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They probably knew it was being shipped abroad and didn't want it to fail.   And The Big Bang Theory which is one of the funniest things to come out of America.     When the options are "Funny or Die" and the trailer wasn't funny...
Sounds like China trying to make Apple look bad again, unfortunately they are reusing old ways of trying to make Apple look bad. Copying other things to make up bad news, next they'll be using footage from Top Gun in an attempt to make it look like they shot down an American plane.
Jeez guys, yes there are sites that review noise cancelling headphones but how many people apart from audiophiles and people doing research before a purchase actually read them? These have iDevice controls on the side, that's why they are on here. Reviews are usually opinions with a few facts copied from the side of the box.
The comments for this are as dead as Google+ is.
Big difference is that it's a parody, not made by Apple and at no point does it say that Apple products are better. Jobs would quite often start a keynote with a parody video. I wish they'd do it again.
When you input your password to download an app it will stay an active password for a little while. The countdown on the password resets each time you download another app or make an IAP. In other words, if you sit at it all day buying IAPs directly after entering the password to download the app, you won't have to input the password again until you stop for a while.   I think.   Personally I believe that the App Store should have 3 columns, paid, IAP and free, instead of...
You might want to change your password just to be on the safe side.
I dare say that companies have been looking at smart watches in 1 form or another for the last 40 years.
Man! I hope you are jesting with us because if you are serious, you fail at life.
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