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Oh good, more middle aged white people injecting racism into situations where there was none to start with. If a group of kids are messing about in a store and acting dodgy, I don't care what colour they are, they should be ejected from the store. Are you saying that, because they are black, they should receive special privileges that non blacks don't?
Elements 9 issues here too. iMac on Mavericks.I had just changed my iTunes account location so thought there was a link there when it came up saying that the software was bought on a different computer.Tried a restart, wifi off, PRAM reset, nothing worked. Each subsequent time I ran it, it came up with the program was damaged and should be deleted and redownloaded.So I did just that but upon running it still said it was damaged.So I retrieved it from a Time Machine backup...
Lightning audio and an adapter for legacy headphones FTW.
If Apple could release a free to use P2P payment system that took no money for any transaction, it would bring PayPal to its knees but only if the payment could be sent without both parties present.
If I can afford an iPad pro and keyboard, I can afford to light the room i'm working in.Typing in a darkened room will give you eye strain even with a lit keyboard. However, if you are one of those types of people who regularly use your iOS device to smash one out looking at porn in a darkened room or spend a lot of time in seedy chat rooms, you'll need a backlit keyboard. However, I think most people like that are Android users.
If the UK government did pass this ridiculous bill, Apple would just have to turn off iMessage from the factory (but make it easy to activate with a simple hack).
I'm sure that this Apple software will give Android users a bad case of genital warts or something like that, anything that'll deserve a 1 star rating.
So, really, what you want is a Mac mini and a Cinema Display with neat cables. I don't like the thin design either, I'd rather it was more like the previous version. Ive almost certainly didn't design the iMac. Richard Howarth is Apple's lead designer for most products. Ive just changes a few things and signs it off.
Let's take bets on the first "gate" scandal to hit the new iPad Pro and how petty and stupid that complaint will be on a scale of 1 to ridiculous.
A film based on the worst of 2 worlds and now that'll bite them in the ass for the tune of about 30 million.   Don't make stuff up when the actual story is more interesting.
New Posts  All Forums: