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Apple's 2 key words for 2012. Adapters and Money.   We've made it better by giving you less stuff. No DVD drive, wow! Slower HDDs, OMG awesome! No Firewire, woohoo I love buying adapters! Less aluminium in the case so it's cheaper on materials, whooosh, bonza profit! Lighter, lower shipping fees for Apple! It's thinner at the edge so then you get the benefits of..... errrr..... ermmmm..... really hurting your hands when you have to take it to an Apple...
Has no one else noticed the frankly ludicrous position of the SD card slot!
I'm still happy with my iPad 3 but the resale cost will be hurt which will annoy some. I am surprised that Apple gave it a 1 revision number despite it not being that big a change over the 3. I think there will be a lot of people like myself who will be wary about being early adopters now just in case they have gone to a 6 month cycle. I feel sorry for the people who absolutely must have the latest version. I'm a massive Apple fan but I don't blindly buy everything they...
It's not 5mm thin though is it, it bulges considerably towards the middle. Edge thickness means nothing. I remember Samsung releasing "the thinnest phone" because the edge was thinner than the iPhone, however at the thickest point, it was thicker.   So, it's a nice design, not much different to the previous one to look at from the front. 1 thunderbolt port! I hope that's only the case for the 21.5".   I thought the 24" iMac was hard and uncomfortable to carry...
For the first time ever, I feel let down by Apple.  I liked the fact that when you were an early adopter to an iPhone or iPad you knew you had a year+ until the next one was released. This throws everything that I know to be true about Apple out of the window. I'm a disappointed member of the Apple family.
This looks to be an addition to another patent shown a while back where only a part of the screen is shown if only part of the magnetic smart cover is pulled back (also re-sites icons and notifications on the screen) to save battery life as people check time, battery or notifications etc.
Is that even possible?
If they really wanted to they could monitor the light intensity using the facetime camera. It's really not important though.
So, for every 5 ipad minis (let's assume $249 each minimum spec) @ $1245 it cannibalizes a $499 (minimum spec) sale. So Apple will actually be up by $746 for every normal iPad that it doesn't sell. I don't think they are panicking.
  I'll wait until the firesale in January.
New Posts  All Forums: