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Jobs saved Apple by streamlining the product range. Cook is reversing everything and cannibalising their own products.   Saying that, large iPad, yes please.
Agreed, it's a phone, what do you need stereo speakers for?Louder doesn't automatically make them better.
Do they both have Alzheimer"s?Why would they ask more than once?
I wish they'd sort out iMovie. Take a step back to the previous version and start again. I hadn't used iMovie since it was upgraded but when I did, I found it to be terrible. I had to boot up my old iMac and use the previous version to get anything done.
Iron Man 3 was the worst of the trilogy. So boring. The 1st 2 films, the suits were near on indestructible and Stark was crazy but in control. Then, in number 3, the suits were being destroyed at a rate of knots and Stark was all precious and broken. What a crock of crap. I couldn't wait for Thor 2 to finish, again, so boring. The 1st one was alright. I only watched Captain America 2 a few weeks back and can't really remember anything from it. The Avengers was a great film...
And again, without fail.   Parallels releases a new version that requires money. "that's it, I'm done with Parallels, I'm switching to VMWare Fusion.   VMWare releases a new version that requires money. "that's it, I'm done with VMWare, I'm switching to Parallels.   People just flip flop between the 2. If your current version works, keep it, don't upgrade. Do you really have to have the latest version of Windows running on (ruining) your Mac?
I hope it's not protruding but I guess we'll see soon. Once you add a case with a cut out around the lens, it'll be flat again.   I can help but look at those bands on the back of the phone and think they look like underwear covering a wide ass.
Dr Dre does something good for charity but right at the end of the video.... gun fingers. You can take a boy out of Compton......
I came here to read all the comments for the memory experts who know better than Apple and have travelled into the future and tested iOS8 on an iPhone6.   Jeez, you complain about analysts making up rumours of stuff that hasn't happened but you are happy to spout your own. I'm not saying I'm right, I'm just saying that, at the moment, you can't know you're right. iOS8 might be a lot more efficient or the 1GB rumour might not be true.   We just don't know.
I think people are misunderstanding what "hardness" means.   If you had a 1mm thick sheet of diamond and stuck it in this ring on ring machine, it would break at even less than the 1mm thick sapphire sheet. Hardness is measured by scratch resistance, it is not a measure of structural strength. Adding elasticity to an object can make it stronger but less hard.   Gorilla glass will scratch before sapphire glass will but sapphire glass will structurally fail before...
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