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I really wish Apple would make a search engine and some decent maps so I could vote with my feet and not use Google's products.
The simple answer is copy Apple again. If you have 50 different Sony TV models with 50 price points and 40 different specs you spend far too much money. If you make 3 or 4 products as best as you can then you reduce construction costs.
Jobs was never one to boast about money. He helped people for the sake of helping, not help to make him look good like Gates does.
Apple are just customers of these Chinese companies, I don't see any mention of the liability of other companies that have stuff made by Foxconn etc. It's like you being accused of low wages in Walmart because you have shopped there before. I think it's great that Apple are bothering at all.
If the iPad had an IR sender, some app coder would have already done this.
I'm not convinced that magsafe headphones would work, they disconnect too easily and people would moan that they can't use their own favorite headphones. Apart from that, a magsafe power connecter would be awesome and one that unplugged itself if there was over heating issues (or a complete charge had occurred) would be very clever.
Poor workmen will always blame their tools and this is no exception. People without a clue had a quick dabble over the weekend and gave up moaning. The "game changers" are still working on their ibook now and will be for some months to come. No software will allow a nobody become a somebody over a weekend.
You forgot to mention "chem-trails" to really make yourself sound silly.
They would if they were building their Apple TV screens.
I'm looking forward to Samsung's Mockbook (and watching not get anywhere near to being a best seller).
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