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39 major revisions in 6 years!   A major revision every 8 weeks!   GTFO!
What other word could they use that would fit the small box and still be readable. Up to 4 letters.   Get.   That's pretty much it.
The fact is, Samsung makes great cheeps at a high yield and a good price. When they are told what to do, they do a good job, it's when they think for themselves that it goes wrong.
It would seem that 1 in 4 people are idiots and/or ex Android users. 
Yet they are slower, more power hungry and worse with memory than Apple chips. If that makes them "a mile ahead" then clearly it's not Apple with the biggest bull.
So it's pretty much a mafia style protection racket. "You pay us money or your stuff might not get sent so quick".   Imagine if USPS started offering a higher charge for postage saying "if you go for the higher charge, there's more chance it'll turn up and we won't kick your parcel all over the depot".   ​Blackmailing companies isn't the best plan.
Of course there was a surge. The Android idiots never knew about contactless payments, they went online and searched for "can I get pay on my Android phone" and found out they have something a bit like it. Now it has surged from 0 to a few which is a several hundred % increase.   Apple is doomed.   I think the reason that the Android version didn't take off is because of what we have known for ages. Android owners don't like buying/paying for anything. They don't...
iTunes radio isn't even in Europe.
 Good bit of backtracking for when they have to offer Pay.Of course "one" will simply build the market.Your companies will be long gone if you are waiting for 2, let alone 3 strong players in this field.
Oh my f.... gosh, that is the single funniest thing I have ever read. It really does get funnier every time it's written. Even though it's been idiotically spouted in every single thread in the last month, it just hasn't lost its comedic value. You should do stand up. What I mean by that is you shouldn't post on here.
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