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It wouldn't be hard for Apple to make something like this, licence it or buy the company. When SIRI came out I emailed Apple saying it'd be a perfect add on.   "what band is this" "what track is this" "what album is this from" etc.   Siri could find it and ask if you want to download the track or album and take you to the iTunes store ready to buy.
Some people waited so long for an update, they would swallow anything and did. I was waiting for the update with money in hand but shied away when I saw what they had done.   I understand that not everyone needs a DVD drive. Personally I do. No one needed the iMac to be thinner.   I'm now torn between picking up the previous 27", discounted with all the bells and whistles or waiting to see what the next iMac update will bring to see if it will make it worth getting...
All this fulcrum nonsense is very interesting but not important. The software (iOS) will be designed to ignore a thumb touching the side of the screen.
The only keyboard issue I have on my iPad is in "Messages". The send button is too small. I rarely get it 1st time.
If only Square would pull their finger out and release over in Europe/UK. However, Visa have locked everything down as we use PIN codes and not signatures so they demand different technology, not just a card swiper.
I talk with my business partner (amongst others) over MSN messenger but since that is soon to be stopped it means I either have to convert over to a terrible program or find something else (and then get everyone else using it too).
http://blogs.skype.com/2012/06/13/skype-advertising-update/#fbid=Lfel483dNF4   and that's just the beginning: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/microsoft/8505544/Microsoft-says-Skype-will-have-more-adverts.html   Remember, this is Steve Ballmer we are talking about. It'll start with audio call adverts, then video call adverts, then chat adverts.
If the page is loading and you see the thing you want to click, just click the X at the end of the URL bar and it'll stop loading and bouncing around.
As I'm sure you all know, MSN messenger is being pulled in April and everyone (except the Chinese) are being forced over to using Skype. Messenger on mobile devices is lasting a bit longer but ultimately, Microsoft want us using Skype so they can display adverts.   The problem here is that I use a Mac so I'm used to programs looking a bit more polished, working better and not sounding like a child's electronic toy. So, using Skype is cringeworthy as it's like...
And there's the answer to the question "what do you buy a man with everything". As small and silly as the badge is, he is genuinely choked to get it and loses the English stiff upper lip. Good man.
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