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Anyone seen Elon unveiling and explaining the features on the new Tesla SUV?   I kinda liked it, it was like an Apple keynote speech but with way worse delivery, no forward planning, awkward moments and a really irritating crowd. There was some real Appleesque innovation in the new car.
I don't think grown ups use the word "kitty". Try using grown up speak.
All the time that WS can make money by making up BS about Apple, buying cheap shares, not making up BS about Apple and then selling the shares, they will continue to do it.   Keeping shareholders happy has more cons than pros. The quicker that Apple go private the better.
The only way to be sure is to not have the computer that holds this information connected to the internet.
What were Apple thinking? Ifixit take stuffs part, It's what they do, why did Apple expect anything different?
You can make these things all day long Google but all the time it runs Android, it's a failure. It's like Ferrari selling car with a 1 litre engine. It's a detestable OS that needs all the extra power and memory to make it run yet it's still not as smooth or as fast as iOS that runs faster and better on slower processors.   Android needs to be scrapped and replaced with a purpose built OS, not one designed for a 2007 phone with physical buttons that hastily had layers...
Yeah, because they have a single team doing the same thing on Apple Maps and because they filed for a copyright, it means that they are all working on it and neglecting everything else. Damn them! Stupid, biggest, most well known and profitable company in the world, when will they learn?
Software is the biggest battery user, when you optimise that, you can reduce the battery size with no problems.
Will you knee-jerk morons please read before commenting.
Went there for a 6S, came away with a 6S, an iPad and a self balancing robot.
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