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I don't think normal cable companies make 20% of Apple's yearly earnings.   I also have issues with 100% graphs. They make it look as though particular areas are shrinking whereas the area actually makes more money than before, it just makes up a lower % because of the growth of other areas.
What's the opposite of the phrase "best of both worlds"? Mind you, it could be worse, it could be Samsung hardware and Google software.
They could have done that easily. The A class processors could handle 4K but more importantly, would be a gaming console that would kill the Vita, the Wii and take a big chuck of cash from the main 2 contenders. 
Imagine that, Apple sacrifice usability to make something thinner. Who'd have thought? I don't agree with ditching Magsafe.
There are always people looking for a reason not to buy something, no matter how insignificant, misunderstood or just plain made-up the problem is.
OK, so Apple have the following sized screens made for them: tiny watch screens 2.5" 4.7" 5.5" 7.9" 9.7" 11" 13" 15" 21.5" 27"   and have, in the past had: 3.5" 4" 24" 32" and others   So, what's so special with 12.9" screens that they can't get it right? Is it some magic ratio that makes everything go wrong..... or is it analysts trying to justify why they shouldn't be sacked immediately for just masking stuff up?
With all of the companies that Apple have bought to increase the search ability in the app store, they must have enough talent to make search and make it awesome. Considering the advertising revenue available and Apple's standing as the most known company in the world, they'd make Billions a year doing nothing.   With most things, Google had something good that worked well and made money, then they stopped bothering with it, same with maps. Only competition will make...
Considering the size of the battery, it wouldn't surprise me to hear of a sub 30 minute full charge time.
The full codename is "Titan Uranus". A nice little dig at what Tesla will be feeling if Apple do release a car.
How much money does this guy need? Clearly no one really listens to him, most of the stuff that he wants Apple to do is stuff that Apple would have done anyway. Bigging a company up as much as this is only going to end up in disappointment.
New Posts  All Forums: