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Yes, some TomTom devices had a passcode you had to put in to use the device or to change any settings unless you were in a set location (usually at home).
I don't get why Apple just don't allow 3G and 4G iPads to make calls, obviously using a headset (wired or bluetooth), although I can see some people holding an iPad mini to their face. That puts pay to these retards who think that a massive screen is the future.
Jobs recorded a version of "Here's to the crazy ones". Isn't it about time they used it? I'd like to hear it also read by Tim, Jonathan and Craig.
Some of you are talking like your copy of Aperture will suddenly stop working. iPhoto was crap, the new photo app will probably be based on Aperture but will be free like iPhoto but more powerful.
Yeah, I can imagine all of those women, OAPs and casual users who just surf the web, read emails, FaceBook and Skype friends, who want to get a new computer.The first they are going to do is check out and compare Geekbench scores.
For you maybe, not for the majority of women and older people who just look at the internet and email. I think that dipping into a lower market is a good way to get people in the Apple eco system.They experience what Apple has to offer, when in previous years they may not have stumped up that much money just to see if the iMac was suitable when they could throw down $600 on a crap PC that they know works. The majority of these people will trade up to a more expensive...
Someone who owns an iPhone or iPad and likes the Apple feel but only looks at FaceBook, replies to emails and watches a few clips of cats on YouTube, possibly also Skyping friends. Believe it or not, the majority of computers are only used for this. My old Pentium 233 could accomplish these tasks.
Welcome to my world. Although we do have higher wages on average.   There hasn't been a $30 reduction in the UK and Europe. We don't use $.
I wonder if it can sense ball sweat or urine. If it does, I hope my manager doesn't buy one, that'd really give the game away.
 I saidReplace the word "endorser" with "paid shill". This would give you the headline:"Samsung paid shill LeBron James made a reported $30M from Apple's Beats buy". So what I said was he is a shill for Samsung because despite being paid to say he uses a Samsung phone, guess what?  Feel free to point out where I said he was a Beats shill. What I'm getting at is that he may be a Samsung endorser but, like all the other endorsers, he is actually an iPhone user. I hope that...
New Posts  All Forums: