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Steaming to a Mac. A Mac is not an iOS device. Also, the PS4 will only output 1080P to any device.
I'm sure the phone will come with a lightning to 3.5mm adapter or Apple will sell one. Don't let your lack of forward thinking slow the rate of technology. Connectors come and go.I bet you complained that you couldn't play your $500 worth of PS2 games on your PS4.
You "understand". So you haven't tried it but know it's worse than the thing you have tried?Android mentality.
Don't see the point, why not just attach it to a TV?
T-mobile have 60 million customers, 20% of the population of the US. Hardly table scraps.They have just knocked Sprint off of the 3rd place spot so they are moving in the right direction.
Ive must have been off the day that this was designed.
If you can't win in Texas, you may as well just give up.
Of course they are looking into a fix FFS.   Also, anyone who picks out a fault with a new product (especially one that can be worked around so easily as a temporary measure) and then pulls out the trusty "Old Apple would have never done this, their quality is poor" nonsense is a total bell end.
Unfortunately I was one of the first people to have the problem. I had closed PSE9 only 20 minutes before and then it refused to open. There was no reports of this error online so I had no idea what the issue was. At no point did I think that it was Apple's fault and that the error would fix itself so I didn't think it was worth a short trial run.I'm glad it is sorted now though. I have gone back to using PSE9 as I don't like the layout and the useability of PSE14. It has...
Clearly you are not understanding the crux of my complaint. If a restart and redownloading PSE9 had worked, it wouldn't have been a waste of data, however, it was.Having to download PSE14 was also a waste of data and money.As for your Sherlock style deduction that I should get a better broadband package, well done for knowing the full situation before commenting.In the US, they believe it's everyone's right to own a gun and have super fast unlimited broadband, however,...
New Posts  All Forums: