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Good because the existing app is terrible.
 Tizen initial release 2012. iTunes 2010 Things from OSX go to iOS, things from iOS go to OSX. Are you trying to tell me that there is no circle icons in iOS before 2012.
Get away! You Americans have butchered the English language more than any other country.Both "are" and "is" are perfectly useable in this scenario. Apple is a company, companies can be collective nouns or a singular entity. Don't let your loose American grasp on English vocabulary confuse you. You are the ones that started "can I get a coffee" instead of "can I have a coffee". Unless you are actually going to jump over the counter and make the coffee yourself, you can't...
Agreed, I like DED's angle on things but I do wish he wouldn't go around the houses. There's only a certain amount of padding you can put in to a report such as this before people just selectively scan the piece. Keep it short, sweet and to the point.
I'm pretty sure that if Apple did this, they'd put enough firepower under the hood to make it emulate X86 and run windows. However, why do people degrade their Macs by running windows? I used to but it was infuriating. Windows is truly horrible to use. If running Windows is so important, you should sell your Mac and buy a PC. If however, you need to use Windows every now and then because a software designer wasn't clever enough to make a Mac version, go and buy a cheap...
I can guarantee that Apple are about to release the cheapest, fastest, largest, highest DPI iMac you could ever imagine. The reason I can be so sure of this is that I just bought a new 27" i7 last week so they are bound to release an awesome update now.
MFI game controllers won't be that popular until the 2nd gen ones come out, being cheaper and better and most importantly, fit the next iPhone.Once the new iPhone comes out and AppleTV gets an App store, that's when they'll become popular. And there's the difference. Apple wouldn't openly study something that long and not either do it or drop it in 5 years. Microsoft are just clutching at straws to try and find the next big thing to get them on top.
If Apple didn't enter this sector then I could quite believe it cooling by 2016. However, I suspect that Apple will and there'll be a massive spike in interest in the sector and loads of companies will try to make their own crappy versions.
It'll assume you are watching a Samsung keynote speech.
 From what I remember, "also ran" phone makers introduced NFC as the next big thing and Apple would be doomed if they didn't use it. Then the same companies stopped adding it as it didn't catch on (because Apple didn't implement it).
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