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Apple will make more test units than 3 years worth of Ubuntu Edge phones.
Couldn't agree more. Apple could easily have done this.
He's English.We don't smile into a camera unless we are drunk.
Apple clearly don't need this company and what they have to offer. I'm pretty sure the I watch design is already locked in. This is just a company being clever and trying to get out before Apple becomes a competitor and makes the company worthless. Some company who was caught out and is behind but wants to compete in this area might be interested.
Especially signed up to prove you don't understand what the symbol ¡ means.Grats!
Which is a shame because Tiny Thief was brilliant.
The next iPhone not having sapphire glass will just be another reason to bring down the share price and say Apple isn't innovating.
JP Moron. It's a terrible idea based on Windows 8 and Surface.
Google's iRobot.   Not interested until they can sort out the singularity or an assassin robot that I can buy with Bitcoins so it can't be traced back to me.
Rumour: next iPhone will still be able to make calls.
New Posts  All Forums: