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I wonder if this is related to something I've noticed about running Apple Remote Desktop as an admin.   I can execute a Unix command with root as the specified user without entering a password for root, or enabling it for that matter.   Has anyone else wondered why this is allowed?
As a developer, I have to enter a code to get a free OS Update from the App Store. It doesn't automatically show up or even download automatically.   If they gave out a code (didn't even have to be unique) that would've worked better.
The headline reminded me of this from my childhood: http://blog.modernmechanix.com/bone-fone/
Stanford, eh?   When do we get the Folding@iPhone client?
That reminds me of the old line about how the British would wait in line to watch a sunrise. Civility is something that has been lost because of the anonymity of the Internet. IT'S ALL ABOUT ME, DAMMIT!
Then perhaps you should keep your opinions to the yourself, as it appears that they only matter to you and are not relevant to a general forum where people exchange opinions and ideas relative to each other.
They still sold it?
I like how the face of this watch is obscured.  No real idea what it does.   I don't think HP knows either.  At least until Apple releases theirs, then they can design it.
I miss the 30" monitor.
Let just say this:  The Beats deal makes sense if 50% of the deal goes directly to Iovine ($1.6 billion) and it is treated like a hire for Apple.   The other guy is just a bad rap artist that is not worth that kind of money.  That is the hold up.  Ego.
New Posts  All Forums: