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I'm down with this as a resolution!
Would love to have the ability to block 'Blocked' or 'Unknown" numbers too. 
Maybe I'm just thick, but other than 'marketing' and fodder for news trolls, what difference does it make if Apple can't supply first day orders without exception?  Give it a week or maybe even a month, and everyone who wants the latest iPhone will likely be satisfied.  Is anyone really going to buy an Android because they couldn't get a launch day iPhone?  Why is being 'out of stock' seen as a failure?  Can anyone explain this line of thinking to me?     When my...
 Well as much as I'd like to help get criminals off the street, I'm flummoxed about 'helping' the Police with their stated duties.  I can't remember that last time a cop or any other public official stopped by my work and offered to help me or my co-workers with anything; much less even got out of their cars to help a bad traffic situation, yet the 'public' is expected to help them do their jobs?  How's that work?  I have an idea; how about cops stop hiding behind bushes...
 Maybe instead of spending your time posting your personal unsubstantiated opinions on Internet forums, you spend some time to learning how to better manage the resources on your iPhone?  If you think your iPhone is defective, you should seek help from an Apple Genius for possible replacement, otherwise you're just blowing wind here.  I have a sports car that has an EPA MPG rating of 20 miles to the gallon.  I CAN get 20 MPG if I drive 'reasonably and carefully', but when...
 So, what if you wait a week or two - or even a month?  I seriously doubt that the quality of your life would even be infinitesimally reduced waiting a little longer.  It's just a phone for geez sakes. There's no 'win' for being the first on your block to have a 5C or 5S.  Do you not have a phone already, or a life?  I'm always flummoxed by those who are willing to call something a 'fail' because they might have to wait a couple of days, or even a few weeks for some new...
I'm right behind you sflocal! 
  Larry, with all due respect, you must understand that 'news' has NOTHING to do with providing you or anyone else with the 'truth'.    You might find this interesting...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoZNJsp3Kik
  No need to wait... Other than providing lip service, SF's and NY's DA's are already doing nothing.
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