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That's a good question. For Apple, it will mean either offering a TV with a missing feature - or changing their moralistic attitude. I am guessing that post-Jobs, Apple might become a little more relaxed about personal choices. C.
New publishing platforms may result in a bit of disintermediation. But I reckon Apple will make more progress in TV by making friends than by making enemies. C.
I'd expect to see something like the app store. A channel store, where subscriptions can be added (or removed). C.
Apple already are streaming HD movies to anyone who rents them. The internet has yet to die. Most TV is much more heavily compressed. There's a gaming service called "onLive" - it lets users play video games, which are running on PCs in a data centre. It does this by streaming video (at quite high definitions and high frame rates) from the data centre to each user. Impossible as this sounds, it works today. And we can assume that within 18months, Moore's law will let it...
I'd imagine Apple's initial solution would be flexible in terms of the bandwidth it requires. They could dynamically throttle the bandwidth based on what the receiving device reported back. 8mbit ADSL is fast enough for a single HD channel. Fibre to the cabinet technology is certainly fast enough for multiple HD streams. For the service to be valuable - it does not have to be available to every consumer. C.
The content provider could sell through AppleTV whatever packages they want. Just like music vendors who have the choice to sell whole albums or singles on iTunes.I think the market will quickly inform vendors the best ways to publish content on this new platform.C.
Exactly. Any move by Apple to replace content providers will result in Apple being shunned by the industry. Apple would have a fancy box, but zero content. The model I propose turns the TV into an accessible publishing platform that lets consumers hook-up with content providers. Both win. C.
I have been thinking about the Apple TV. This is what I reckon we are going to see: The problem with TV now is that all the various services that people use arrive as wires in the back of the TV. It is awkward to switch sources. It's not possible to browse channels visually. The more content you buy, the more remote controls and boxes you accumulate. Apple can solve this mess by moving the point of convergence from the back of the TV to an Apple data centre. The...
Yeah, apparently there's even a secondary iCloud logon! But like you say, the option to have a single identity for all these services would have been preferable. C.
The iCloud application includes the ability to send email. The address it uses has to be a @me.com address. I have one already, so it would be nuts if I had to forgo my bought and paid for @me address only to get another one. So I am hoping that Apple will let me migrate that address. I'd therefore hope they'd also let me move other MobileMe data, contacts and calendars etc. But I am less worried about that data, because it sits on my Mac - and I can shove it up into the...
New Posts  All Forums: