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OMG! How dare Apple release an industry changing chip and not have all of the bugs ironed out in 4 weeks /s
I'm interested to see what Nokia has planned for a tablet as long as it doesn't run Android or Windows.
"Older Samsung models" could be ones they released 3 months ago considering how many new models they release.
All in all, sounds terrible and over priced. The DXG DVS-5K8 would be better if you just want to capture time lapsed stills.
Agreed, there is no reason why the light pendant can't contain the tech and the bulb is just the LEDs. It'd make spare bulbs much cheaper and better for the environment.
Apple is just setting the table for the future feast.
Congratulations on trying something new Sony. Work on the software and connection and you'll have a winner. The quality of the photos looks great.
Android fans truely believe it's all about specs. It's not.
How the hell can you have prior art against yourself lol.
Hmm, maybe Apple are spreading FUD about themselves through paid analysts to drive the price down so they can buy shares back at a lower price before recovering the price and selling them on for a massive profit.
New Posts  All Forums: