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Everybody on our network except actual 'admins'.  No 'general user' has 'admin' privileges.  100+ Macs.
I'm guessing, doom and gloom.
Not to mention... two are leaning left, two slightly to the right and one just about straight up the middle!    
I think MidwestAppleFan is referring to 'free' shipping in general - meaning, free shipping outside of being a Prime subscriber.  There are items you can purchase on Amazon that give you the option of 'Free' shipping, but that comes at the the price of having your item shipped S-L-O-W-est ground delivery possible.  I believe he meant that the 'free' choice now takes even longer than it once did since Prime become an option.
You do realize that just about every state of the Union requires you personally to pay sales tax as part of your state tax return if that tax wasn't collected at the time of the sale?   It's called a 'use tax'.   You're just fooling yourself when using the 'no sales tax' model of shopping when making your purchase decisions.  Sure, you can choose not to claim your use tax on your tax return, and will probably get away with it - at least for now, but if you ever get...
 Not sure if this question is serious or not, but ... Midnight = 12 AMNoon = 12 PM
 The first version iPhone 4 for Verizon was SIM-less.  Subsequent phone versions require a SIM.
I'm down with this as a resolution!
Would love to have the ability to block 'Blocked' or 'Unknown" numbers too. 
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