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If you damage a Li-on battery, it's dangerous. It's not just Apple products. It's quite simple, don't damage/bend/puncture your iPhone.  
It'd be mighty fine of them if they would fix gestures in Finder. Navigating through folders without the old 2 or 3 finger swipe is annoying after years of being able to do it.
Glad to hear that you actually do know the entire planet so you can confidently claim that he is wrong.For what it is and what it does, PayPal is very good. Every company has people who complain.I have had my issues with them but they are easily resolved.However, PayPal is very good in the same way that Nokia phones used to be very good. Before Apple showed us what could be done.I have no doubt that Apple will do the same here and create a PP alternative that's worth...
Can you see Apple partnering with someone and sharing the profit? They don't need to partner with a "big name" because Apple are the biggest name. They don't need to partner with a company for their database of people, Apple already have the biggest database of credit cards. They don't need to partner for the tech, they have had it for years. All they need is themselves. If they did that, they could easily undercut everyone and blow paypal out of the water.
Yeah, a better replacement to Gorilla glass. Corning aren't exactly "on the ball when it comes to glass. They had Gorilla glass for many years before Jobs told them a use for it. Since then, they haven't really kept up, they just sold the same old stuff to other manufacturers. Corning Willow glass is too little too late and primarily for companies trying to cut a niche market with curved screens. This time, Apple know this will be the next big thing so want to secure...
Jobs knew that the future wasn't phones with massive screens and he's still right. Cook only signed off a slightly larger screen to keep "bigger is better" idiots happy.
Because it's an overpriced company with no worthwhile IP.
Who the hell is going to go out of their way to gain access to a phone, bother downloading the file to gain access to some log in details so they can get their hands on a small pre-paid account that can only buy them some crap coffee and cake? I can see why Starbucks didn't bother until they were pushed.
Why would anyone want an iPhone that all of the negatives and none of the positives of owning a sensible sized iPhone and an iPad? A phone is a phone, not a computer. Why do you want a massive phone that still has a small screen in comparison to the iPad?   It's like wanting a scooter with a 6 litre engine, yes it'd work but it'd be totally pointless.   Stop judging Apple with what Android are doing. Selling cheaper phones for little to no profit is not a sane...
Ah ok, we are calling it "following Apple's lead" now are we? 5S - S5 5C - C5?
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