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I believe this is the correct answer.It's telling that the 5S won't be available for preorder.If Apple had lowered the price by $100, EPS would have plummeted
Games can already output different views, with totally different content on the device vs ATV.
Fully expecting something big coming for Holiday release. Why else would they have released those controller APIs?
 According to their website, it will use the old connector. Makes no sense, but still.
 More durable, especially if you don't want to use a case.
  What are you confused about? You can EITHER scan your print OR enter a passcode. The only thing unclear is whether you can require BOTH be entered in settings for double security.
 Yes, the price points of the main device (5S) I expected to remain unchanged. However, I was expecting a bump in storage to 32/64/128GB while keeping the same price. They've done that many times in the past. The current storage/price points have stayed the same for three generations now. For the 5C (a new device) I was expecting the base 5C 16GB (or 8GB) to take the place now occupied by the 4S at $0 on contract.  Thus, everything in my view is $100 too expensive, as the...
 I share your "meh" feeling, but I'm guessing it will take Apple some time to get TouchID working flawlessly before they implement new APIs in iOS 7.1 or 7.2 or even 8.  New APIs would allow third-parties to access the scanner for other uses.
 Considering you can sell your 5 for roughly the price it costs to get the new 5S, why wouldn't you sell it and have a newer phone? That said, this update is for all the people with 4S' and 4's and even 3GS'. And new customers. 
Don't feed the trolls, people. Just move along. Don't quote them, just ignore.
New Posts  All Forums: