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"Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, after finding that prices of bestsellers on Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iBooks platforms, expressed concerns that the deals made with book publishers could be anticompetitive." Is it just me or does this not make sense? after finding that prices of bestsellers on Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iBooks platforms.....WHAT?
Who'd have thought that the "pros" of having Flash wouldn't have outweighed the cons of: * wifi only * RIM product * 7" screen * Android abortion OS.
"not buy nothing" is a double negative so that means your wife says that you ARE allowed to buy an Apple product.
I wish AI would stop posting stuff said by analysts who have no direct insider knowledge. In most cases it would seem like their "analyst" moniker gives them the right to make up some crazy bullshit that they actually believe. The majority of AI readers could release rumours closer to the truth than these so called professionals.
Twitter user Filippo Bigarella uncovered references to a next-generation iPhone, "iPhone5,1," Surely iPhone 5 is what came out after iPhone 4 no matter what they call it.
Why? Apple will fix any security issues with an update much faster (and for free) than any security software will.
Looks like someone has just learned to do bar graphs.
Conradjoe & AppleII - don't worry, there are load of people who fail at humour and take it personally, I'm not one of them. I wouldn't care if the iPad 3 used parts of Vietnamese babies inside as long as the quality stayed good and none of the bits leaked out. It's always the same with these reports. A company provides bits to loads of companies but because 1 of them happens to be Apple, they should take responsibility.
Why! Why would anyone restrict themselves to a built in player?And for the other 50 weeks in the year they will design stuff like the new TV.I'd buy it.
That's in Scotland (shortest life span in the UK). For its part, Nokia maintains that the level of preorders in the U.K. "has been higher for Lumia than any previous handset." Of other Nokia handsets perhaps but no way ANY other handset. Nokia dropped the ball years ago by not being inventive, releasing too many products and not supporting them after release (sounds like most Android phones).
New Posts  All Forums: