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I like how the face of this watch is obscured.  No real idea what it does.   I don't think HP knows either.  At least until Apple releases theirs, then they can design it.
I miss the 30" monitor.
Let just say this:  The Beats deal makes sense if 50% of the deal goes directly to Iovine ($1.6 billion) and it is treated like a hire for Apple.   The other guy is just a bad rap artist that is not worth that kind of money.  That is the hold up.  Ego.
So does this mean the case makers will have a harder designing something?
Can you imagine what people would say if Apple ever offered a way to run Windows on their hardware?
All I could think of when I first read this was about a story that must be over a decade old now, about how the iPod was going to be used to have portable /Users home folders.   Nice idea, what benefit is there to this idea?  Especially when you think about iCloud.
 Actually it is, and has been for a while.  Check out their About page for some success. http://fold.it/portal/info/about I can't find it now, but they had success in a discovery based on gameplay that was done in under a year what they estimated scientist would've taken decades to figure out.
So I have to aim the phone at my eye?   Yeah, this sounds more convenient than a fingerprint sensor on a button you would normally push when operating a phone.
This is the difference from all other TVs out there, while going back to the future for projection TV.  I still believe that Apple (and even third parties) will offer something to project on - a screen if you will.
I could've sworn McAfee was supposed to fix everything!   http://www.cnbc.com/id/101128689  
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