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..that I could have been wrong about Thunderbolt on the iPad. At least if this is to be believed. C.
Apple will not release iOS5 today. But they will pre-announce it. And describe features which will give the iPad2 some unique abilities. Apple only pre-announce stuff when there is a commercial benefit in doing so. C.
I really hope that iOS5 signals the end of the need to tether. If this goes, so will the need for iTunes. I understand why Apple rolled so much functionality into iTunes, but the resulting mess is inelegant and bulky. C.
The part illustrated seems identical to the iPhone 4 component. The only difference is the serial number. C.
There were indeed following sentences. But they didn't make sense to me. Apple's engineers are not intentionally creating sluggish hardware because of a lack of a ridiculously fast interface. The currently sync performance is bound by all sorts of factors. And it turns out to be a lot slower than USB2 can manage. The current biggest weakness of the iPad is the need to physically connect to a host computer. It's something I avoid. Thankfully, many app creators have...
Erm. How? The wires are not the bottleneck? C.
The speed of syncing is not limited by wires. It's not even at USB2 speed. It's bound by other factors. So Thunderbolt would not improve sync performance (for the 10 people that currently have it.) Everyone hates syncing the iPad.The problem is not the speed of syncing. The problem is the necessity to sync at all. If I am sitting in a coffee shop and want to look at my latest draft, I want to be able to pull it from the cloud, not have to drive home and plug-in.The...
They also, to a lesser extent, pre-announce Apple system software, because such announcements don't harm Apple products, but do harm weaker rivals. So I would not be surprised if Apple announced at least some of the iOS feature set. I am expecting.... A new wireless file-syncing solution. Far fewer reasons to tether and sync the iPad. Allowing it to become a more stand-alone device. C.
Apple don't normally pre-announce anything.... ...Unless there is a commercial benefit. Normally, pre-announcement is a bad idea. Pre announced products take attention away from the current product. But I am expecting Apple to heavily trail iOS 5. C.
Perian struggles with MKVs especially if the file is being streamed across a network. Boxee goes off to the internet to get its own metadata - which is considerably more pleasant than trying to tag movies by hand in iTunes. There's some good apps for Boxee too. C.
New Posts  All Forums: