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Lets just hope that this downturn is the kick up the ass that Apple needs. IMHO they have been cruising since iPhone 4. Being derivative, releasing minor updates and reducing the ability of the iMac wasn't going to work for ever.
I don't remember any of you bitching like little girls about the "unnecessary ODD" in your previous iMac. The redesign was for 1 reason only, to bring down the price of manufacture and to increase profit. No ODD, less material, less weight to ship, smaller packaging. If it had resulted in a cheaper iMac then fair enough but it didn't. Yes I realise that spending your life on here bitching and arguing like your opinions are facts doesn't require a CD drive, however, many...
I see a lot of people saying NO but I really don't see the issue of having a small screen underneath a glass track pad.
Here is all the marketing bullshit from the video:   "we really wanted to create a product that focused on the user and talk to them on a more emotional level" "you've go to look at it from a slightly different perspective" "it's designed for movement and pulls from the fashion world as well" "the way we stand out is by reaching out to customers on an emotional level" "with the red one it's going to be someone who is more expressive and bold" "a way to...
Considering the popularity of the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, I predict that Apple are going to surprise the analysts. Yes, Apple had supply problems with the 5 but that's only because they sold so many. There was a slight wait for the iMac and a wait for the new Mac Pro but these things aren't really their main business any more.
Nonsense.   There is no limit to the number of iPhones and iPads they can sell, simply because there are always a lot of people and companies who just get the newest versions regardless (see the iPad 4 outselling the iPad 3 that only came out 6 months before).   133 million people are born every year so "quite a lot" of people every year fall into the "need a phone now" bracket.   Existing phone owners are generally on a 24 month contract so there is a natural 2 year...
OMG! Apple have rented an old building and will put a store in there. Pretty much like half of all the Apple stores then.
So, Apple is dumping Cirrus and going elsewhere for their chips, Cirrus sell less chips and Apple stock falls.   No, I don't think this is the reason for the price drop. 
  He got to 330ppi by using correct math. Pentile has 4 colour pixels not 3.   440 / 4 * 3 = 330
It'll only be Bluetooth, unless your lockers are very close and plastic, I don't think this will work.I think it's funny that Microsoft and Samsung etc have tried on other occasions to make a smart watch and failed yet Apple will come in as a newcomer and dominate the market. Simply because Apple wait until the technology is there to make a decent product. Other companies are using Apple as a yard stick to release new products.
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