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They went after Apple because they know that Apple care enough to "make it right" (pay a massive fine). On the flip side, they know that Google doesn't give a shit and will put up a fight and make it hard, costing loads in court time, so the FTC just won't bother.   It's the same as police targeting drivers instead of real law breakers because drivers are an easy target.
If you have several companies separately working towards the same goal, you are bound to get the same results more or less.
Just employ the right person for the job. If they happen to be non white or non straight or disabled then fair enough but don't start giving out jobs on the basis of forced diversity.
http://youtu.be/D4j4wqA2Mko That's only GG2. GG3 is even better as they can make it thinner than GG2 but at a higher strength.There is no proof that the fascia shown is sapphire and that's because it's not.He starts off saying it is and then switches to "presuming it's sapphire". It's BS rumors that disappoint the press and give haters something to moan about when Apple don't release something to the spec that the rumors state. Sapphire glass on the iPhone. Not this year.
Great, I was was just thinking that I needed a stereo running a shit OS that is 3 years out of date on the day that the unit was released!
Get on the video, vote it down and in the comments, tell people that you have a Samsung Galaxy and the battery is far worse than the iPhone you had to replace it with.   If Samsung want to play underhanded games, maybe we should start fighting back.   http://youtu.be/mzMUTrTYD9s
Samsung phone batteries do last longer....mainly because they are hidden in someone's pocket not being used.   Yes, a big phone can have a big battery but I'd rather have a good phone, use the hell out of it all day and maybe have to top it up halfway through.
It seems quite clear to me that the 5.5" iPhone is a rumour put out by Samsung. They know that the only thing they have left is larger screens which Apple is about to do as well with a 4.7" iPhone.   Samsung start the 5.5" rumour so when Apple doesn't release a 5.5" iPhone, all the naysayers can start spouting that Apple is doomed and if you want a really big screen, you have to buy a Samsung phone.
Yes, some TomTom devices had a passcode you had to put in to use the device or to change any settings unless you were in a set location (usually at home).
I don't get why Apple just don't allow 3G and 4G iPads to make calls, obviously using a headset (wired or bluetooth), although I can see some people holding an iPad mini to their face. That puts pay to these retards who think that a massive screen is the future.
New Posts  All Forums: