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Ha, yeah like Apple is going to pay 40% taxes on that win.
Haven't you heard, everybody wants a bigger iPhone and the current one is way too small and therefore doesn't make you look ridiculous when you use it  /s
I hope this is a joke.Apple aren't lagging behind, they just aren't rushing any old piece of shit to market. Samsung do sell them, however, to other resellers. It is the resellers that have to sell them to customers.Apple sell direct and through their own stores mainly which is why there is a difference between Apple's "units sold" and Samsung's "units sold".
Oh right, please talk us through checking all incoming and outgoing googlemail emails so you can target adverts.Doesn't sound all that private.
This will be shipped, not sold. Plus it won't take into account the 30% returns rate but will take into account the replacements for those returns.
Samsung have obviously stopped paying him.
Samsung showed the first YOUM screen exactly 3 years ago. If it's taken this long to get into a product, there is either something wrong with the idea or they hadn't found the problem that needed solving.
Yeah, because a company as small as Apple couldn't possibly have enough people or cash to develop 2 new products at the same time /s
Dear Apple, please don't jump on this dying bandwagon. Carry on doing your own thing and not competing against anyone. As for split screen apps, I'm sure that when they discover the perfect way to do it, a way that "just works", a way that fits nicely with iOS, it will appear on iPads.
I wonder if these new lights will be able to render a half decent blue unlike the old ones and I also wonder if they did anything with the software because that was crap.
New Posts  All Forums: