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Google's iRobot.   Not interested until they can sort out the singularity or an assassin robot that I can buy with Bitcoins so it can't be traced back to me.
Rumour: next iPhone will still be able to make calls.
Disagree, even when they get the new forges to increase output, they'll not have enough stock to cover the next iPhone.My belief is they'll start making their own Touch ID covers, lenses for the cameras and iWatch screens, learn to increase yield over the coming year, add more forges, maybe even build another plant. Then the end of next year they'll do iPhone screens.
They'll never do OS XI, the next one will just be OS X 10.10.
Just because it has been pulled from the store, doesn't stop existing users from continuing to use it. New users will just have to JB their device and find a cydia download.
 Really! I live and work in London and had direct dealings with the Olympics. Samsung sponsoring is news to me, I don't remember seeing any advertising. Maybe I'm Samsung blind.
If you damage a Li-on battery, it's dangerous. It's not just Apple products. It's quite simple, don't damage/bend/puncture your iPhone.  
It'd be mighty fine of them if they would fix gestures in Finder. Navigating through folders without the old 2 or 3 finger swipe is annoying after years of being able to do it.
Glad to hear that you actually do know the entire planet so you can confidently claim that he is wrong.For what it is and what it does, PayPal is very good. Every company has people who complain.I have had my issues with them but they are easily resolved.However, PayPal is very good in the same way that Nokia phones used to be very good. Before Apple showed us what could be done.I have no doubt that Apple will do the same here and create a PP alternative that's worth...
Can you see Apple partnering with someone and sharing the profit? They don't need to partner with a "big name" because Apple are the biggest name. They don't need to partner with a company for their database of people, Apple already have the biggest database of credit cards. They don't need to partner for the tech, they have had it for years. All they need is themselves. If they did that, they could easily undercut everyone and blow paypal out of the water.
New Posts  All Forums: