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They would if they were building their Apple TV screens.
I'm looking forward to Samsung's Mockbook (and watching not get anywhere near to being a best seller).
None of us made these people poor so why should we bail them out no matter how much money we earn? 30 million may die but if we paid to keep them alive they would be hungry next year and the year after that and are a drain on resources. The rate of population growth is increasing, the more it increases the more people will die of poverty, war, religion, crime and disease. Survival of the fittest I'm afraid. Anyway, back to the thread. Sony service - I just had to read...
Surely "directly lifted" would mean that they used it as is from Apple, which they haven't. I'm sure a majority of designers would have come up with this layout without seeing the Apple version.
There is always going to be a % of parents who buy the wrong present.
He is British, born in London UK,
Possibly announce the next iPad but I doubt they'd jump in that quick with releasing it.
These anal-ysts are confusing Apple starting production early with Apple releasing it early. Apple either want a LOT of stock or need more time to create the same amount of stock because of the technological boundaries that they are pushing.
*only $79 a year. \
People giving it a 5 star rating obviously have never used any other tablet and bought it for the price point only so have no frame of reference to give it an accurate rating. Either that or they are: Amazon employees so are obliged to give the 5 star rating or Android users so don't know any better.
New Posts  All Forums: