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 Damn! What's the chances, I just downloaded every single one of those. I have a penchant for apps with squiggly names.
They used the wrong photos, look at the reddit link again. They have updated the photos to the new ones.
Of course! Apple thinks up a simple idea that works, Samsung piles on.
Sites get greedy and add more and more adverts until you get a site with adverts down each side and on the top and bottom and a narrow list of information down the middle. Yes, just like AI. Apple don't make money from ads and as customers, we don't really want to see ads. So Apple are doing what is best for them and their customers. Websites will have to work out a new way to make money or be more clever with their adverts. Ads waste mobile data so getting shot of them...
Quite simple. If you have the pencil and you are going to use it, you have to have the iPad there with you. Therefore you can charge the pencil.However, you wouldn't necessarily have a charger there or even somewhere to plug the charger in. So, it seems odd at 1st but it actually makes more sense, especially when you see how quickly it can charge.
A strange omission for sure. Looks like I'll be rewiring everything.
I think that if there is a damn good reason to spy on someone's messages, they are a suspect in breaking a law in a big way and the information could save lives (terrorism etc) then I think that a joint Apple and government team should be able to work together to view this info but not take it with them. However, I don't think that the government should be able to access anything they like, whenever they like. That'd just get abused.
Take the iPhone and add less thickness. Th-innovation!
It's good to see that "the aircraft highly" is 30 meters, the "distance between with you" is 20 meters. That's some good stats (I think).
It's a start.
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