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The ONLY reason android phones have bigger screens is because they have no other way to compete with Apple. Android have got the idiotic "bigger is better" people in their sights and that's why they don't sell as many, luckily more people have sense. People who say "I'd buy an iPhone if it had a bigger screen" have no intention of buying an iPhone. If the iPhone was suddenly available in every 0.1" increment up to 28", they would still want a bigger screen or come up with...
 Un-Controlled Environment - iOS7 Dec-1394%7% Total of 101% Math score D-Maybe they were using Excel on a Surface.   I think C+ is a pretty lame conclusion when the majority of the scores are in the mid 90's and the average is nearly 90%.Surely the best one should be a milestone that others are compared against.
Deleted, not worth arguing with him.
Ok troll, so why did these products post lower benchmarks when the benchmark app was renamed or the internal link was changed?The fact is, these products looked to see if it was running a benchmark app and increased the CPU speed. When it didn't know, it posted a lower score.If these products automatically detected intense use, the scores would have been the same.How do you think the benchmark companies realised?
Must be an American thing.Never mind, found Macrumors. They don't do the comma thing and they seem to report everything a few hours before appleinsider.It's like appleinsider are samsunging Macrumors.
Getting a bit tired of this site replacing the word "and" with a comma in the titles.
Oh dear, have you learned a new word, better have a moan up about it. We all speak the English language, try stretching yourself
Ha, yeah like Apple is going to pay 40% taxes on that win.
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