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Nor is Google's ridiculous head mounted display.
  Had to laugh at the reviews. If you are stupid enough to buy an Android phone, you are stupid enough to fall for a placebo app.
It's 1 area where others aren't copying Apple. If the majority are doing it, Apple must be doing it wrong. Cue the "Apple is doomed" and a share price drop.
$10 for a game that looks like the sort of stuff last seen on an Amiga 500.
Is Blackberry really in a position where they can burn bridges?
Apple have never been 1st at releasing anything, that's because other companies here the plans and rush out their own interpretation. However, what Apple eventually releases is always the best.   If you can't wait for Apple to release the new ATV then don't. Go and buy a stop gap POS and pass it on to a friend when Apple release and you update.   Amazon heard that Apple were going to drop the ball so decided to beat them to it.
Android was a stolen product and was developed as an OS for Danger and Kin. It became its own company, Android Inc WHICH WAS BOUGHT BY GOOGLE.http://www.businessweek.com/stories/2005-08-16/google-buys-android-for-its-mobile-arsenal ChromeOS was Chromium OS which was open source. Most of the good stuff was added by every day non Google coders like Hexxeh. Google then took all of the open source stuff and made ChromeOs. Google Glass has countless prior art, there is nothing...
Bayonet no, magnets yes.
Don't forget to download them all, post a 1 star review stating it should be a pay once app. Maybe they'll listen if enough do it.
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