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They were probably like all the other companies. Know that Apple have loads of money and got greedy. Manufactured reasons why they wanted more and expected Apple to pay up.
Another person who thinks that AAC and MP3 are the same.It's like saying a 55" HD TV is better than a 50" 4K TV because the screen is larger.AAC has a lower bit rate and higher quality than an equivalent MP3 file.
Could have done with this app 2 months ago when the GF admitted she'd rather have an iPhone than her Samsung S4 mini. I could not have bought her that iPhone fast enough. I was glad to convert her.
Gotta laugh at most of you. If no one had pointed out the change, you wouldn't have noticed.
It's great that Apple have been actively pointing out that they aren't collecting data or spying on what you are doing. A real kick in the balls for Google.
Yes, the uptake of correct English in America is very hit and miss and has been terribly distorted over time.
I'm not saying it isn't a promotion, I'm saying it doesn't sound like one.Call a job what you like but in real life, who is above "president"? It's certainly not an officer.
Read the 2 titles.Senior Vice PresidentToChief Design Officer
Doesn't sound like a promotion.
It's actually very easy to get a shotgun licence in the UK.1 form, £50, a police check, a good reason for owning one (clay shooting) and a securely fitted gun cabinet.Then you can go and buy a shotgun.
New Posts  All Forums: