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Of course revenue is down but net profit is up. They aren't producing as many new iPhones and iPads because they are gearing up the manufacture of the next version. They have less product currently going out so they don't have to employ as many people. This happens to some extent on every product refresh however, apple used to stagger the releases so it wasn't as obvious. If you do it with all the products, what do you think will happen.
Showing any standpoint in business is a bad idea. If you believe in giving money to AIDs charities then that's fine but there will always be people who take exception and will either be against your choice or would prefer you had helped another charity instead (cancer, heart disease, children). This exception to your beliefs can cause people to stop buying your product. For example, Laurene Powell Jobs is now using money made through Apple to help immigration into...
Wow, WAZE really wants to be bought out dont they. First they release a rumour that Facebook are interested, then google. I suspect Samsung will be next on their list of rumours.
Jobs should have got sole usage rights, they didn't know what they had if they sat on it for 50 years. Apple could have licenced it.
I agree yet I can't get out of the habit of using their search engine.
Hang on, only a few days ago there was a story on here with some old c*** stating that Apple was ripping the arse out of the tax system using a method that was "unique to Apple". Now it turns out it is common place (and will probably therefore never be mentioned again). I can't even see the old post about it on here any more.
Oh great, AI have found a new seem of click bait that they can abuse for a few months until something else happens. Apple paid all of the taxes it was due, there are loads of companies that paid nothing at all. I don't want to read about tax on here so maybe if we don't comment on the tax posts, they'll stop dragging them out.
If a small company in the UK can put all of this tech into a watch then I'm looking forward to seeing Apple's version. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/orsto-x1-the-ultimate-smart-watch Yes it's fairly ugly but it's an impressive feat. Saying that, we know what Apple are like when they create a new product. they don't necessarily do all they can so they have something easy to update next time.
I totally agree. If newer revisions are worse than the older versions in any way, that's bad.Who the hell wants to lug around Bluetooth speakers with a mobile device.The form over function speakers/SD card slot/no DVD drive on the iMac has put me off upgrading.The new iPad really does need better forward facing speakers, oh, and 2 of them please.
  I totally agree and if you hadn't been from France then it may have had some weight behind it however, the French stereotype is a lot worse than the American stereotype.   If all of you Americans were given the option of a China built iPhone or a Brazil built iPhone, most of you would choose the China model because you believe the stereotype that Brazilians are lazy and thick but the Chinese people are honorable precise machines.
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