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I don't see the issue. The developers are there to check to see if the software works and Apple maps (as software) does work. Why would Apple spend years and millions of pounds checking and sorting errors when they can make it half decent and let the public check stuff and report it. Seems like the obvious, fastest and best thing to do.
Sounds like the sort of false info that Apple lets leak out to increase demand for panic buying to get them before Christmas.
When will they learn from Apple. Less products, better quality is better than the opposite.
Hmm, looks like carbon fiber pattern vinyl (3M Di-noc) to me. Too thin to be actual CF.
I have absolutely no doubt that Apple wanted an iconic design and instead of going to the owners (who would then ask for a load of money because it's Apple asking and they'd think their design is important to the finished product) they decided just to use the design anyway knowing that 1 of 3 things would happen.   1 - nothing 2 - the owners of the design would let them 3 - the owners would ask for some cash and if it was too much Apple would change the design...
Oh, you must be so embarrassed.   www.viewstreetnoflash.com
Apple adverts - Look at what our products can do.   Competitor adverts - Look at that silly mistake that Apple made.   It's worth noting that the error noted by Motorola has been fixed.
You don't need to, open Safari and go to maps.google.com   IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE!   If you like Google Maps then for God sake use Google Maps, we aren't stopping you, Apple aren't stopping you.
As per usual the anti Apple brigade just read what 15 year old bloggers are complaining about and run with it, probably bolstered in some of the bigger tech sites that are backhanded by Apple competitors. You know how Apple "bad news" spreads. Removing 1 click to Google maps that can be replaced easily with a download from the App store isn't anti competitive in any sense of the word. Apple could easily have blocked Google maps and denied their Apps. The whole thing is...
Have Apple blocked your ability to go to the Google website, click maps and use them? No.   Have Apple given you an option to use Google Maps OR Apple Maps? Yes.   Did you pay for iOS6? No.   I fail to understand what people are moaning about. Are you scared of change, choice or competition?
New Posts  All Forums: