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The irony of Trip's whining is that the App store creates exactly the sort of meritocratic market that was in place when he started Electronic Arts. The very early EA even applauded the developers and had their names and photos on the box-art. They were the stars. That didn't last long. EA turned into a monster, where they controlled the games market with expensive brands and expensive game titles. The franchises became the stars. It's all started to fall apart...
As a game developer, I'm happy to say that 512MB is sufficient to match the PS3 and XBox360. Even with the 9X GPU of the iPad 2, the iPad is a less capable hardcore games machine. So I'd expect most iOS games to require a much (much) smaller memory footprint. C.
The problem is not lack of RAM - but rather video memory bandwidth. C.
You may have some facts wrong. C.
Honestly, that's not how it works. C.
On the iPad, there's RAM consumed by the system, and a larger amount used for frame buffers and OpenGL. So doubling the amount of physical RAM will more than double the amount available to applications. C.
I've never seen commodity technology that didn't suck. Once manufacturers struggle to extract a 5% margin, they give up trying. C.
To be honest, the applications you describe do not require 20 jiggerbits! USB is more than fast enough for that sort of stuff. C.
Odd. "Commodity" and "awesome" in the same sentence! C.
Thunderbolt in an iPad seems a bit too early for me. But I have a family-sized helping of humble pie here, in case I was wrong.C.Edit - Humble pie is back in the freezer.
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