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This is typical of apple's way of doing things: add a new technology and make it work with their own apps, then open it up to developers. But I wonder how it would work with third party apps. How would it know which weather app to use or which to-do app? Would you have to manage some complex registry of apps and their functions, like old-school web browsers and plugins?
Yup. "turn off ringer and vibrate" because we want our phones on at night to sync wirelessly and to wake us up now that it's easy to set an alarm.
AT&T just keeps telling me that I am eligible to upgrade, but then throwing am error and I have to call premier support.
I keep hearing about the new iCloud iWorrk web apps. Are they any different than what was available before?
What site does it use for tweeting pictures? Can you choose to use flickr if you want? I know there are privacy concerns with some of the twitter picture sites.
Here's the warning I got when trying to switch to my wife's itunes account and turn on auto-download: If you turn on Automatic Downloads with your Apple ID, you cannot auto-download or download past purchases with a different Apple ID for 90 days.
This is my concern as well, although we do things a bit differently in my family. My wife and I have separate mobileme accounts which works fine for us as we don't share that many apps. However, music is a different story. We share all our purchased music by putting it in a shared directory and adding it to our respective libraries. This way we have access to the same music that we've purchased, but we have our own playlists. We also share our photos, but for iPhoto...
New Posts  All Forums: