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Let's not confuse "it being possible for Apple to add Touch ID to the previous iPad" and "Apple purposely leaving it out to give them an easy upgrade for the next gen iPad". They do it all the time, it's good for the bank balance.
So, you'd like Apple to drop a 1 cent LED that increases the quality of photographs.Why?Do you really need to save 1 cent?
Well, Google+ has fallen from the sky like a sack of s*** and hasn't made any ground on FaceBook since its release, despite FaceBook being terrible. When someone sees this guy, look for the big boot print on his ass.   As Steve Jobs said, don't copy, do it differently.   Google+ was a too-late-copy of FaceBook that was badly managed.
Well, imagine that. ALL of the analysts were wrong, ALL of them shorted Apple. Again. Like they always have done. And been wrong.   How many times do they get to cry wolf before others stop listening?
Exactly this. No matter what Apple release, there is always a bunch of people who are disappointed, usually because they have read some made up crap spouted by some analyst and thought it was going to be true, no matter how ridiculous the claims.
Funny joke with 1 major problem. You can have the same password as someone else and they would never tell you if someone else had the same password. This woman is certainly better looking than the offering at Google. Not that that means anything but it seems to help.
Isn't this one of Tallest's precursors for being a troll? Dude, if you think you can unlock your phone, find the app, start it and begin the app listening quicker than you can hold the home button down and say "what song is playing", you do it that way. However, as most of the time you want to know what a song is, you are driving. So operating an iphone/ipad is safer and quicker to use Siri. I'm actually glad to hear this rumour as I sent exactly this idea to Tim's Apple...
I doubt it's something we have seen/heard the last of. What with Apple's ever increasing expertise with battery technology, their work with plastics and laminates, their understanding of production, their bank balance, the fact they have a great designer and that the car market is massive... ...makes sense to me that they make an iCar. Then a year later, Samsung will make a car with a massive windshield and then idiots will start wanting bigger and bigger windshields...
Agreed, looks like something that'll cost you $50 a go in reality.Much like Scalectrix, it'll get boring quick.
No password is secure if it's written down in text which is then taken from a website.My password for a website selling hard drives would be the least of my concerns if the other data they got is my credit and debit card details.
New Posts  All Forums: