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I'm surprised the made-up word "micro-aggression" wasn't used to explain this.
I supported Macs only up until Apple switched to Intel, then actually started to learn how to support XP and up since I had a "sandbox" that is Boot Camp.  And if I screwed something up, it was an easy restore with WinClone.  Night and day from an IT perspective:  Macs are simple compared to the potential nightmare a Win box is.  Although Win 7 was getting better and even more with Win 8 (I know, heresy in the Win world to say that!)   Right now, I am at a College and...
My prediction:   Run up of stock based on over-the-top numbers. Actual, realistic numbers will come out. These numbers will still break records. Stock will be punished.
Does the Watch Sport count?  The iPod Shuffle?
Imagine that.  A jailbroken device has a flaw that can be exploited.
Sadly, shortcuts like this have to exist.  I doubt Code2040 works for free. Wouldn't it be easier for job applicants to just include their race on their resumé?
Does the Windows PCs sold number include people running Boot Camp?   You may not think it's a lot, but I have experience in a few colleges where there are thousands of dual boots - and that's just me.
Well, obviously, this survey did not ask the most important demographic: Bloggers looking for clickbait.
Even after owning a Watch for a few months, there has been a lot of discovery of what it can do - especially when iPhone apps are updated to support the Watch with proper use of it's screen and notifications.  Ads like this help me see yet another way I can use it.   Guess I won't be writing a "Why I Returned My Watch" article anytime soon, even though my website could use the clickbait.
  I have often wondered why 911 was chosen.  Mostly due to the protocol of 411, 611, etc. I wonder if 999 is a bit too easy to dial.  Obviously if you say it to Siri it is less of an accident.Any stats on misdials elsewhere in the world? Oh, and I don't know if it's widely known, but if you accidentally dial 911, DO NOT HANG UP IN A PANIC.Just tell the person that you dialed it by accident.  Otherwise you are a priority to the system. I worked at a place where you had to...
New Posts  All Forums: