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Who the hell is going to go out of their way to gain access to a phone, bother downloading the file to gain access to some log in details so they can get their hands on a small pre-paid account that can only buy them some crap coffee and cake? I can see why Starbucks didn't bother until they were pushed.
Why would anyone want an iPhone that all of the negatives and none of the positives of owning a sensible sized iPhone and an iPad? A phone is a phone, not a computer. Why do you want a massive phone that still has a small screen in comparison to the iPad?   It's like wanting a scooter with a 6 litre engine, yes it'd work but it'd be totally pointless.   Stop judging Apple with what Android are doing. Selling cheaper phones for little to no profit is not a sane...
Ah ok, we are calling it "following Apple's lead" now are we? 5S - S5 5C - C5?
If Nest was important to Apple, they would have snapped them up. They didn't so either they had no IP worth buying or there isn't the market for it yet. Home automation is in its infancy, much like 4K TV. There is no point getting into a market that small, that early. It'll just give you less of a head start and companies such as Samsung will easily be able to copy what is done. I have no doubt that Apple will get into home automation in 2015/2016 but only when the time...
Duplicate post.
DDoS isn't a breach, it's just an automated flood of requests designed to overload a site. No data will have been taken. No proficient hacking team use DDoS attacks, these are just used by script kiddies who think it makes them hackers.
I wish someone could make this into a micro SD card so I can make the Samsung Galaxy camera useable without their terrible software and the fact that wireless transfer doesn't actually work.
 You might want to look at them again.  The 1st part is a double negative.Either they don't count for anything OR they count for hardly anything. Erm, 7 I think you'll find. No other product has bought on a change in the market like the iPhone has.
Exactly this. If they can't successfully recognise a large face, what chance do they have with a small iris?
One price to rule them all.
New Posts  All Forums: