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Sorry, can't read this at the moment, I'm currently hands on with Kiera Knightley (using the same unusual use of "hands on").
Don't wait a year just because you are too lazy to input a 4 digit code.
Looking at those prices, you Americans get ripped off! We can get 10gig for about $20, 15gig for about $30.
I'm surprised it comes in a square box. I'd love to have seen it packaged in a cardboard tube, that'd have been quite neat.
My guess is to keep the price down and that most people who will buy one will be upgrading from an old Mac Pro so will already have the keyboard, mouse, screen etc. It's a lot cheaper than I was expecting.
Surprised an no 802.11ac, surprised at no 8mp camera, surprised at no TouchID. Still an amazing product but i'll probably get the iPad mini with retina display, keep my iPad 3 and see what gets added to next year's update.
It'll obviously be turned on as standard and it goes without saying that you'll have to visit the site to get these notifications however, how important will the pop up news be if they don't just update their front page with whatever bit of info it is? It might start off useful but it will become the new pop up. You can't tell me that sites aren't going to start abusing it.
That option is being turned straight off. Last thing I want is my desktop being spammed with offers and reminders from websites.
Can somebody talk me through blocking ScottWilson as in a very short amount of time I can already tell he is going to annoy me. I'm sure others will be glad of the info as well.
New Posts  All Forums: