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NFC is good tech that is currently being ruined and badly implemented on Android phones. Once they realise they can't make it work and newer Android phones stop coming with it, then Apple will show them how it's done.
iOS in the car will be the next big Apple push, this requires SIRI, therefore it'll have to stay.
Obviously not you so why waste your time posting? Some of us are interested, you don't speak for everyone.
For a generation 1 product it isn't bad but the color reproduction is a bit weak, blues are washed out as the LEDs are designed for home lighting so you get an unprecedented control on your whites but the colors are a bit lacking.
EA are like Zynga, they get a game and thoroughly ruin it by attempting to wrong every last cent from it.
A good camera makes a good camera, it doesn't make a good phone. Maybe Nokia should go into making cameras.
Electroluminescent film Well, aren't you the king of wrong. I have owned them both and to be honest, I haven't noticed the difference in speed. None of the things I use the iPad3 for lag at all and the iPad4 is for work.
You think the 4 was a worthy update to the 3? All you got was a slightly faster processor and a lightning port. To me that was a refresh.
Guys! Really? The shell has the hole for the Apple logo in it and this part is pushed into it. Did you think that the apple leaf was a separate small piece of plastic? It is joined to the apple logo body by raised overlapping plastic and the whole piece has a lip running around the outside to give them somwhere to apply glue. It's not mounted like an inlay in a guitar's fret board.
Appleinsider showed us the Apple patent for orientation controlled selective speakers a few months back.
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