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I really do not understand.It's great technology. But currently there are are few/no Lightpeak devices.The initial benefit will be to high performance applications. Video editing. Compositing. Capture cards. HD film making. - and of course file storage. Makes total sense for the film-makers favourite notebook computer. Makes absolutely no sense for a tablet that does not even have a user accessible file system.C.
Whoah! Who said no CPU/GPU upgrades? I'm expecting Mark Rein from Unreal to be making a presentation next week, showing just what their engine will do on the new hardware. C.
Oddly enough, I actually own a phone. Now the iPhone has a WiFi hotspot, I can finally tether my iPad to my phone. This is great, because who wants to pay for two data plans? I still have no idea why Apple have not implemented a Bluetooth PAN stack in the iPad. C.
So you'd use Thunderbolt to connect the iPad to a RAID array, or a 30" monitor? I am sorry, the iPad needs Thunderbolt in the same way that a pushchair needs a chainsaw.C.
Don't forget the "send it off for 6 days to get the upgrade" and the unforgettable. "Sign up for a one month cellular contract to enable WiFi." C
You should definitely get a XOOM. Then let us know how you get on. C.
I do.1) Thunderbolt would not plug into my Mac2) It would not plug into a TV3) It would not plug into my dock.4) It's not designed to support the weight of the device.5) No peripheral that the iPad uses would ever need itThe iPod dock connector is a brilliant thing. People who whine about it deserve to spend eternity trying to plug a bent mini USB plug into a recessed socket.C.
It does not take Gruber's enormous nose to smell a pile of horsepoop this high. C.
Yeah, that would make total sense! #noitwouldnt C.
Oh no! Another blow! Audi have cancelled that flying car that my sources told me was a cert. Apparently there were last minute health and safety concerns. C.
New Posts  All Forums: