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put your super secret files on an encrypted disk image. any "residue" from relocating/copying something would mean nothing in part... then secure erase the disk image when done. that should be good enough for anyone i can imagine.
xerox came up with quite a bit, apple came up with quite a bit more. as far as i remember, apple invented: scroll bars, pull down menu's, tons of direct manipulation with mouse, and hired a lot of the xerox engineers who came up with the gui in the first place. however, it is important to remember that the computer industry is a dynamic environment where ideas are exchanged and improved upon all the time.
3.5K is a lot of cash, but if you want to get going quick, perhaps its worth it, maybe. I would just read the book you have, do the exercises if there are any, otherwise, just recode the examples. read apple's docs, download sample code from apple, and read it until you understand it. then try your hand at your own programs. One amazing aspect of programming is that anyone can learn it alone with the right books, the web, and the appropriate tools. good luck.
uh, not that i play any video games, but for the sake of discussion: compilers could have something to do with it. intel compilers are much, much better at producing x86 code than gcc is. plus, GL vs. D3D (not taking sides on that one though), it could be a lot of things.
worked, sort of... NeXT ported nextstep to hp, sparc, and intel architectures - so it was surely a platform agnostic OS (as we see today with the transition to intel, again). but this is no more of a feat than linux+(x11+gtk+qt) running on all those architectures. openstep made it over to solaris where it had minimal impact, and over to windows. on windows, it was not write once run everywhere. with non-native custom drawn controls, event handling gotchas, need to write...
write once - run everywhere. sounds great, but i've heard it before: java, unix (many vendors, one os, or many ones, and incompatible to varying degrees), linux, high level languages (when that still meant C), JAVA (including AWT and SWING), html, javascript, name your scripting language, the list goes on and on. besides, yellow box aint it, and as great as it is, it largely doesn't matter much in the grand scheme -- the vast majority of software innovation as it pertains...
ok, so nobody knows the answer to this?
and i already thought apple made products i cant refuse
what is it? same?
wow, all i can add is: "Hennessy and Patterson"
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