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Will Microsoft be able to recover from 13 years of this guy's idiotic control. Answer: no, not now Apple is on the scene showing people how it's done.
Not many people are going to go to the movies to see it when there are plenty of other good films about. Most who would consider seeing it will have heard the poor reviews and wouldn't want to suggest to other people that they went to see it, and they wouldn't go on their own. I reckon it'll do OK on DVD sales.
Is the heading supposed to be a tongue twister? I'm not convinced it even makes sense.
I like the idea but the problem is it is only using the phone as a viewfinder. Once you take a picture it'll be on a micro SD card on the lens attachment, there will be no way to send it via the phone to FaceBook etc. I doubt if the pictures will be GPS tagged like a normal iPhone photo and many of the other options will be limited. For the same price you can buy a good compact camera.   I wish that Apple would do an iOS version of the Galaxy camera.
No, because freemium games tend to be a disappointment. They purposely start in a manner that gets you into the game in a big way and then very quickly get to a point where if you don't start coughing up the cash, the game becomes a drag to play, you don't advance and the game doesn't improve.
I totally agree. The phone could come with a small 3.5mm socket to magsafe adapter so all headphones could be used.
NFC is good tech that is currently being ruined and badly implemented on Android phones. Once they realise they can't make it work and newer Android phones stop coming with it, then Apple will show them how it's done.
iOS in the car will be the next big Apple push, this requires SIRI, therefore it'll have to stay.
Obviously not you so why waste your time posting? Some of us are interested, you don't speak for everyone.
For a generation 1 product it isn't bad but the color reproduction is a bit weak, blues are washed out as the LEDs are designed for home lighting so you get an unprecedented control on your whites but the colors are a bit lacking.
New Posts  All Forums: