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The difference is that we know we aren't coders and that we are happy with the nicely designed layout that Apple made. We don't want an open system full of viruses just because one day we might want to write an app, we don't want custom icons and animations in the background made by a 17 year old. Also, we like metal housings.
2016! That's 10 years away!   OK 3 but it always seems forever when you are waiting for awesome tech.
I've bought plenty of Apple products and the warranty and its length have never been mentioned through the sale. Why should it be any different in Australia?
Where the hell are all these android phones, I only know 3 people with an Android and 1 of them has just replaced his S3 with a 4S. Everyone else owns an iPhone except for 1 mug with a windows phone but he'll be back.   We need a graph of people who extolled the virtues of Android's open system and cheap customisable phones to then realise that it's a plastic piece of s*** that does a load of stuff that you simply don't ever use. Compare that against people who had...
They'll have to release it as an iTunes download or on a USB stick instead of DVD or new iMac owners will miss out.
Clearly the original sensor in the Motorola phone didn't stop the ear touching the screen and activating things it shouldn't because the phone in the patent has buttons. You're gonna have to be pretty ham fisted to activate physical buttons with your ear. My guess is that it used the sensor to dim the screen or some such.
Google - slapping a high resolution screen on a pile of crap doesn't make it better than the iPad mini.
John Browett is a typical seagull manager. Flies in, makes a load of noise, shits on everything and the f***s off. These people don't change.
Samsung challenges Apple's (half a year old) iPhone with new Galaxy S4    
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