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I'm right behind you sflocal! 
  Larry, with all due respect, you must understand that 'news' has NOTHING to do with providing you or anyone else with the 'truth'.    You might find this interesting...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoZNJsp3Kik
  No need to wait... Other than providing lip service, SF's and NY's DA's are already doing nothing.
  Umm...  I've NEVER had to make an appointment in an Apple Store to make a purchase. Outside of some rare, special circumstance, I'll bet no else has ever had to do that either - EVER.
The New York Times now has an answer that could resolve their accusation that Apple (and other smartphone manufacturers) are not doing enough technology wise to discourage cell phone thefts.  Rather than asking Apple or any other phone manufacturer to change their systems or implement security hurdles to dissuade thieves from stealing cell phones, they can simply ask that all phone theft criminals leave behind their personal Android devices so they can be 'returned' at a...
I'm not sure anyone would notice.  San Francisco used to be a beautiful city.  Now it's just a toilet for pan handlers, criminals and ne'er-do-wells.   There's literally streets in down town San Francisco where the stench of urine and feces can be smelt a 1/2 block away.    The clowns running and working for the city of San Francisco - paid or not, need to re-assess their priorities.  Stop worrying about fugly water fountains and how to put more belligerent bicyclists on...
While admittedly not empirical data, I've been querying all of my daughter's finger popping, 20 something, iPhone owning hipster friends that she hangs out with and without exception they 'can't wait' to get iOS7 on their iPhones.   True, they may think something different when that actually happens, but I'm guessing all the doom and gloom purveyors predicting an iOS7 'fail' will soon learn that they are clutching their pocket protectors too tightly. 
  Maybe not as graceful as getting to the top of a text thread, but tapping into a new text message field will bring the thread back to the last text.
Yet another knuckle-headed telco CEO.  Nothing to see here...
Married folks pay MORE taxes?  Last I checked, married folks actually pay LESS in combined taxes compared to individuals filing single with like wages and deductions.
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