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That's a clever move by Samsung. They expect an earnings loss so call it long before it happens and claim a high expected loss so it looks good when they don't lose as much as they predicted. Way to subvert expectations. Either way, there'll be people spinning the story to make it good news for Samsung.
Dear Pebble.  
If you jump on the bandwagon straight away and install an untested iOS then you are mad. In the history of every piece of software (especially iOS) , the first release is dodgy and the few following updates fix stuff and break stuff in equal measures.   Moral of the story:   Always give it a few months.
Shock! Short piece of metal harder to bend than longer piece of metal.   Call all the physics journals and tell them to hold the front page.   The other phones he has tried to bend don't have a flat back to them. The compound radius will deflect the bending. These other phones are also thicker. Not a proper test.   On the flip side, that'll teach you for buying a ridiculous sized phone. Apple should never have made the 5.5" iPhone. It's just making the Android...
No, it's dead flat but it doesn't seem to be an issue.21:9 TVs have died a death so although it's a bit of a gimmick and I still haven't watched a film that fills up the whole screen, the ratio makes a lot more sense on a computer as you are essentially putting 2x 20" 4:3 monitors on the same screen so it works well for multiple windows.
 I have a 21:9 LG 34" thunderbolt monitor (34UM95) with my 27" iMac. The screen height is exactly the same. I created a little stand for the LG and now everything is level. It's nice to have to much screen to throw windows over. I'm wondering if my iMac will run another one.
You forgot the /s. Regarding noise cancelling. The headphones wouldn't need to do this. An app could use the phone's microphone and send the noise cancelled signal to any earphones.
Useless to you doesn't mean useless to others.I can imagine this selling very well. Personally, I'm not a fan of the design. It's a bit bulky.When Apple pay becomes more main stream i'll consider the new iPhone and will look with interest at the Gen 2 watch when it comes out.
Oh look, belt.
Exactly. Not a single mention anywhere of these other companies. I don't see why it is anyone's job except Catcher to make sure they follow rules.
New Posts  All Forums: