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Samsung have obviously stopped paying him.
Samsung showed the first YOUM screen exactly 3 years ago. If it's taken this long to get into a product, there is either something wrong with the idea or they hadn't found the problem that needed solving.
Yeah, because a company as small as Apple couldn't possibly have enough people or cash to develop 2 new products at the same time /s
Dear Apple, please don't jump on this dying bandwagon. Carry on doing your own thing and not competing against anyone. As for split screen apps, I'm sure that when they discover the perfect way to do it, a way that "just works", a way that fits nicely with iOS, it will appear on iPads.
I wonder if these new lights will be able to render a half decent blue unlike the old ones and I also wonder if they did anything with the software because that was crap.
No, he decided to leave on a high note, probably with a shed load of cash.
 Yeah, get back to your (employees) surface forum so you can blow each other whilst waxing lyrical about 2 shit apps on the page at a time and comparing flip out stands. We aren't shills, we are just clever enough to know what's great and not stupid enough to put up with crap that other companies put out.
Samsung have 23 spots on that chart.Apple have 27 spots.How can they say that Samsung have won? Surely you pay more for higher results in all the other categories.
You never heard of panic buying?Apple thrives on being able to report incredible 1st weekend and 1st week sales.They want people to camp outside in long lines because they are worried they won't get one.They want people buying them as presents to think that they have a small window of opportunity before Christmas or they'll be too late.They don't want people thinking "I'll just pick one up next month".Tim is just helping the panic manifest.I have never preordered, never...
A capital S is missing from the beginning of that. Because they know it will be more popular than the iPad air so they don't want initial sales encroaching on their larger iPad plus they need a bit longer to make more to keep up with demand. Why? Are you saying that Apple are going to stop production of the iPad air for 2 weeks to knock out a quick 30 million iPad minis and then maybe flip between the 2 manufacturing processes to keep the stocks up of each type? Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: