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Of course iOS 8 is back on track, a lot of people were waiting for it to be jailbroken. Now it is, they have updated. I just did my 3 iPads for that reason. Nothing to do with piracy for me, I just need them to do things they aren't supposed to.   Removing ads from YouTube (so google don't get any money from me), Youtube HD over 3G/4G, download from the app store over 3G/4G even when the app over over the size limit, putting videos on the iPad and playing them, no...
If you want to buy Apple stuff at reduced costs on Black Friday, just go to a reseller like Amazon or Best Buy. They'll be doing monetary discounts.
Sorry about going back on topic but: I reckon the A8 chip is not only downscaling, it's probably processing every other frame.   Until someone airplays the 4K video from the iDevice to a 4K TV, does a screen grab and compares it to the same video played through the TV, I'll not be totally convinced. Seems like a sly advert for the app.
The lenses would have to be spaced further away than that to create a suitable 3D image plus, if 1 camera is macro and the other is telephoto, one will be out of focus so they couldn't both be used at at the same time.
39 major revisions in 6 years!   A major revision every 8 weeks!   GTFO!
What other word could they use that would fit the small box and still be readable. Up to 4 letters.   Get.   That's pretty much it.
The fact is, Samsung makes great cheeps at a high yield and a good price. When they are told what to do, they do a good job, it's when they think for themselves that it goes wrong.
It would seem that 1 in 4 people are idiots and/or ex Android users. 
Yet they are slower, more power hungry and worse with memory than Apple chips. If that makes them "a mile ahead" then clearly it's not Apple with the biggest bull.
So it's pretty much a mafia style protection racket. "You pay us money or your stuff might not get sent so quick".   Imagine if USPS started offering a higher charge for postage saying "if you go for the higher charge, there's more chance it'll turn up and we won't kick your parcel all over the depot".   ​Blackmailing companies isn't the best plan.
New Posts  All Forums: