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Proof it's a lie or it's just an opinion.   In my opinion, Nintendo will eventually have to port their games to iOS if they want to survive. It won't be any time soon as they are a big Japanese company so they are stubborn to change especially if it involves a US company but it will have to happen eventually.
  ...who have brought us amazing, ground breaking, innovative phones such as the...... errrrr......erm.......nope.
Clever idea, surely something SIRI could do over FaceTime too.
Shipped isn't sold. HP shipped loads of their WebOS tablet and 200,000 were sent back from sellers as sale or return. Plenty of companies get unsold stock sent back, this generally doesn't happen with Apple though as demand for great products is too great.
I can't imagine the Haswell iMac being particularly high on the to-do list considering the main point of Haswell is battery life. I'd guess that they'll wait until 2014 before bothering as they can then throw in wifi ac and a few other updates at the same time, hopefully even retina.   I could be wrong though, they unnecessarily made it thinner so they could rush to unnecessarily increase power efficiency. Maybe it'll run cooler at the same speeds which wouldn't be...
Wow, you Americans are ripped off! We can have unlimited* on iPhones for about £15, $21 a month (*3gb a day fair usage). Plus I have 15gb a month on my iPad for the same price.
For the people who are waiting for the developer site to come back up, it's the weekend, go outside and do something, your app will still be there when you get back.
Digitimes is covering every base so they can say they got it right, totally ignoring the 99 they got wrong on the route to lucking a good guess.
And in other news, Samsung Galaxy phones using official...
Facts: if all the Apple employees focused on the maps, the company would be in trouble in no time and we wouldn't see any new hardware. Apple is a company, they don't want to spend loads of money sorting out small errors by sending people out to verify. There are just as many errors on Google maps as Apple maps.   And most importantly...   Apple maps has only been out a year, 1/10 the time of Google maps.
New Posts  All Forums: