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You are like the negative version of Digitimes. They also make stuff up and stand by it like it's fact. The only difference is that they insist that things will be added but you insist they won't.
And obviously you are oblivious to sarcasm.
I've been calling this for a while, you can tell the type of people who own Android phones. All the android owners at my work are the same (poor and a bit simple). Maybe android owners don't tweet as much as iPhone owners. Perhaps they don't want to admit that they can't spell or maybe they are far too busy coding apps or getting rid of viruses.
It sucks to be from the UK but I'm used to it. It may sound like we are missing out on all these free channels but to be honest, they are full of brainless American crap. I'd pay 25% more to keep it off my ATV. However, no iTunes radio, that sucks.
The iPhone 4S was thicker than this apparent iPhone lite, that didn't have 24 hour battery life   It's still 0.8mm THINNER than the 4 and 4S.   Your eyes must be for show only if that's what you can "see". Personally I can see the number 8.5 next to the depth of the iPhone lite.   Just because you don't doesn't mean we all don't. Emerging markets are low income countries who wouldn't normally need or be able to afford such a device. However, places such as India and China...
30 million is pocket change to Apple, it's like you finding a buck in the street.
Why are people saying this phone is too fat? It's less than 1mm thicker than the iphone5 and still thinner than the 4/4S. Why would a cheap version of the iPhone for developing markets be thinner and have a larger screen than the cheap iPhone for developed markets?
OMG! miniscule internal changes that no one will see. I'm out! These changes are going to ruin everything ¡
There will obviously be an expansion riser that the Mac Pro will sit on, as long as it's not a pair of balls then we should be ok.
I'd rather have it all built in and easily accessible.
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