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One of the early iPhones had all the necessary gear inside for bluetooth but no option to use it in the software. Mainly because there was no reason to have it. When the time was right, the software was updated and Bluetooth worked.I suspect it'll be the same with 4K. At the moment, there's little reason to have it, but in time I bet it'll appear.
If Apple can get any money from an Android owner, they have done better than most companies.
HDMI 1.4 can do 4K at 30 frames per second. HDMI 2.0 can do 4K at 60 frames per second and was seen in TV's from early 2014.
Why does an Internet site need an app that mimics the site? Even worse, why separate chat into a different app. Why not just make the site work properly on mobile devices and then it's all there in 1 place, in Safari with no need for an app that wastes space.
Doing anything new is distracting until it becomes 2nd nature through experience.
I have finally uninstalled Flash. The only reason it went back originally was because YouTube kept complaining and not playing videos.
That's great and I agree, however, when the Dollar was weak, the prices didn't come down in other countries.If it was a fair fluctuation compared to the price of the Dollar, that'd be great but it doesn't.
I don't type in the dark so don't need a backlit keyboard. I also don't wander around the house whilst typing and the standard lead is long enough so I don't need a wireless keyboard.   Saying that, if they made a wireless backlit keyboard with number pad, I'd buy it.   Non clicking Magic Trackpad, erm, no thanks...I think.
Only 3.5 years for a "witty" retort, well done MS, I'm sure these will sell like hot cakes cooked in a toaster/fridge combo.
Make it a 30" and I'll buy one.
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