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I ordered mine on launch and got it the 24th, then ordered the wife's the following Sunday and got it Tuesday. I guess if you order the cheapest most-popular model (like michaeloftroy), there will be a wait. Meanwhile, back to topic:The update works great!  Resolves an issue with Hey Siri that I had.The watch doesn't turn on as much when I am eating.Here's hoping the battery life stays at about 50% use for a whole day...
Curiously, phone calls are something I rarely do on the device.  That's what texting is for. The first time my Watch rang with a call, I didn't realize it was basically a BlueTooth speak/listen device for the iPhone.I answered it the obvious way and was pleasantly surprised how well it worked.  Not something I would be using for long conversations though.  But then I noticed as I grabbed my phone that I could Handoff to it.  Apple never ceases to amaze. Someday I should...
And the US Government for having such high taxes for repatriation.
Same here.  I ordered one on April 10th and got it on the 24th.  Ordered another Sunday and got it today.Wife wanted a 38mm when she saw mine. If it's that important to get one, don't buy a Sport.  The regular stainless steel is shipping.
But will it blend?   When does that moronic video get made?
So does this mean Apple is doomed? I ordered the Watch with Classic Buckle (as it's the largest wrist strap at 215mm.)  Shipping April 24th.And that was three hours after the website went up.Also ordered a Sport.  And got my appointment for around lunchtime today to see which one I will cancel. Oh, one post, bobbyinblue?  Troll.  Sorry, carry on.  Maybe Twitter might be more your speed... Meanwhile, how else will the mainstream media spin this? • JUNE WAIT TIMES???  Apple...
Intel chip?   Can't wait for the OS X port!
[tinfoil hat on] This happens after Microsoft issues their regular Patch Tuesday updates. Could Apple be running Windows Servers? Are auto-updates on? [tinfoil hat off]
Correct.  We have a legal system, not a justice system.
I hope all the trolls are right and that no one buys the Watch. That way, there will not be lineups for it and I can get one on the first day!   Look back to the first gen iPhone.  Would you buy one today? Are expectations too high for the Watch? Mine aren't.   Apple products are about evolution when released. Some call it planned obsolescence, but I consider it an investment in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: