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BS. Apple doesn't pay people to use their products. People use the products because they are good products.If a company has to pay people, the product is shit.
The brand has a widespread reputation. The music side has a lot of users and makes money and the hardware side is making a lot of cash selling cheaply made, poor sounding headphones. Apple don't make the greatest earphones so maybe Apple will set to the design and actually improve the Beats headphones and make their own in ear "earpods" better too.   Beats needs less bass and earpods need more bass. There must be a good middle ground.
Looking forward to Dre taking stage at the keynote, calling everyone a n***** and a a motherf***er, putting down other rappers! talking about how good guns and drugs are and who he is going to shoot. Let's hope a lot of these rumours aren't true.
This just bolsters what I have been saying for years. People who can't afford good stuff, buy Android phones. Then, to try and make themselves feel better they try and convince everyone else that Android phones are the best and they'd buy an Android even if they could afford an iPhone.
1st Nintendo game on iOS this time next year is my guess.
There wouldn't be a Samsung watch or any of these health things if the rumours about Apple making a watch with sensors combining with healthbook on the iPhone didn't come out. Samsung do a lot of "releasing stuff first" off the back of what they hear other companies are planning to do. Apple don't rush crap to market like Samsung. They release it when it's right.
Most people who say "I'd buy an iPhone if it had a bigger screen" are mainly Android owners making up an excuse why they didn't buy an iPhone instead of just admitting they couldn't afford one or they made a mistake.   When Apple bow to pressure (because Jobs isn't there to say no), these "must have a big screen" people will just move on to another excuse as to why they won't buy one.
So, we went way off topic from sapphire glass to Apple Vs Samsung in 1 post. Is there not a better thread to have posted that "update" in?
The App Store reviews don't tell a great story since the update. A lot of annoyed people.
Let's not confuse "it being possible for Apple to add Touch ID to the previous iPad" and "Apple purposely leaving it out to give them an easy upgrade for the next gen iPad". They do it all the time, it's good for the bank balance.
New Posts  All Forums: