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Ok troll, so why did these products post lower benchmarks when the benchmark app was renamed or the internal link was changed?The fact is, these products looked to see if it was running a benchmark app and increased the CPU speed. When it didn't know, it posted a lower score.If these products automatically detected intense use, the scores would have been the same.How do you think the benchmark companies realised?
Must be an American thing.Never mind, found Macrumors. They don't do the comma thing and they seem to report everything a few hours before appleinsider.It's like appleinsider are samsunging Macrumors.
Getting a bit tired of this site replacing the word "and" with a comma in the titles.
Oh dear, have you learned a new word, better have a moan up about it. We all speak the English language, try stretching yourself
Ha, yeah like Apple is going to pay 40% taxes on that win.
Haven't you heard, everybody wants a bigger iPhone and the current one is way too small and therefore doesn't make you look ridiculous when you use it  /s
I hope this is a joke.Apple aren't lagging behind, they just aren't rushing any old piece of shit to market. Samsung do sell them, however, to other resellers. It is the resellers that have to sell them to customers.Apple sell direct and through their own stores mainly which is why there is a difference between Apple's "units sold" and Samsung's "units sold".
Oh right, please talk us through checking all incoming and outgoing googlemail emails so you can target adverts.Doesn't sound all that private.
New Posts  All Forums: