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 A 4 digit password is weak if there is no limit to the number of attempts. It doesn't take that long to brute force it, or guess common strings. If you have an uncommon string and enable, say, only 10 entries before the device is wiped, then yes, it's pretty secure. TouchID only allows 5 attempts before switching to password entry. Nearly impossible to brute force 1:50,0000 odds when you only have 5 attempts. You'd have to be very, very, lucky. Which means the method...
 How is your fingerprint compromised? It's not an image, it's data. Please create a scenario where your "fingerprint" being compromised would cause disaster.
Sell your 4S now while it still has value.
Love this commercial. Contrary to the article's spin, there is no mention of plastic in the ad. It's all about how... delicious the phone looks.
 I would imagine it will at LEAST get iOS 8. It is(will be) shipping with iOS 7.  And it will be a big seller in emerging markets at only $450, which is conveniently the price analysts were expecting. 
If you're not an early adopter and you want an iPhone, why wouldn't you get the 5C? This will be HUGE in subsidized countries. There's still room for growth in the U.S... a lot of people are still buying cheap smartphones. The 5C will be MAX of $99 on contract, $0 down at T-Mobile, and will be discounted heavily for various promotions.    Apple will also be able to mass produce these better. 
Who says? Just because they've done that in the past? The BOM for the 5 may have cost too much to do that.Nevertheless, the price did drop $100 for a phone that's still high-end and was selling very well.What you're saying is that by going to plastic Apple should somehow be able to drop it $200 while not destroying margins. Right.
They did lower the price by $100.The iPhone 5 sold for $650.Apple has already showed a willingness for flexible pricing in developing markets like India.Also, people dismissing the U.S. market are naive. There's PLENTY of untapped potential in the U.S. and I bet we can expect holiday discounts on the 5C ($49-79 on contract) that will result in massive sales.
What's the value difference between the AU dollar, the USD, and Korean currency? International pricing is tricky.My guess is that Asian companies have an advantage selling to Oceania area.
I don't appreciate your snark.I defend Apple on this forum plenty and have a right to my opinion. I didn't troll and predict a failure, I just said I wasn't particularly impressed with the pricing.
New Posts  All Forums: