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Let's just hope that this allows Apple to get back into the camera market and compete against the Samsung Galaxy camera. It's a nice camera but I just couldn't bring myself to buy a Samsung product. Steve Jobs said that it was one of the areas he wanted to get into.
4K please!
When I pinch a picture, it gets smaller. "pinch to ensmallen". Just saying.
I don't doubt Tim's credentials for running this company but let's be honest, it was doing alright when he took over and nothing truly astounding has happened during his reign so far. 6 monthly update on an iPad, unnecessary thinning of the iMac, uninspiring share price, more info leaks than ever, people being sacked etc. I just hope he is getting warmed up and the new products will make up for it.
Apple considering NFC as a future possibility! OMFG, stop the press. At least then NFC would be taken seriously by companies outside of Japan and it might actually start being used as a way to pay and not just a lame argument as to why Android phones are better.
I guess either most of us either knew or read it in the book.
It's ignored because it's a myth. It wasn't Cebit 2006 it was actually Cebit 2007. This is just a rumour spread around to rouse the easily lead. Even the Androidcommunity.com website debunks your attempts to claim that this phone came before the iPhone.   http://androidcommunity.com/who-was-really-first-apple-vs-samsung-story-truly-debunked-20110420/   OK, facts restored. Find a new angle to whinge about Fandroid.
Don't some Intel chips have the processor, graphics and graphics ram already on them? Seems odd that no company has ever thought about packaging everything together before.
Sure, an 18 year old is gonna buy a $1000 Apple TV set. An 18 year old saying this is not much different to a 14 year old daring someone to do something and saying they'll give them a million dollars. It's all talk.   Besides, the Apple TV, if it exists or ever comes out will NEVER be $1000. $1500 absolute minimum.
New Posts  All Forums: