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Really! More absurd than anything that Digitimes have put out? It doesn't matter to me where they put the sleep/wake button. If it's on a phone bigger than the current one, I won't be buying it anyway.I can't see that button placement being any more awkward than an oversized screen and loads of "know-nothings" have been wanting that.
8GB available in the UK too. It just gives people more options which is never a bad thing. If you need more memory, you buy a phone with more memory, simple.   This will just help more people discover the Apple brand and when they are happy, they'll get a bigger capacity phone, maybe the premium model next time.
It's in a case to cover it from prying eyes and photographers. 6 cameras, 4 for the 3D, 1 front facing standard camera and 1 rear facing standard camera.
The subscription model makes sense for businesses but for personal users, it's offensive.
Good for Apple, this isn't their first green purchase or project and it won't be their last. Remind me again, when did we last hear about Google/Samsung/Facebook buying something that wasn't just to increase profits.
I never understand people arguing 2 completely different sides. Either you want high quality lossless sound OR you want to listen to hiss, pop and crackle over the top of a song. 
Cue the Samsung/Android fanbois saying that Sumsung purposely gave Apple doctored low figures to try and reduce the amount they have to pay Apple.
The problem there is under that rule, Google and Samsung would be free to copy Apple's data detectors as Apple let that lay dormant for a long time.
200mb free, wow, you Americans are getting ripped off.
I can't see Square being a worthwhile investment unless they have some IP that Apple can't find an alternative for and Square wouldn't licence. Considering there are other companies doing the same thing and Square aren't suing, I'm guessing the IP is elsewhere and Square just licence it themselves.   All Apple need to do is package their version of PayPal Here, make it work nicely and they'll be away. If they could do a tie in with PayPal so you could iMoney to a PayPal...
New Posts  All Forums: