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Unless your camera has a micros SD slot. The minute that EyeFi come out with a Micro SD version of their card, I'm upgrading because the file handling and wireless sending of the Galaxy Camera 2 is dire. I wish that Apple would make a dedicated camera.
I can think of maybe 10 things that it is worth doing on a watch, reading a website is not 1 of them.
Using an open standard is good although I bet Apple patch around it in time. At least it increases the number of chargers available and reduces the price range.
I'm looking forward to what Android using watches will do next. They won't compete on sales, performance, features or apps. So I'm guessing they'll do a 5" version.
Assuming that the complainers don't understand the meaning of "other" which pretty much singles out 1 thing and discards the rest.Which is exactly what has happened. Sounds reasonable to me.
Fairly regularly used in London UK.
Yeah and Iron Ore is his prostitute wife.
I really don't see the point unless it only used data which could save money on calls. But it doesn't, it still charges it as talk time. It makes sense in big countries with flaky 3G ang 4G but The UK is fairly small and has pretty good coverage already.
If you throw enough shit, something will stick, so, keep throwing Google and one day you'll come up with something.   Bluestacks currently already plays Android games on Windows and Mac but people only use it to play hacked APIs so they can cheat in games.
If you want to sell more iPads, you have to make people upgrade. The 1st iPad with retina display is still better than any other Android tablet.   The only way the tablet market will change is if Apple change it.   They just have to add 2 or 3 unique "must have" innovations so people want to upgrade. 
New Posts  All Forums: