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What?  Wait, now I'll have to return my Android device and then re-re-re-order another iPhone 5!  \s
"...given the handset's design flaws."   Design flaws?  Quality control is put in place to MEET expectations and / or requirements.  The world has gone mad!  Yeesh!  
This "Apple is a failure" because my specialty item or this or that application peculiarity / defect is 'annoying' crap is getting old.  Here's some news for all of you complainers; if you want the world to be perfect, give it up now.  It ain't going to happen.  Don't buy the latest and greatest tech toy if you are not willing to suffer through the start-up phase of the process.  Any noob tech person knows not to move ahead with any new technology or software before...
I haven't had time to read each and every 'map-gate' post, so I apologize in advance if this has been covered, but there's maybe 90 million iPhones on the planet according to Apple's numbers.  Arguably, some percentage of these are no longer usable (broken, abandoned, lost, etc.), but what is the percentage of actual iOS6 users out there that are 'angry' about their new map app?  Is the map 'outrage' a result of 5% of the user baser base?  10%?  20?  The vast majority of...
  Well, maybe so, but that really sounds more like some rich guy wasting his money.  It's something akin to Saturday Night Live's "Scotch Tape Boutique" skit.  No matter how you present it, all of these Social Network solutions are just microscopic variations on a theme.   Sorry, can't find an actual video for the SNL skit, but the premise is a store that sells only Scotch Tape, yet the sales people take great joy in attempting to point out the differences between Scotch...
It's my understanding that in most cases -- regardless of on-line back order status, all Apple Store's receive a small number of phones each day.  These can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis by physically visiting your local store of choice.  When 'online reserve' options are allowed, you can also reserve a phone to be picked up the next day.  In all cases, your best bet is to be among the first customers when the store opens.  It's the early bird that...
Hear! Hear!
This ^^
'Competitive' by lowering prices on products that are already outselling your competition both in quality and performance?  You're not serious are you?
That's because there is really no such thing as 'mid-grade'.  Mid-grade is a blend of 50% regular and 50% premium.  The math works today as it did 'back in the old days'.  Regular $ + Premium $ / 2 = mid-grade $.
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