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It's a start.
Ha! Android phones suffer because it was originally designed for buttons, only to be shoehorned into a touchscreen device. So Samsung started creating Tizen, an OS designed specifically for touch screen inputs and then they shoehorn it into a device with buttons and a physical controller.
No, I think it's more likely "Google actually tries to sell some Android watches off the back of the iPhone's success"
To try and create bad feelings towards Apple to attempt to bolster Tidal who aren't doing as well.
This bothers me way more than it should do and I know I'm pissing into wind on this one but...... COULDN'T care less.
 Because there are millions of consumers out there who just use their iPhone for calls, texts and browsing. These people don't download a load of apps, have loads of photos and videos, so they don't need a lot of memory. They just want the cheapest upgrade they can get. Remember, you aren't everyone. There are lots of other people with different needs to you so Apple are simply covering the bases,  I don't think your brain works correctly. How is offering a lower capacity...
Ever since Apple opened up the event to non Apple customers I have had issues watching the stream. It takes a few refreshes to start, regularly goes black but keeps the sound so I have to refresh it a load to carry on watching. I normally end up flicking between iMac, iPad and AppleTV just to watch the event. For the previous 2 I have eventually given up and watched it when it was available on repeat.
No one has spoken about Swatch for the last decade, now people are talking about swatch. All publicity is good publicity so they win.
This dude looks like a homeless drunk troll!
No, not the same. No, not the same. The issue isn't with the camera as such, it's the optical image stabilization. The device moves the camera to negate any movement from the person holding it. However, when this isn't working correctly, the OIS unnecessarily moves the camera when it doesn't need to which creates a blurred photo. One of the OIS solenoids (for want of a better word) has the hiccups.
New Posts  All Forums: