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Considering the size of the battery, it wouldn't surprise me to hear of a sub 30 minute full charge time.
The full codename is "Titan Uranus". A nice little dig at what Tesla will be feeling if Apple do release a car.
How much money does this guy need? Clearly no one really listens to him, most of the stuff that he wants Apple to do is stuff that Apple would have done anyway. Bigging a company up as much as this is only going to end up in disappointment.
I use Streetview far more than Flyover simply because I don't have wings so the data I get from Google makes far more sense when you are there. Most people who say Flyover is better are super Apple fans, so they would say that. Either that or they never leave the house.Once Apple release their own version of Streetview, a lot of people will suddenly become a good idea. Flyover is impressive but it's just for show, it's not ultimately useful unless you want to work out a...
Wrong What! You can't see an issue with the security of a PIN? A 4 digit number that, not only can people visually watch you input if they so wish, there are thousands of hacked card readers that copy the card number and log your PIN. The card number can then be cloned to a blank card, the stolen PIN used and stuff either bought or money taken from the account from an ATM. Yes, the transactions are encrypted but only after leaving the terminal which is why they are...
The new iPad air wasn't enough of an upgrade to bother having over the previous iPad air. Apple need to do something new, not just an incremental update.
Incorrect. The 1st hologram was created many years before Star Wars was made.A true hologram is a 3D image created by a laser on a flat plain. Even the holograms depicted in Star Wars were 3 dimensional images projected on a 1 dimensional plain.Same as the holograms created today by projecting a fake 3D image into a mist to create an apparent floating image, an image that moves in relation to the watcher to give the impression of 3 dimensions. There isn't much difference...
Exactly this. Plus, C'MON. DropoutJeep, Straitbizarre, Chimneypool, Freeflow, Turbulence architecture. Did they just use a random word generator? PLUS at the bottom of that leak it says "the initial release of DROPOUTJEEP will focus on installing the implant via close access methods"In other words, they need access to the phone to install the special software. There is nothing special about this. It certainly doesn't suggest that anyone has hacked into the Apple iOS. There...
 Baseband stuff is FRAND so it'd cost Apple a hell of a lot less to pay to use the IP and make their own chips.Chances are, Apple will be creative and push the boundaries, giving us new stuff and giving them their own IP.
Yeah, brillant monitor. I wonder if I can run 2 at the same time. LG 34UC97
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