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  yeah because you're all knowing and there's no way that would be possible
yeah because you're all knowing and there's no way that would be possible
So Apple's only almost 20 years later...
December results lower as now folks *are* waiting a few months (>90 days) for the iPhone 5 so that wouldn't be in the 90 day time window... actually given that I'm surprised the number is that high (or "normal" folks aren't clued into/care about the refresh cycle)
It's their business model to take market trends, copy and make them as cheap as possible. When/if they violate patents and IP they should be slapped... when not then I see no problem. Though I'd be embarrassed to be that blatant.
People who went the "cheap" Android route only to discover what a terrible UX it actually has (not to mention the fragmentation issue or being orphaned a few months later by their vendor as happened with the Moto Milestone which was in theory a hero Android device)... as those contracts run out you could see people seeing the advantages of the Apple eco-system.
Eric, great hardware isn't your problem (though it is an issue)... It's your total cluelessness on user experience and the continued botching of it regardless of the great talent in UX you probably have. Problem is when it come to user experience Google is one of those companies that just doesn't get it as an organization... and even with some talented folks they just can get it done. I have to give Microsoft, they finally let their talent get product out the door...
You've got to be kidding... I could have shown you what RIM is worth, but I just pushed the handle and flushed.
branding themselves as douche-bags that go that extra mile to kick their customers in the sack... they realized they might be losing a bit of that reputation that took so long to develop and did this
Yeah, cause nothing better could possible happen... Only a fanboi tool could be that delusional
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