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It's a lot more common and easy in other systems. These hackers have to work a little harder to do this stuff on OSX.The main difference is the time it takes to get fixed.OSX = up to 1 weekWindows = up to 2 monthsAndroid = never.
So, Wall Street is complaining about an average slump in share price that they caused by continually increasing expectations on Apple to make them "fail" in the investor's eyes. Good one dickheads.
To add to this wish list, i'd love a 34", 21:9, 8K iMac to match the LG monitor I have.
The problem with buying a map company is the cost of keeping the data up to date. I doubt the Audi, BMW or Daimler will pay or bother to update it.
If it's anything like FaceBook, it'll take off, the privacy policy will change, it'll spy on you and tell everyone you know what you are doing.
Don't confuse "people not liking the protruding camera" with "people hate the protruding camera so much they wouldn't buy the iPhone". Strange how, before the iPhone 6, when any Android phone with a protruding camera was mentioned on here, it was slated for that particular design aspect. Now it's on the iPhone, it's not an issue. Personally, I think they should have made the phone thicker to accommodate the camera to make it flush. It still wasn't going to be a thick phone...
Apple do get 30% of it. I realise that Apple just wants to control the adverts so they work properly and are likely to be stuff we might want but, as most podcasts seem to be "in conjunction with" specific companies, I suspect that they'll want specific adverts instead of a load of generic crap like on YouTube. If you are listening to a podcast about maintaining your car, it doesn't matter what Apple think you might want to see an advert for, because YOU opted to listen to...
I can't see iAD lasting, let alone add ons like this. The income to Apple for running adverts really would be a fraction of a percentage compared to the profit they make selling more stuff to happy Apple users. Why try to make a few bucks here and there and possibly create unhappy Apple users?
No, it just shows that Apple know how it would all pan out. It doesn't matter what numbers they sold of the Apple watch, it would be a failure to most of the analysts.Not to mention that if they release the figures, they then have to sell 100% more watches next year or it'll be seen as a failing sector.Apple would have done themselves a favour by not releasing figures for any products and not being on the stock market would have been even better.
So, basically these companies are moaning because they can't get away with using old chip designs because Apple are pushing them to be better. Boo hoo!
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