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It's no more complicated than the following.   Apple could cut corners and use cheaper parts, reduce their prices, offer less customer service and make more profit.   But they don't.
I don't understand why people don't like these ads so much. Yes the smooth and swanky info filled horn blowing of the normal commercials are OK but there is always room for a bit of humor to make Apple look less of a faceless mega-corp.
Auto update would be a bad idea. A few times I have checked the feedback to find that the new update doesn't boot for many users so I skip it. Same goes for any updates after a company has sold out to Zynga as they ruin everything.   I also think that there should be 3 sections in the app store, paid for, free but with in app purchasing and properly free. Personally I think that IAP is making games makers greedy.
So essentially what Google are saying is "we are just catching up to the original iphone so now that everyone is copying it, it should be a standard". Hahaha, nice one but no!
Just remember that the Thunderbolt that we have is a slowed down version of what it will be when they activate it with an update. Currently it's copper cables but it wasn't originally called Lightpeak for nothing.
I think Apple realised that they weren't fighting Proview, they were fighting the Government. Proview's liquidators only asked for what they owed to clear the debts. As the debts were mostly owed to the banks, it was in the Government's (and therefore the court's) interest for Proview to get a good result. The banks will have written that money off long ago so they'll be happy with the result.   At least Apple now know how s*** goes down in China now, they won't...
I bet Apple are breathing a huge sigh of relief when they read this anal-yst's thoughts. I can imagine prior to this revolation that Apple as a whole were shi**ing bricks.
Google clearly don't realise that you can't polish a turd, even with butter. That's the difference between Apple and Google. Apple tried to get it right first time and improved things by rewriting. Google rushed Android out to compete, sticks with the original lag filled design and just keeps piling more stuff on top to try and hide what's below.
For that price it's not gonna be good or worth buying for anyone who is even remotely interested in technology. Might be ok for your cats to play games on, or 3 year olds or perhaps grandparents but that's all.
Just buy the patents, bury the lawsuit, bury Kodak, sell the patents that you don't want, job done.
New Posts  All Forums: