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If they do colours, I hope they are good bold ones instead of these washed out colours on the iPods. Bright orange please.
I don't get it. Apple offered book publishers the option to use the agency model for selling their books, a model that is totally legal and used in other areas. Amazon and other companies that don't use the agency model didn't HAVE to change, they were not forced. However, the prices for ebooks have gone up so why are they not investigating the price hike by Amazon?
  Don't you really hate it when posts hide the information you want right on the very first line.    
TLDR it all yet but the first part seems sound. If you don't pay much for your phone, you'll refuse pay much for apps. That's why the Apple Appstore is so successful.
Iceland has very high wages but a high cost of living, they do buy smartphones but the majority of them speak English very well so this isn't an issue.
I can understand there being an error rate on interpreted data but you don't have to interpret "are you satisfied, yes or no". 52% still seems low, they must be very hard to please.
Well, I suppose that for every intelligent person out there who keeps quiet, there is going to be someone in the other corner doing the polar opposite.
You vote for the party that promises to sort out the issues that affect you the most. More people are directly affected by illegal immigration and religious extremists than green issues that may or may not be true. The BNP have had African, Sikh and Indian members for years. They aren't racist. Anyway, to get away from your left-wing rant...   Solar powering data centres makes sense, They'll eventually save money not buying power and selling unused power back to the power...
This guy must be mad, he was never gonna get the sack if Bullmer can survive what he has done to the company. Microsoft have a lot of money to throw at stuff so I wouldn't have left a "stuck in the 90s" company with loads of money to join a sinking ship like Zynga.
You are holding it wrong.
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