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 "Apple is doomed" is a popular knee-jerk vacuous comment made by people who want to be part of the conversation but can't construct anything actually humorous or intelligent. Very much like people who write "first" or people who comment on crashed cars with "it'll polish out".
I do wish that Apple would create a dedicated camera to rival the Galaxy camera. It's a nice camera but the OS is terrible, nothing is intuitive and transferring photos with the Kies software is traumatic.
Corning is just butt-hurt. Saying that, the next iPhone won't have Sapphire glass.
1 Billion apparently includes movies etc bought on the Apple TV, not just hardware sales.   Create an Apple TV app store and allow it to play iOS games and expect that to be 4+ Billion next year.
I vote for a price reduction. The placement of the thumb sticks aren't an issue because I'm one of those adaptable humans, not one that shuns something just because it's slightly different. They all do the same thing, you just have to adapt to it.
Nope, I had to time machine back to a previous save before 10.9.2 Nothing was really working correctly. Many programs didn't open at all, some didn't function and some crashed. An SSL security issue doesn't outweigh an unusable iMac for me. I'll try with the next update.
Installed the update, now Safari crashes every time I close a tab, then crashreport starts running, taking up 110% of the CPU time. Turned crashreport off, Safari still crashes when I close a tab. I have to drag a tab to another monitor so it becomes its own window and then close the window. No one else seems to be suffering this problem.
 It probably took them a few minutes to receive the email saying that 1 of the other sites has changed and then 3.5 hours to write their own version of the article. AI hasn't done any original reporting for a long time. It's just slow copies of other sites, barrel scraping and opinions by DED. AI is the catch-up TV of all the other sites like BGR, Macrumors, 9to5mac etc.
But then the Amazon senior management heard that Apple were going to release one so decided "sod it", release it anyway.
Use better quality materials, problem solved.
New Posts  All Forums: