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So, despite the info not coming from Apple or Sony, you are believing it, despite all the other journalistic crap that we have seen over the last 6 months regarding Apple.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, breathe! AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously!   The 3.5mm headphone jack was first made and used in audio equipment in the 1880's. So Apple "introduced" this connector and "made it a standard" only 120 years later even after the popular Walkman and all of the pre-ipod MP3 players.   Uh huh, sounds legit.
The next iPhone has a slightly redesigned PCB. ZOMFG! Surely this is a game-changer!
There has to be a wane in the old model before they start assembling the new model. Assembly lines need to change, workers need to be trained, parts shipped in. It's not a seamless transition from old to new.
II disagree slightly. Apple aren't a wait and see company but they certainly aren't a rush in regardless company.From what I see, not much is more important than battery life to them so they'll only do something if it can be done well.I have no doubt that Apple could have been the first with a lot of tech but then everyone would be moaning about the 3 hour battery life.
Fixed it so iKool will shut up.
You can't be that bothered to succeed if you ignore iOS users for 5 months. I'm pretty sure Apple users are more likely to rent and stream movies what with our access to iTunes (that works as opposed to the PC version which is as good as the platform it is on) and Apple TV.
Spend the lot on AIPs in Jurassic Park Builder.
I thought the native language in Texas was English! This reads like a Dutch kid who has only just started learning English.
I never knew that "Lukewarm start" = fell flat on its arse.   I guess it'll go well with the lukewarm start of windows 8, Zune, Windows phone etc.
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