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Replace the word "endorser" with "paid shill" and you have the truth. He was bought to advertise, the same way he did with Beats. Sell out. I bet he uses an iPhone.
I'll wait for the fire sale later in the year.
Moral of the story, don't mess with Apple or they will cut you off and you won't like that.
People will buy it just to relive the old PS1 games. The Apple TV with games hasn't come to market, PSTV has been released in a minimal fashion so it is already outselling a product that may not exist. The longer that Apple leave it the worse it'll be. Personally I'll get the new Apple TV but will certainly consider the PSTV when it finally gets here depending on reviews.   I'm not sure it makes sense slagging off Sony just because they copied the button placement of the...
"Always has" doesn't means "always will". Apple's audio expertise has always been trying to get the best sound from a very small speaker. Not an easy task.Now they have the chance to concentrate on the speakers and the sound instead of speakers being an add on thought.Until we can hear what they are going to do with it, we can't comment.  The real reason you'd "never buy anything beats is the same reason you are an Android phone owner. You can't afford anything...
Oh c'mon, like Apple needs to advertise the iPhone. These companies could just advertise "Apple's new phone" and everyone would know what it was. It's not like Samsung where they have 28 different models.
To all of you people bidding farewell to the 3.5mm jack, don't panic, Apple will make an adapter.   I suspect that the Beats headphones that use this new tech will have 2 female connections on 1 side so you can choose whether to use a 3.5mm male to male or a lightning male to male.
Good because the existing app is terrible.
 Tizen initial release 2012. iTunes 2010 Things from OSX go to iOS, things from iOS go to OSX. Are you trying to tell me that there is no circle icons in iOS before 2012.
Get away! You Americans have butchered the English language more than any other country.Both "are" and "is" are perfectly useable in this scenario. Apple is a company, companies can be collective nouns or a singular entity. Don't let your loose American grasp on English vocabulary confuse you. You are the ones that started "can I get a coffee" instead of "can I have a coffee". Unless you are actually going to jump over the counter and make the coffee yourself, you can't...
New Posts  All Forums: