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At the proper usable distance of an iMac it wouldn't take much of a boost to get it into the "retina display" range.   Personally I don't think it needs it. I need to update my 24" iMac anyway so anything is a bonus.
Apple won't support USB3 as it's in direct conflict with their Thunderbolt connection. Just because they can doesn't mean they will.
Hopefully it'll sort the homeshare fault as that was annoying me. It'd be nice if the Netflix fix actually made the content better but that's asking a lot .
"Man states the obvious" front page shocker headline. Wow, what a scoop!   Looking forward to his revelations on how oranges are orange and taste like orange.
Apple don't compete, they don't need to. Cost isn't everything, just use a PC or android to see that. Apple stuff has soul and usability.
The first iPhone was unveiled on January 9, 2007. iPhone5.com was registered 13 months later so Apple didn't happen to use a copyrighted name that this guy already owned the domain for, it was the other way around. It was probably just the lowest available number after the word iphone.   The fact that Apple didn't register it would tell me that they aren't going to call it iphone 5. However, it's still a copyrighted name so unless it was registered before the announcement...
Yes, I can see the advertising now.   WAKE UP AND LOOK AT MY RIM.
You can't blame competition for your failings, you can only blame yourself for not being better than the competition.
OK Apple, as quickly as you can. throw this into a super slim 30" iMac and send me the bill.
I'm pretty sure that Apple went for this because of the shorter lead time. I can't imagine the Apple R&D guys all huddled around a touch screen complaining about how thick it is. They'll easily lose more than that by using Gorilla glass 2 on the front and liquidmetal on the back.
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