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I recently upgraded my 15" MBP by ripping out the optical drive and adding a 128GB SSD as the main boot drive. I left the old HDD in place because I thought I needed the extra space. Not sure I did. The SSD makes such an incredible difference to the performance of the machine. If I had to choose, I would now opt for fast and small over large and slow any day. C.
I really quite dislike carrying useless stuff that is welded to the inside of my computer (if I never use it). C.
As I understand it, the Air pretty much killed-off the 13" Pro in terms of units. If a thin 15" is well executed, with pro-performance, SSD and perhaps a sub-miniature ethernet port, then yes. The "vanilla" 15" machine will be end-of-line. And while there will be a handful of users who will bemoan the passing of the built-in optical drive. I think they'll have to shift to external drives. The optical drive is heading the way of the floppy and the parallel printer port. ...
I can see your need, but in my opinion, optical drives have moved from necessity to legacy. I don't think they belong in a consumer product. Although Apple should certainly offer an external drive peripheral. C. (PS. Have you considered shared Dropbox folders? - A lot less fuss than FTP)
Really? I am over optical media. When I last cleared out my office, I threw out the blank DVDs. C.
It has to be the iPad2K Doesn't it?
The current balkanised TV hardware mess has multiple services being amalgamated at the back of the television itself. This requires numerous external boxes, each with their own UI. All doing pretty much the same thing. Duplicating the hardware, driving up the cost while confounding the user. The smart place to do this service amalgamation is in a data center. All the channels, and all the recording are done in one place. And then a single content stream is sent to each...
I don't buy this story. Apple have known since forever that content holders would oppose any attempt to push them out. I think Apple's plan is to bring them in. The Apple TV should be as attractive to content providers and the iPhone is to developers. Here's my guess; Apple will let content holders sell channels, through the Channel Store at any price they want. Apple will take 30%. Apple will deliver all content through the internet from a data center. Recording,...
I agree.But Apple do have some options. Most streaming services shove out a bitstream of pre-encoded data with a fixed bitrate.Either the connection is adequate - leaving users happy. Or the connection is inadequate and we get constant stalling and buffering.If Apple are doing this the way I expect, they will be building and compressing a custom bitstream for each customer. They can raise and drop the compression ratio according to what the client device is telling...
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