new" revenue streams are there at...
New Posts  All Forums: