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>> You didn't order a "Wi-Fi only" model. Now stop moaning and take it like a man. Yes, "Wi-Fi only". No engraving...
>>>> In the face of strong demand that led to a record launch for the new iPad, Apple has begun to improve supply for its touchscreen tablet, as new orders from its online store are now advertised to ship in one to two weeks. Improve? As of yesterday, my Apple order status said that my iPad that I ordered online March 9 would ship on or before March 19? Now it says, "1 - 2 weeks" from today? I'm missing how that's an improvement?
Huh? Does that mean I'm not up $0.71 to $545.18?
I stopped seriously listening to financial "experts" many years ago shortly after I was talked into selling a pile of Apple stock by one these so called "financial professionals". Within 30 days of selling, the stock had gained about 10% overall. It's now a couple of hundred dollars up since then! Yeesh! My cost basis is under $10 a share and 'yes' I understand that holding on to something like Apple goes against every accepted financial guideline. Everyone's...
I'm with you here too... If Apple can come up with a viable alternative to the cable and satellite strangleholds, I'm in! Apple turned the music and much of the phone industry on their heads, so there is some precedence for hope here. I can't imagine ever spending $1000 to $1500 on a TV, but if it means the demise of the current cable and satellite paradigms, well... I'll have to reconsider. My wish would be for an iTunes sort of TV menu with maybe a small monthly...
On April 4, 1964, The Beatles occupied the top five positions on the Billboard Hot 100. In the number one slot was “Can’t Buy Me Love,” followed by “Twist and Shout,” “She Loves You,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” and “Please Please Me.” They remain the only artist to accomplish this feat.
tylerk36, Are you suggesting that because someone may improperly use a search engine to glean data, that makes the results valid?
A year or so ago, I had a last generation G5 Mac Pro with what I suspected was just a dead power supply. I thought, $250 or so for a new power supply and I'll have a reasonably powerful backup device. No warranty on hand, so I was prepared to pay cash to bring this machine back to life. So, off to the Genius bar. They triaged the Mac Pro and accepted the repair. A week later someone called from Apple saying that they were not going to repair my 'legacy' machine. ...
Maybe I'm being more careful with my iPhone 4, but I was constantly dropping my iPhone 3. Seems to me the iPhone 4's 'rectangular' design is easier to hold onto? Can't remember ever dropping my iPhone 4? (Knock on wood! ) In fact, I don't even have a case for my iPhone 4!
I'll will at least agree with See Flat's ascertain that maybe now is the time to buy RIM stock? I bought ALL of my Apple stock back in 1995 just after Apple was given 90 days of life by so-called experts. That makes my cost basis per share under $10 a share!
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