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And (I'm finally glad to say) play Blu-ray discs too. I have an external Lite-on BD drive, a 24" 3.06 intel core duo with 4gb and the trial download from www.macblurayplayer.com I expected stutter but haven't had any issues as yet. Doesn't play everything but has played everything I have tried. Just out of beta and updated regularly.
Surely, the opposite of this scenario is VMWare Fusion/Parallels/Boot Camp. So why is it OK to run Windows on a Mac but not run OSX on a PC? If you or a company buys OSX they should be allowed to use it on a system of their choice as they have paid the licence.
Surely this is a little bluff and they'll make them free to download.
Damn, I just bought PSE9 Editor a few days back from the App Store. However, as I upgraded from PSE4 and can't see any difference except the made it look more rubbish and the fact that PSE9 actually works on Lion, I doubt I'll miss much on PSE10. Whereas Apple release something and release updates as and when they are required for free (bug and security fixes etc), Adobe sit around for a year, compile a list of all the bugs, fix 50% of them, add some new ones and call it...
I'd hope to see the implementation of a popular HD disc based format before seeing super high res screens Mega res vids take up mega room. I don't see why Apple are so against Blu-ray. Just allow us to connect a USB (or thunderbolt) BD Rom drive and buy a bit of software. All you have to do is update OSX to allow it to happen. It's not like the Macs don't have the processing power. Come to think of it, why is there no Blu-ray player software from 3rd parties?
Oh no you didn't just say that! what a clown. How about you give me 1 cent for every one sold.
"These devices truly represent the best of everything Sony has to offer". Jeez, really! Sony can't have much to offer. Should have stuck to what you are good at. Annoying people and having their sites hacked. Dual 5.5" screen. C'mon, even the king of dual screens, the DS and 3DS are morewanted than that thing.
Shock revelation: people get offered a free phone and free training and they say yes! Who in their right mind will say no, even if you don't intend to code for 7 you'd still take the free phone. At least it'll saturate eBay and bring the prices down.
I just don't understand why Twitter and Facebook have to be the lowest common denominator with everything these days. I can't wait for Facebook to do a MySpace.
AKA a competitor trying to take a slice of what Apple has made popular.
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