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There seems to be a bit of confusion here. They created a visual demo using QC so the developer knew what was wanted. The actual app was not written on QC.
I feel that Microsoft are in a hole and they are trying to dig themselves out. Ballmer is a clown without a clue. Fact!
Not sure I see the point. I've never thought "OMG I wish my iDevice would sync 10 seconds quicker". Another connector on the iPhone would just bring the trolls out. I'm surprised at the lightning port really as it does have the same limits as the 30 pin dock connector, just smaller and bidirectional. Why they didn't go for a Magsafe connection with the connections available for the optical thunderbolt setup I'll never know.
What sort of f***ing retard is gonna want let alone buy one of these as a phone. This must be for midgets who want a tablet. God help anyone I meet who has one of these, they are going to get taunted continuously for their choice of phone of which its size is inversely proportional to their IQ.
Passed    With a more narrow bezel it will come with a better way to ignore thumbs that creep onto the screen when holding it normally.
But then on the plus side, it did mean my lady friend left me alone so I could get on with stuff. Going off the grid every now and then is good.
So, the ability to pay for something online without being online. Credit system, OK I get that. However if I'm not online how am I supposed to get the thing I just paid for? 
I hope you are talking about the Mac Pro and not the iPad.
Facepalm! I thought it was an untrue stereotype that there were some Americans that believed that anything outside of America is unimportant. I'm glad that you aren't running a company and especially glad that the people at Apple aren't as self important and blinkered as you are.
Yep Agreed Double bluff.
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