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Amazon - "We have 2 speakers which makes our thing better than the Apple iPad mini, because they have 1" Apple  - "Actually we have 2 speakers" Amazon - "Oh right, why don't you advertise this fact?" Apple - "Because we have more important features to tell people about".   And let's be honest. 1 or 2 speakers, it doesn't matter when they face the wrong direction. Here's hoping that Apple use those transducer speakers and manage to turn the screen into the...
Because they replaced the fastest tablet ever made with the best screen on a tablet long before they actually needed to and long before people expected. Most early adopters of the iPad3 had their one for a touch over 6 months before their resale value was seriously affected with this minor update.
I don't really get the problem. Apple OEM cables have been very good for me and any copies I have used have been terrible. Apple's cable may cost 10x more but it'll last 10x longer and won't die and take your iOS device with it.   Since you get a cable in the box with the iOS device, you aren't required to buy another.
"Massive company sells cheap technological item, people buy it" - Not a story.   "Massive company sells cheap technological item, less than 1 million people buy it" - embarrassing story for whoever that company might be.
This dude reminds me of a Boglin.
Apple made a statement. "we want to get it just right because at the moment there are 1 or 2 really small issues that we know the snivelling fandroids will jump all over and try and make a big thing over".
App store not working here either.
Scott used to code, now he is just a manager. Does anyone really think he did any coding in iOS or OSX? He did what managers do, believe he is right and get the people below him to do what they are told. A manager just needs to know how he wants it to look and perform and I think that Ive will be able to easily fit that role.   The coding team must be relieved that Forstall is off and they are being placed in charge of a calm and collected guy with better people...
Not surprised judging by his previous work. BTW, we don't want him back.
Yes, if I'm being forced to run an external drive then I may as well get a 2nd hand 30" cinema display and hang a mac mini and an external drive on the back. It'll be several hundred bucks cheaper with a bigger and better screen. I'd rather have a free "crummy and slow" internal disc drive than a paid for "crummy and slow" external. The CDs spin at the right speed to listen and rip music and the DVD spin fast enough so I can watch films and burn DVDr's. I'm not a DVD...
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