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 I have a 21:9 LG 34" thunderbolt monitor (34UM95) with my 27" iMac. The screen height is exactly the same. I created a little stand for the LG and now everything is level. It's nice to have to much screen to throw windows over. I'm wondering if my iMac will run another one.
You forgot the /s. Regarding noise cancelling. The headphones wouldn't need to do this. An app could use the phone's microphone and send the noise cancelled signal to any earphones.
Useless to you doesn't mean useless to others.I can imagine this selling very well. Personally, I'm not a fan of the design. It's a bit bulky.When Apple pay becomes more main stream i'll consider the new iPhone and will look with interest at the Gen 2 watch when it comes out.
Oh look, belt.
Exactly. Not a single mention anywhere of these other companies. I don't see why it is anyone's job except Catcher to make sure they follow rules.
Jobs saved Apple by streamlining the product range. Cook is reversing everything and cannibalising their own products.   Saying that, large iPad, yes please.
Agreed, it's a phone, what do you need stereo speakers for?Louder doesn't automatically make them better.
Do they both have Alzheimer"s?Why would they ask more than once?
I wish they'd sort out iMovie. Take a step back to the previous version and start again. I hadn't used iMovie since it was upgraded but when I did, I found it to be terrible. I had to boot up my old iMac and use the previous version to get anything done.
Iron Man 3 was the worst of the trilogy. So boring. The 1st 2 films, the suits were near on indestructible and Stark was crazy but in control. Then, in number 3, the suits were being destroyed at a rate of knots and Stark was all precious and broken. What a crock of crap. I couldn't wait for Thor 2 to finish, again, so boring. The 1st one was alright. I only watched Captain America 2 a few weeks back and can't really remember anything from it. The Avengers was a great film...
New Posts  All Forums: