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Most engineers seem to agree with the sentiments in the article I posted...But to be fair, for most consumers, these differences are barely noticeable. C.
I have my name on a few PS3 games - but I am not a PS3 programmer. I do come into contact with a lot of engineers who are very clear on this.If you allocate full 1080p frame buffer on the PS3, the amount of available bandwidth to the video memory is pretty much saturated (meaning the game has to rely on lower resolution textures). The problem exists on the 360 but is less severe. Therefore most engineers opt to render to a 720p frame buffer, which is upscaled onto the...
Exactly. Apple was smart to remove a user-accessible file-system from iOS. But I think it's time that we had a new and elegant solution which allows apps to share and exchange data. As you say, the best way would be some auto-magical solution where the user doesn't know or care where the file is actually stored. C.
Everyone talks about notifications. I guess because they are currently bad, and have been for a long time. But it does not take a major OS release to improve the notification system. The underlying technology to deliver, present and dismiss messages is already there. It should not affect 3rd party software at all. At most there might be a new API to deliver richer notifications. So if it's not notifications, what's the big deal. Why a delay? The elephant in the...
I've worked in the games industry my whole life. I'm very invested in seeing it be as healthy as possible. But a healthy industry requires healthy platforms. Ones which enable creators to invest in titles, reach a market and profit from delivering entertainment. The pursuit of the hardcore gaming audience, by Sony and Microsoft has been an unsuccessful experiment. It has caused real damage and real hardship. Yet many continue to celebrate and reward this move, because...
Responding to BAD PUBLICITY about POOR RECEPTION, Apple decide to make their next phone out of RADIO OPAQUE METAL! Sorry, but this story maketh sense not. C.
Agreed. As Canute demonstrated, even a King can't order the tide to stop. These powerful companies are discovering that the tide is against them. C.
This is true but the games market has evolved in an odd direction. The playing field is no longer even.In the mainstream games market, only the mega-franchise games, with upwards of $40M investment per title are profitable. For a bunch of reasons, smaller titles from new innovative companies can't get a toe-hold. For a new original title, the cost to bring that to market is so great, there is just no possibility of it going into profit.To use an analogy, it's like a...
The app store is good. But a long way from perfect. I think your suggestions are very reasonable. C.
4. Jokey euphemized form of "moron".C.
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