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Wow, my 4S can't use Camera filters. Guess ill just use Camera+. Crippled for sure.
You seemed to have missed the "Open in..." functionality available to any app, which allows you "save to Dropbox" from any app that enables it. I do it all the time.Don't even pretend Android has better APIs than iOS. iOS murders Android with APIs.
So? You don't understand the case.The issue wasn't that the price rose, but that Apple was accused of colluding with all the publishers together, and the result was a price increase. It was the combo platter, not either or.
FileMaker is a really good database program, much preferable to Access in my opinion. But it could be a lot better and honestly is not very Apple-like in its UI. Of course, I'm only on v11, so my comment could be dated.
  Nonsense. The ATV is also a set top box, and doesn't require a phone, whereas Chromecast does. I don't always want to use my phone to control the TV. Especially if the wife and I are watching something.   In fact, other than the original novelty or streaming photo slideshows, I rarely use AirPlay or Mirroring at all. Almost everything I do is through the ATV interface directly. 
  LOL, that's not ok.   You can subscribe to the "Family Plan" for 11.99, if you want.
You think the plaintiffs should win because Apple searched their bags and you don't like it? This is SOP for retailers. The issue is whether they should have been paid for their time; I think they're exaggerating on the amount of time allegedly wasted."Minimum wage employees" or other entry level employees generally don't have much of a relationship with their employee. At least for me, while I value my employees, there's some that are, no offense intended, just "grunts"....
It depends on the environment. In a project-based work environment, it is often beneficial to be relaxed and allow people to work how they work, as long as the project gets done well and on time. I get where you're coming from.In other environments? Sometimes strict is the way to go. I don't allow warehouse employees to even have cellphones on them inside the building, unless they are a supervisor. Why? Because too many people were abusing the privilege and goofing off....
Third grade math would say that 100% is the maximum you can have of any one thing.This is purely accounting logic, and does not have much standing in the real world.Things get fuzzy because it's using accounting rules P/L numbers, where you can have a negative profit, and then views the entire market as if it were an entity, and uses "net profit" to calculate percentages.In reality, you can't have negative profit (profit meaning to make money). If you lose money, it's...
Not an iPad killer because most people don't want to do anything you just said on their tablet.And Id rather use a MacBook Air for everything you just said.
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