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Chrome 46. FORTY SIX! That's a major upgrade every 6 weeks. I don't think so. Chrome 4S maybe.
Not bad for a hobby that hasn't been updated for 3 years. Still kicking with the companies that do this for a living.
The resolutions stated don't make sense.   Original 2048x1536 iPad Plus 2048x2732   So it's portrait mode and a screen ratio of 512:683   2732x2049 would be 4:3 so the iPad Plus height will be the width of a standard iPad.
SIRI was good when it 1st arrived but then Apple did a Blackberry with it and didn't really develop it as fast as they could so other companies have done better since. Even Cortana is more useful!
If mugged, you lose 100% of what you are carrying. Foreigners have always had problems getting into Australia. The UK has had contactless payment for years and it's not rebelling against a new way to pay simply because the banks know it'll eventually reduce fraud which the banks foot the bill for.
When we say "best person for the job" we are talking about important jobs, not working on a cash desk or helping customers. Any old schlep can do that, there's no need for quality there.If you hire a designer, the best qualified guy should be hired, skin colour shouldn't and doesn't come into it. The fact is that white people are more likely to persue technical jobs and go to college to gain a higher education in this field. If non whites don't study for this, they don't...
Disagree. If a company wanted to rent line space from a carrier, they would have to get offered a discount.Judging how Apple negotiate, they'd get a good deal. From there it would depend heavily on the amount of profit (if any) that Apple wanted to create. If they made it a non profit hobby, no one could undercut them, not even the main carrier because, as soon as they did, that'd be the set price and Apple would want a bigger discount.
It's a lot more common and easy in other systems. These hackers have to work a little harder to do this stuff on OSX.The main difference is the time it takes to get fixed.OSX = up to 1 weekWindows = up to 2 monthsAndroid = never.
So, Wall Street is complaining about an average slump in share price that they caused by continually increasing expectations on Apple to make them "fail" in the investor's eyes. Good one dickheads.
To add to this wish list, i'd love a 34", 21:9, 8K iMac to match the LG monitor I have.
New Posts  All Forums: