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30" model please.
It might be faster, cheaper and have a better battery but that's not the whole story and that's the problem with other company's products. It's how it works, the feel of the device and how it ties in with other things. The Ultrabook will run Windows and therefore it'll never trump the air or iPad.
C'mon guys. Nokia, remember? It was a big phone company around the time of the Tamagotchi.
Jeez guys, who cares. Do any of you design or manufacture phones? My guess is no. So why are you so bothered about the next form factor and why are you so bothered that the smallest one should win? I can't see 1 or 2mm making any difference and the user won't notice any difference. I don't think that the space saved is important at all, it's about being the leader of new standards. I feel that if they want to reduce the SIM size any more then Apple's version makes...
Main heading says iOS 5.1 safari.
"Just one more thing".
I love the fact that some people are disappointed in the next iPad before it even gets announced. Blathering on about how they won't get one because it won't have (insert something they will rarely use) and then say they'll get a (insert an already released disappointment). Here's an idea, wait until its announce first. If you still don't want one, don't buy one. Don't come crying to us when you are disappointed in it.
Maybe it's the screen for the next iPhone as that enormous Galaxy phone was so good and well received that Apple decided to copy and make it a bit bigger.
The leaked picture of the announcement isn't landscape, the bezel is too thick BUT I also don't see aluminium, all I see is black plastic so I think it's being used in portrait but upside down because below the hand is the 3G antenna plastic.
Apple has been using slide to unlock for nearly 5 years. Anyone else think that if you haven't made a copyright claim in 2 years maximum then the claim is invalid?
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