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Samsung's phone side of the business was surprised when the iPhone came out with 64 bit chips that were made by Samsung's semiconductor company. So either they didn't know what they were making (unlikely) or they didn't tell their other division.
FFS, everything that Apple have made in the last 6 years have apparently had production issues. This is never true. Apple don't have problems making things, they have problems making enough of these things.
Even 90 seconds with of song isn't "giving it away for free". It's not the whole song, it's a taster.Tasters should be free to get people interested in purchasing the full priced product. Apple may have been asked/told to reduce the previews or they may have done it to reduce bandwidth or save them or us data.It may be dependent on your internet connection, we don't know. If Tallest Skil wanted everything to be free, he wouldn't be an Apple fan.
A lot of the shit released today is so repetitive that you could probably build the entire song from a 90 second clip.
I tried to live without Flash when I got my new iMac but only lasted a week. It was the lack of YouTube that made me give in. Despite them saying that most of their videos run in HTML 5, if you try it, you'll get a Flash pop up.
You are talking nonsense. This is possible and a thin laminate over GG2 or GG3 would bend like this. However, as you say, why bother with both GG3 and sapphire?Good question.Personally I think we are going to see plastic screens with a sapphire laminate.It'd be lighter, thinner and far less likely to smash. Not to mention cheaper to produce and easier to work with.
The phone has sensors, it knows if it's face up or face down. Depending on what is facing up, the notification could appear in a particular place. Plus, if the phone is face down it could be a private (DND) mode and/or not light the screen with the notification as it's be a waste of power.
Issue for Apple = Apple tries its best to sort it out, media jump all over it.   Issue for Samsung = Samsung doesn't give a shit, ignores it until it goes away, media gets bored and goes back to digging up nonsense about Apple.
They went after Apple because they know that Apple care enough to "make it right" (pay a massive fine). On the flip side, they know that Google doesn't give a shit and will put up a fight and make it hard, costing loads in court time, so the FTC just won't bother.   It's the same as police targeting drivers instead of real law breakers because drivers are an easy target.
If you have several companies separately working towards the same goal, you are bound to get the same results more or less.
New Posts  All Forums: