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I think you need to look up the word "majority" in the dictionary.The FEW components that Apple tap Samsung for are made under Apple's instructions. Samsung are good at being told what to do, it's just an issue when they try to do something by themselves. They realised that they are no good at original stuff so they try and copy.
You are lucky. Upgrading to Mavericks was the worst mistake I have made on my iMac. Too many things stopped working properly.I'm going back to Snow Leopard as soon as I can.
18 months ago, a guy with an idea comes to Kickstarter with an idea and a plea for quarter of a million Dollars.  9522 people helped this guy giving him nearly 2.5 million.   18 months later, this device is still not a unit that anyone can buy. Did those 9522 people, games companies and other investors spend their money and time allow this guy to build the device he was dreaming of? No, all it did was allow this guy to build a brand that sells nothing and then sell...
I quite like the idea of the dot case.
2 cameras can take a photo at the same time and merge.
The same with Amazon. I get an email saying "hey, yesterday you looked at a bunch of albums, don't forget about them".WTF, I bought them yesterday! Google is definitely the worst though.Me: hmm, I think I'll buy a new Gtech vacuum cleaner.Goes to their website and buys it.Google: here is 4 weeks of banners advertising what you just bought.
Apple, you must hire this guy! He can make your iPhones thinner just by taking 2 photos really quickly 1 after the other.  
See, Apple do hire women if they are the best fit for the job.   Just waiting for other minority groups to complain that she wasn't a black lesbian wheelchair user.
lol, I'd say so.
Said no one ever.
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