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Does the Windows PCs sold number include people running Boot Camp?   You may not think it's a lot, but I have experience in a few colleges where there are thousands of dual boots - and that's just me.
Well, obviously, this survey did not ask the most important demographic: Bloggers looking for clickbait.
Even after owning a Watch for a few months, there has been a lot of discovery of what it can do - especially when iPhone apps are updated to support the Watch with proper use of it's screen and notifications.  Ads like this help me see yet another way I can use it.   Guess I won't be writing a "Why I Returned My Watch" article anytime soon, even though my website could use the clickbait.
  I have often wondered why 911 was chosen.  Mostly due to the protocol of 411, 611, etc. I wonder if 999 is a bit too easy to dial.  Obviously if you say it to Siri it is less of an accident.Any stats on misdials elsewhere in the world? Oh, and I don't know if it's widely known, but if you accidentally dial 911, DO NOT HANG UP IN A PANIC.Just tell the person that you dialed it by accident.  Otherwise you are a priority to the system. I worked at a place where you had to...
You can't spell "convince" without "con"
 I'm disappointed and concerned that - with rumors abounding about iPhone 8 - I haven't seen rumors for the third gen Watch.
Same computers support the update as per Mavericks and Yosemite? Or some being left behind?
This is why smarter jurisdictions have laws in place that talk about distracted driving without defining what constitutes a distraction. The one thing people have to remember about Quebec is that their court system (and almost everything else government related) is not the same as the rest of North America.  Also, Quebec never signed on to the Constitution that Canada established.
I ordered mine on launch and got it the 24th, then ordered the wife's the following Sunday and got it Tuesday. I guess if you order the cheapest most-popular model (like michaeloftroy), there will be a wait. Meanwhile, back to topic:The update works great!  Resolves an issue with Hey Siri that I had.The watch doesn't turn on as much when I am eating.Here's hoping the battery life stays at about 50% use for a whole day...
Curiously, phone calls are something I rarely do on the device.  That's what texting is for. The first time my Watch rang with a call, I didn't realize it was basically a BlueTooth speak/listen device for the iPhone.I answered it the obvious way and was pleasantly surprised how well it worked.  Not something I would be using for long conversations though.  But then I noticed as I grabbed my phone that I could Handoff to it.  Apple never ceases to amaze. Someday I should...
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