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It's my understanding that in most cases -- regardless of on-line back order status, all Apple Store's receive a small number of phones each day.  These can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis by physically visiting your local store of choice.  When 'online reserve' options are allowed, you can also reserve a phone to be picked up the next day.  In all cases, your best bet is to be among the first customers when the store opens.  It's the early bird that...
Hear! Hear!
This ^^
'Competitive' by lowering prices on products that are already outselling your competition both in quality and performance?  You're not serious are you?
That's because there is really no such thing as 'mid-grade'.  Mid-grade is a blend of 50% regular and 50% premium.  The math works today as it did 'back in the old days'.  Regular $ + Premium $ / 2 = mid-grade $.
This ^^ 
I just asked Siri these same questions without any Wolfram Alpha prompting.  Returned the correct answers.  Is this just old news?
Well, my theory is that the colors people choose for cars often reflects their feelings towards the economy (or, their own personal economy?) as much as anything. That and perceived 'maintenance' or ease of maintaining a vehicles' appearance coming in a close second.  I drive a medium green car and I'm often amazed when sitting in my daily parking-lot of commuter traffic that sometimes I'm the only car that is actually a 'color' for as far as the eye can see - front and...
Agreed.  I've had more 'stunned' experiences at an Apple Genius Bar than I've ever had with any other business in my life.   For example; they once replaced my WAY out of warranty, end of life G5 Mac Pro with a dead power supply with a brand new still in a sealed box Intel Mac Pro.  They also replaced my daughter's iPhone after she cracked the front glass while bowling with a brand new sealed iPhone (Might have been a refurb, but...) 
  Maybe someone at, or even TBWA entirely needs to be fired?
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