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I hope you are talking about the Mac Pro and not the iPad.
Facepalm! I thought it was an untrue stereotype that there were some Americans that believed that anything outside of America is unimportant. I'm glad that you aren't running a company and especially glad that the people at Apple aren't as self important and blinkered as you are.
Yep Agreed Double bluff.
Hahaha. Post anything about Apple on this mainly American forum and you get in excess of 50 replies for each topic. Post about fitness on a mainly American forum, 3 replies. Gotta love stereotyping.
Google had a 7 year head start and within a year Apple has got pretty close.   Google were just resting on their laurels thinking they had no competition. Apple maps were a kick in the ass for Google who would have just carried on adding a few new things over the next 10 years. If Apple had been doing maps for 7 years there would be no hope for anyone else to catch up.
OK, so the short version of the story seems to be this:   Google takes other people's work, changes it a bit and calls it something else to make it look like they did it all.   Deja vu anyone?
Unless you work for Apple and have some proof, you can only use the word "probably".
They probably knew it was being shipped abroad and didn't want it to fail.   And The Big Bang Theory which is one of the funniest things to come out of America.     When the options are "Funny or Die" and the trailer wasn't funny...
Sounds like China trying to make Apple look bad again, unfortunately they are reusing old ways of trying to make Apple look bad. Copying other things to make up bad news, next they'll be using footage from Top Gun in an attempt to make it look like they shot down an American plane.
Jeez guys, yes there are sites that review noise cancelling headphones but how many people apart from audiophiles and people doing research before a purchase actually read them? These have iDevice controls on the side, that's why they are on here. Reviews are usually opinions with a few facts copied from the side of the box.
New Posts  All Forums: