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Looking into it further, the actual product doesn't currently do what it's supposed to very well. They are still having problems with tracking and control so hopefully it'll all be ironed out by release day.
80 Bucks for an impractical charger, no thanks. This was designed more for display and showing off the products, not being a usable item.
So, they can sell it for a profit at $499 but they will be selling it for $999. Also not shipping until February next year. Great for $499 though, it's really clever.
I'm not a multi billion dollar company so it's not my job to work out the missing features are. Jobs did say that people don't know what they really want because they haven't seen it yet. What about tech from that variable focus camera they bought? What about dual cameras for "3D" images, thermal imaging, what about something simple like a flash!Hidden front facing speakers, make the screen a transducer speaker, quad speakers for better stereo in both...
 Not sure how Apple is inventing something for a display when they have requested samples from at least 3 display companies. These companies must already have these displays, make the displays and have tested them. They wouldn't just have this wire laying around for no reason. 3M and www.cambrios.com teamed up and have been making these touch screen panels since December 2013.
Obviously the tablet share is going down, Apple haven't released any "really must have upgrades" since the iPad3 in 2012 when they added the retina displays.   Faster processors are obvious but my iPad 3 isn't slow compare to my iPad air. Even my iPad1 doesn't seem that slow. Adding a lightning port wasn't worth a new product. Making it a bit thinner with less bezel, nice but not essential. Touch ID is nice but not worth buying a whole new iPad for.   The next iPad...
Japanese people have killed themselves through honor. Going broke is nothing.
Of course it does. Nintendo, being Japanese will have great honour. They don't want to stay afloat through other systems.
Sounds to me like Nintendo don't want to get too deep into smart phones but need to make enough money to carry on developing their console. If their next console is a hit, expect them to stop making mobile games.
It would be bulky, expensive and incredibly inefficient.
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