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Surely "directly lifted" would mean that they used it as is from Apple, which they haven't. I'm sure a majority of designers would have come up with this layout without seeing the Apple version.
There is always going to be a % of parents who buy the wrong present.
He is British, born in London UK,
Possibly announce the next iPad but I doubt they'd jump in that quick with releasing it.
These anal-ysts are confusing Apple starting production early with Apple releasing it early. Apple either want a LOT of stock or need more time to create the same amount of stock because of the technological boundaries that they are pushing.
*only $79 a year. \
People giving it a 5 star rating obviously have never used any other tablet and bought it for the price point only so have no frame of reference to give it an accurate rating. Either that or they are: Amazon employees so are obliged to give the 5 star rating or Android users so don't know any better.
Whoops, mis-read the title. Thought it was like the album charts top 10. Downloads top 100 million would be a hell of a list to look through!
I wish that Apple would do a reply advert in the same style but the people in the Apple queue come up with the answers and trump the Samsung phone (like we know would actually happen in real life). Maybe starting with a "Sammy" store, manager inside rallying his staff with a motivational speech about quantity not quality of sales of their brand new, released that day, flagship model. Camera pans round to see massive queues passing the store entrance. The manager opens...
Well, he did call himself "reality check" so clearly he needs one. It's not just the upgrade of the iPad, it's the update of every other service that it seamlessly works with designed by Apple. Nothing that Samsung can release will ever be better because it will just be a single unit, not a device that connects to an ecosystem.
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