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Surface Pro DOA. Let it be buried next to its RT brother. Let's never speak of this again.
If I want porn, I'm just going to use Safari, not some sharing app that might serve me something that wasn't porn.
Of course Google wants more innovation and less competition.   Less competition is good for companies - they have a captive audience meaning they don't have to try so hard. More competition is good for the consumer - more innovation is required to keep the company on top and relevant.   Google became a household name when there was very little competition and they are still riding on that. From the point they have started to compete against other firms they...
Poaching is to approach an individual and offer a better package so they leave their current employment for yours. There was nothing stopping these people simply applying for available jobs elsewhere as offering an interested candidate a job for the advertised rate of pay is not poaching.
    How ironic that the mini size is such a big hit.   Sorry but that does class as irony. Lesson passed.
Not really. You buy on Amazon and you can stream the music to any device, iOS, Android, PC, Mac etc. It doesn't even take up space. Just like iCloud but supporting more devices.   I am a self confessed Apple fanboy but I rarely buy from iTunes because the pricing is too high.
Instead of asking analysts who are trying to drive the share price down, why not just wait for Apple to announce the actual sales reports? Maybe AI should have a Front page, Back page, Analysts page, Apple suing/getting sued page and a "Digitimes says" page so that we can ignore the last 3 and then aren't bombarded with so much chaff.
Do you honestly believe that if Apple could legally offer a 1 year only warranty in the EU then the price would go down?   Yes, because everyone in Europe gather around a table to decide on the price of things. Maybe we should all team up and not buy Apple products. Of course, that's not gonna happen because the other options are PCs and Android.   Clearly no American understands the real reason for the difference between the US and EU price, It's nothing to do with...
The iPhone needs a fingerprint scanner as much as it needs NFC.   For now...
Everything you say now is moot. Firstly it's as secure as you want it to be. If you go for 1234 then clearly you are gonna have issues. Secondly, no matter what alternative security you put on there, you will have to keep the standard login in case the tech doesn't work.   Imagine you have an accident and your hands are covered in blood. Phone won't unlock, you are in trouble. Just think if Android owners could only log into their phone with their amazing face recognition...
New Posts  All Forums: