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 I would imagine you would still need tethering support from the carrier... In iOS 7, there's the button to set up a hotspot, but if your plan doesn't support it, it was just say to contact your carrier. I imagine the new feature just eliminates the steps of going into Settings on your iPhone, but that a supportive plan is still required.
 Isn't that what Photostream was originally for? When it was first released, it was so that photos taken on your iPhone would automatically sync to your Mac, with the most recent 1,000 photos remaining on your iPhone. Clearly, more people want all photos to live in the cloud and to have access to all photos on all their devices.
 Why would this bother you if it goes directly to an online service? It is likely routed through Apple's servers and is anonymized before sending it to Wikipedia, etc.  Or are you concerned about the data going to Apple?
 iPad or iPhone? Not running iOS 8, but in iOS 7 on the iPhone, the URL bar minimizes when your scroll, forcing you to scroll up slightly to get it to go back to normal. Or you can click on it.
 Because the photos aren't stored in the cloud...? If you're storing them in iCloud backup, that eats at your storage. If you're not, it's just syncing them to various devices (but no iCloud copy).
 I hate iPhoto.
 Newton is obscure?
 Along with S-Code I would imagine.
 No, it's awful to take a desktop concept file system and slap it onto a mobile device. There's nothing inherently wrong with a file system, but they're often not very intuitive and present a complication of average users.  The best thing Apple has done in the last 7 years (IMO) is to make computing devices so accessible for people who aren't considered tech-literate. 
 Truth is, a LOT is from Apple. Don't forget that Apple has been around for a long time, and without them a lot of the things we take for granted in tech land wouldn't exist. They patented a lot of those things too. Common sense helps too. Pretty easy to see the line of demarcation pre-and-post-iPhone. And the iPhone was based on the original Newton, and a lot of underlying technology has it's roots from pre-OSX Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: