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I think people are misunderstanding what "hardness" means.   If you had a 1mm thick sheet of diamond and stuck it in this ring on ring machine, it would break at even less than the 1mm thick sapphire sheet. Hardness is measured by scratch resistance, it is not a measure of structural strength. Adding elasticity to an object can make it stronger but less hard.   Gorilla glass will scratch before sapphire glass will but sapphire glass will structurally fail before...
No one is saying that Samsung don't make good components because they do. Their Apple designed chips and screens are excellent, they are also a different arm of the company to the Samsung that copies Apple. Also remember, Apple go to Samsung with their design and Samsung make it, they are just copying what they are told to do. However, when Samsung design their own chips and decide on their own screens for their phones, couple that with Android and it's a terrible product...
Fit a anti reflective screen protector.
Here's hoping for no sticky-out lens. If it does, Apple will have sacrificed looks just to make it thinner. But on the flip side, at least it'll be a better camera so they will have sacrificed looks for function which is very un-Apple. Just look at the unnecessarily thin iMac with the horribly repositioned SD card slot.
64bit means nothing when it's cobbled together with an OS that is bad in 32bit. It'll be even worse when they add a 64 bit layer over the top of the touchwiz layer, over the top of the butter layer, over the top of the Knox layer, over the top of the other layers that Android/Google/Samsung add to desperately try to keep up with iOS.   They should all take 2 years out and rewrite Android from scratch for a full touch screen instead of persisting with rewrites and layers...
More evidence that Apple will be releasing a 5.5" iPhone /s   Damn, I must be racist and sexist/genderist because whenever I go into an Apple store to buy something, I always look for the best looking white girl there. If there are none, I'll go and find a dude covered in tattoos.   As for the % race of people working for Apple, I'd imagine they accurately represent the actual mix of races in that area.
If they bought patents and don't use them to manufacture anything, they are patent trolls.
They look like cast aluminium to me. There is no point using something with the properties of liquidmetal for something that won't be seen.From what I have seen. Liquidmetal is shiny. Much like the new inset Apple logo which according to a different website, is very hard to scratch.
Just go away hater. You are just wasting your time.
Misused idioms aside... China have some great hackers, crackers and security experts, they would know if and what data was being sent back.The big difference is that we KNOW that some Chinese stuff sends your data back to Chinese servers.
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