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Had Apple updated Front Row and kept it in-step with the AppleTV, I might feel differently. The Mac needs a media player with a remote interface. Boxee is okay. FrontRow is hopeless. In fact it is an irritation. Me - using a remote to control Boxee Daughter - trying to work on her Macbook. Result: cries of exasperation from daughter as random media events push to fore. C.
Eventually Boxee won me over. I won't be missing FrontRow. C.
Me too. I realised that I'll have to buy a more recent version of Office. Then I remembered that I have. But it's still in the shrink wrap. C.
One or two years of modest profits will not un-do this disaster. Finding a penny on Friday is no compensation for losing your whole wallet on Monday. This platform is old already. There are too few titles appearing, and development costs remain stubbornly high. If there is a credible scenario in which the PS3 gets to break-even, I for one, cannot see it. And remember what break-even means; That the supposed leading company in videogames has sat for eight or ten years...
It's theoretically faster. Yes. However, the syncing speed of the iPad gets nowhere near the theoretical limit of USB2. It's bound by other factors. So increasing the connection bandwidth would have no effect. Apple needs to implement wireless syncing. The necessity of wired syncing needs to end altogether. The iPad is being limited as a device as long as it is required to sync. However quickly. C.
Why do you think Thunderbolt would improve syncing performance?Do you think that USB performance is currently the limiting factor?And I did stay that if we see a widespread adoption of lightpeak/thunderbolt technology, we might eventually see it becoming rolled into the 30pin standard. But currently it makes no sense for consumer products. Remember for it to make sense, it has to be applicable to all iOS devices. Including the iPod Nano. C.
I swear if someone discovered that the iPhone 4 lost a bar of reception once the phone was stuffed forcibly into a body cavity, then Consumer Reports would sagely advise against it. The fact of the matter is the iPhone has the best reception of any phone I have ever owned. And then some. I like listening to radio shows, streaming, on 3G. With the iPhone 3G they would break up in buildings. Fair enough. Concrete & steel get in the way of those electromagnetic...
Not if the conference-room projector has a VGA input. C. (in my experience all conference room projectors have VGA inputs)
I do like the idea that it will eventually become a universal connector standard. But honestly, for at least the next two years ThunderBolt will be seen as a Firewire 800 replacement. A professional standard, not a consumer one. We won't see it on a consumer product. 1) Because it offers no benefit to consumer electronics. I think we will see HDMI before DisplayPort or Thunderbolt. "Clean" video is not really a major issue. 2) Because the connector is too thick for the...
I made that table some while ago. So I thought I should go back and check my numbers. I went to the Sony website and collated the year end figures for the game division. The 2010 figure represents "Network Services" which includes games.It turns out I *had* made an error with the Yen -> Dollar exchange rate. And I had one year totally wrong. I apologise for this.I have redone the figures. Anyone who wants to double check can look at...
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