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They'll have to release it as an iTunes download or on a USB stick instead of DVD or new iMac owners will miss out.
Clearly the original sensor in the Motorola phone didn't stop the ear touching the screen and activating things it shouldn't because the phone in the patent has buttons. You're gonna have to be pretty ham fisted to activate physical buttons with your ear. My guess is that it used the sensor to dim the screen or some such.
Google - slapping a high resolution screen on a pile of crap doesn't make it better than the iPad mini.
John Browett is a typical seagull manager. Flies in, makes a load of noise, shits on everything and the f***s off. These people don't change.
Samsung challenges Apple's (half a year old) iPhone with new Galaxy S4    
  Seriously! they changed the chip to exactly the same chip but in a smaller package. Same box, same specs. That's not a refresh.
Good luck playing the waiting game on that one Mozilla. Apple don't care if you do or don't. They want you to use Webkit as they control it so know what it does and that it's safe.
Can't see it myself. My initial reaction is that they'd do what they did with the AppleTV. Take dual core chips with 1 faulty core and use that instead as a single core chip.
Wireless charging is a pointless fad, surely it'd be better and more efficient to have a magsafe inspired pad that actually made contact to a pair of contacts on the back or base of the phone. The magnets could orientate the phone or the magnets and contacts could sit on a rotating platform so it span into the correct position.   The fact is, any charging that requires a pad for it to sit on is a step back.
New Posts  All Forums: