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Funny... I'm guessing that the LAST thing the good folks living in China NEED is 'protection' from Apple.  Maybe the Chinese government should spend a moment or two in front of mirror before they start pointing accusatory fingers?  
Hoping not to sound like I'm defending Samsung here - because I'm not, and these two app are clearly identical in intent and maybe even in design, but isn't this just more of sleazy manufacturers feeding the bottom feeders of the world?  You know, the folks who sit around at dinner parties saying that they are 'smarter' because they got the SAME features with better a phone (spec-wise) but at a lot less than what an iPhone costs?  It's sort of like some of my knuckle...
Actually, I believe all California residents are required to claim their out of sales purchase on their tax forms so sales tax can be collected.  I'm guessing not many people do this, but it is the law.  Interestingly,  many of the same people who laugh at claiming their out of state purchases are the same folks who rail about big businesses not paying THEIR fair share of taxes, but I digress...  ;-)
I've been purposely using turn-by-turn while traveling in and around the San Francisco Bay Area since the inception of 'Map-gate' with out ANY issues.  This includes both known, little known and unknown routes.  With only inconsequential deviations from my own 'local knowledge' route preferences, the system has been flawless.  
Wait, I thought Mapgate was purely an Apple fail?  /s  
  Maybe next time you should just wait before buying a new product sight unseen and untested if every little nuance of a product design is uber important to you.  You're being completely ridiculous.  Even fancy expensive new cars don't come from the factory flawless and perfect in every way and this after years of production.  I waited for my iPhone5 and have been using it with no case or protective shield at all.  Looks brand new still.  Can't say if Apple changed...
So, what replaced The Daily that isn't as 'conservative' or, dare I ask?
  You forgot to include the sarcasm tag, right?
I'm so tired of people bitching about who's not paying some made up "pie-in-the-sky" percentage of taxes that they deem appropriate based on no empirical data.  I'm guessing most (US) folks here on this board claim their home mortgages as a tax deduction?  If so, that's a government tax subsidy that NO one is forced to take. Why are you taking that deduction?  How about paying taxes on all of those Internet purchases?  At least in California, you're supposed to claim...
Unfortunately, the Internet (largely) and computer technology has allowed anybody with a computer, some free time and a couple of synapse in their head to call themselves, 'journalists' or 'writers'.  I can't tell you how many of my otherwise brain dead friends think they are full fledged 'writers' because they have a blog and 3 trolls sending them fan email on a regular basis.  It's no different than the hundreds of thousands of wannabe musicians who have a Pro Tool...
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