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It's a phone that parents can buy their kids. The kids can save their pocket money and buy the hideous cases and think it looks cool (we all know that kids know nothing). Now, where is that guy from last week who insisted that Apple would never release a coloured phone with a matching wallpaper? The 5C will be popular, of course it will. I'm just not convinced by the colours. I was hoping for a good orange colour.
Looking back at the previous docks, specific inserts.
Steve Jobs saved Apple by streamlining the number of products they sold. He didn't bow to what people thought they wanted, instead showed people what they wanted. It seems that now the visionary has gone Apple are reverting back to just diversifying their products to try and make everyone happy. Tech goes through phases, especially phones. They started off huge because of the technology constraints, then they got smaller and smaller. Some companies over did it to the...
I guess the went up the alphabet, got to K and didn't know WTF to do. Google searched "confectionary starting with K". KitKat. A chocolate biscuit that you fragment to eat. It was an obvious choice.
I'll reserve judgement until I read the reviews and see the price in Europe.
  Whats to say that some Apple products haven't already got ac built in, much like bluetooth that was activated in the iPhone with a software update.
The general consensus is that C stands for Color/Colour.
Why wouldn't they? How about these for thoughts. It's just a printed bit of plastic so it might just be showing the color of the phone to make it easier for resale. I'm pretty sure that Apple will have left in the option to change the background.   Facepalm! They aren't on, it's just a cover to show what it'd look like. They are doing a gold iPhone 5S to sell well in China and the Middle East, they'd be mad not to do a pink one to sell well to women/girls.
I take it that you are comparing it against itself because if you compare it with the US and Europe, Australia is booming. The drop in interest rate is probably a proactive step rather than the reactive step that all the other governments did.
New Posts  All Forums: