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Digitimes is covering every base so they can say they got it right, totally ignoring the 99 they got wrong on the route to lucking a good guess.
And in other news, Samsung Galaxy phones using official...
Facts: if all the Apple employees focused on the maps, the company would be in trouble in no time and we wouldn't see any new hardware. Apple is a company, they don't want to spend loads of money sorting out small errors by sending people out to verify. There are just as many errors on Google maps as Apple maps.   And most importantly...   Apple maps has only been out a year, 1/10 the time of Google maps.
That's rich, google and Facebook asking for such things when they are the worst ones for slyly collecting data.
Sounds like Samsung trying to manipulate their stock price up for once instead of making bullshit rumours to drive Apple shares down.
I heard she was getting out of the bath to answer a phone call from Santa Claus and the reason she was in the bath was because she was getting ready to go out on a date with the sasquatch. The tooth fairy told me and now it's here in black and white so it must all be true, certainly as true as the original story of a girl dying.   C'mon China, your propaganda is very poorly executed.
It's also short for apple. App(le)store makes far more sense to my eyes and it's happy coincidence that app is also application.
A good advert mentions what your product can do. A bad advert points out what competing products can't do or how they are doing something wrong.   You get the same during elections.   A really bad advert mentions nothing about the product but just has a load of people dancing.
If they do colours, I hope they are good bold ones instead of these washed out colours on the iPods. Bright orange please.
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