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This looks to be an addition to another patent shown a while back where only a part of the screen is shown if only part of the magnetic smart cover is pulled back (also re-sites icons and notifications on the screen) to save battery life as people check time, battery or notifications etc.
Is that even possible?
If they really wanted to they could monitor the light intensity using the facetime camera. It's really not important though.
So, for every 5 ipad minis (let's assume $249 each minimum spec) @ $1245 it cannibalizes a $499 (minimum spec) sale. So Apple will actually be up by $746 for every normal iPad that it doesn't sell. I don't think they are panicking.
  I'll wait until the firesale in January.
Disgraceful, now the bloggers are gonna be wanting answers from every single company that Foxconn make devices for. Amazon, Acer, H&P, Nintendo, Sony etc will all be berated for their use of such a company.   Oh no hang on, I'm getting confused. This will all be Apple's fault, naturally.
I'd say that most won't need more than 8gb for 2 reasons. They'll either be youngsters so won't have loads of stuff on there or they will successfully manage their contents through iCloud meaning you don't need massive storage. What with Amazon cloud streaming too it's all good.
Not impressed by the washed out colours compared to the previous models.
Is a BMW 320 the 320th generation they made? No.   Numbers are merely an identifier for the product, not an indication of which generation.   The numbers clearly have no meaning from the minute they started using them.   iPhone (no numbers) iPhone 3G (3! but that's the 2nd generation)
I don't see the issue. The developers are there to check to see if the software works and Apple maps (as software) does work. Why would Apple spend years and millions of pounds checking and sorting errors when they can make it half decent and let the public check stuff and report it. Seems like the obvious, fastest and best thing to do.
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