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Of course it does. Nintendo, being Japanese will have great honour. They don't want to stay afloat through other systems.
Sounds to me like Nintendo don't want to get too deep into smart phones but need to make enough money to carry on developing their console. If their next console is a hit, expect them to stop making mobile games.
It would be bulky, expensive and incredibly inefficient.
200 years ago, the best way to travel was by horse. Things change.
Ever noticed how people with tattoos don't berate people who don't tattoos but it's rife the other way around. It's almost like that someone else's skin has got something to do with you.
Incorrect. All apps that go through the App Store are vetted by Apple.Non App Store private apps are signed by the app maker and apple don't see it.
Err, Find My iPad?
Unless your camera has a micros SD slot. The minute that EyeFi come out with a Micro SD version of their card, I'm upgrading because the file handling and wireless sending of the Galaxy Camera 2 is dire. I wish that Apple would make a dedicated camera.
I can think of maybe 10 things that it is worth doing on a watch, reading a website is not 1 of them.
Using an open standard is good although I bet Apple patch around it in time. At least it increases the number of chargers available and reduces the price range.
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