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  More precisely, ANYTHING is an improvement than a BMW - period.
  So glad that Apple was able to help the Police prevent crimes.  That will leave more time for the Police to setup speed traps and visit their local Starbucks cafes for lattes.
  And... a lot of kids, and probably a fair amount of their parents, get their music mp3's from YouTube too instead of iTunes.
My guess is that Apple calibrates screen devices to ward off probable 'calibration-gate' accusations from iHaters and Android trolls.  The general public doesn't care or can't be bothered about screen calibrations as long as the screen is sharp, readable and the overall color isn't too whacked.
How come this article doesn't indicate which finger poppin', hip-hopping hipster or high profile 'now' band these people are waiting in line for?  The MicroSoft store that recently opened across the mall from my local Apple Store had Kelly Clarkson to attract overnight line squatters?   \s  
This ^^
This ^^
  Curious... has anyone reported a stolen iPhone (or any phone for that matter?) to the Police and later the Police recovered the phone?  I guess it's possible that could happen, but I'm guessing that Police recover something close to 0% of stolen phones.  Sure, maybe they get lucky from time-to-time and recover a single phone or more likely bunch of phones by accident, but rarely recover a one-off stolen phone.  Heck, my car was stolen here in San Francisco a few months...
With all due respect jdnc, referring to the idiots that Harvard turns out as some sort of den of 'experts' does not help your case.  I'll remind you that it was these same nose-in-the-air Harvard business 'types' that almost drove Apple into the ground back in the 1990's - coincidentally at the exact same time I bought all of my Apple stock for $12.00 a share and even then the news was reporting that Apple had less than six months to survive.  Just because you go to a...
The M-Audio keyboard mentioned here is more or less fine for course triggering of samples, drums and so on - at least in my experience.  If you're a 'real' piano player and you're looking for weighted keys to simulate the feel of a real piano experience. well of course the M-Audio keyboard will leave you wishing for more.  There's very little feedback from the M-Audio device, but again a weighted keyboard is going to set you back more $$$ wise.  That said, weighted...
New Posts  All Forums: