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It'll obviously be turned on as standard and it goes without saying that you'll have to visit the site to get these notifications however, how important will the pop up news be if they don't just update their front page with whatever bit of info it is? It might start off useful but it will become the new pop up. You can't tell me that sites aren't going to start abusing it.
That option is being turned straight off. Last thing I want is my desktop being spammed with offers and reminders from websites.
Can somebody talk me through blocking ScottWilson as in a very short amount of time I can already tell he is going to annoy me. I'm sure others will be glad of the info as well.
Definite fail. Silly price, you have a large physical track to store, need room to play it, you have to imagine the guns and the board is flat. Compare that with ios games like Table top racing (TTR) which was free and the opposite of above.
They scraped the bottom of the previous barrell so much that they have broken through to a barrell below it. This is just using a well known name to make another game sucessful.
I got to the word "proprietary" and stopped reading. When there are already good ways to do it, why limit people by designing your own way? I'll stick with AirPlay devices.
It was a disappointing redesign. Maybe the pointless thinning out and removal of the DVD drive has put people off, I know it made me reconsider and I kept hold of my 24" hoping for an eventual update that would make it worth getting.
OMG! How dare Apple release an industry changing chip and not have all of the bugs ironed out in 4 weeks /s
I'm interested to see what Nokia has planned for a tablet as long as it doesn't run Android or Windows.
"Older Samsung models" could be ones they released 3 months ago considering how many new models they release.
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