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Why would Apple have to add USB3 to do this? I can do this quite happily with USB2.   Apple worked with Intel on Lightpeak/Thunderbolt to be better and faster than USB3 so I can't see their impetus for bothering with it. The price of the technology will very quickly come down. If Jobs was still alive I would have guaranteed you wouldn't have got USB3 but this post-Jobs-Apple is a little bit more flexible and not as focused.
I wonder if they'll add the idea I emailed him quite a while back. Integrate Shazam with Siri so you just have to ask "who is this", "what artist is this", "listen to this" etc. It'll tell you who and give you a link to buy it from iTunes increasing the sales opportunity.   Overlord - "lock my iPhone/iPad" are you sure! That would require you to press and hold the home button and then asking Siri to lock your iOS device. The alternative is to just press the lock...
Oh Apple, please announce a new iMac.
It'll take a while recouping the cost through energy saving.
Another patent troll filing in Texas. I'm sure Apple got a good deal.
History has just been made! AI have run their first article since last October mentioning the AppleTV set without mentioning how Steve Jobs had "cracked the TV control".
At the proper usable distance of an iMac it wouldn't take much of a boost to get it into the "retina display" range.   Personally I don't think it needs it. I need to update my 24" iMac anyway so anything is a bonus.
Apple won't support USB3 as it's in direct conflict with their Thunderbolt connection. Just because they can doesn't mean they will.
Hopefully it'll sort the homeshare fault as that was annoying me. It'd be nice if the Netflix fix actually made the content better but that's asking a lot .
"Man states the obvious" front page shocker headline. Wow, what a scoop!   Looking forward to his revelations on how oranges are orange and taste like orange.
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