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This ^^ 
I just asked Siri these same questions without any Wolfram Alpha prompting.  Returned the correct answers.  Is this just old news?
Well, my theory is that the colors people choose for cars often reflects their feelings towards the economy (or, their own personal economy?) as much as anything. That and perceived 'maintenance' or ease of maintaining a vehicles' appearance coming in a close second.  I drive a medium green car and I'm often amazed when sitting in my daily parking-lot of commuter traffic that sometimes I'm the only car that is actually a 'color' for as far as the eye can see - front and...
Agreed.  I've had more 'stunned' experiences at an Apple Genius Bar than I've ever had with any other business in my life.   For example; they once replaced my WAY out of warranty, end of life G5 Mac Pro with a dead power supply with a brand new still in a sealed box Intel Mac Pro.  They also replaced my daughter's iPhone after she cracked the front glass while bowling with a brand new sealed iPhone (Might have been a refurb, but...) 
  Maybe someone at, or even TBWA entirely needs to be fired?
I can't find the previous thread at the moment, but I believe TS adequately explained how / why he's often THE, or one of the first to post...
Well, it will be interesting to see the discrepancies between The Apple Store and a Microsoft store.  My local Apple Store is in the Village in Corte Madera.  Often that store is so packed with shoppers that it's claustrophobic.  This when the rest of the mall is nearly empty.    I volunteer some of my IT time helping seniors with computer purchases and support on behalf of a local Seniors Center.  Out of fairness to my senior clients, who are usually Windoze users, part...
This ^
While I agree with your summation of the retail music world offered by iTunes, my experience (albeit maybe compartmentalized to the people I see and know?) is that a lot - if not most - younger folks still steal their music. My daughter and her friends NEVER buy music off of iTunes or any other paid distribution point - they buy videos, movies and TV shows, yes, but never music. They simply RIP the audio to MP3's from YouTube videos using any one of a number of online...
This^ Not news. This is how retail works.
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