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 That only works if they're using a mobile template, and not responsive layout. I don't know of a way to disable responsive layouts, as it's based on screen size, not the user agent.
 No problem. I wish Safari had a way to disable mobile environments by changing the user agent. They could bury it in Settings so only power users will enable it. However, with Responsive Layouts now the trend, there won't be a way to disable "mobile" views. Hopefully web designers are foresighted enough to only reformat content, not hide it willy-nilly.
  Consumers appreciate the advances in web capabilities that are significantly due to HTML5 standards being accepted and advanced. 
 You can click "View Desktop version".
Not every family shares an account; also, it's pretty common now for multiple families to share a dwelling.
Yes, and the U.S. and the Soviets never fought an actual war, either.
"Santa Clara 49ers" just doesn't have a good ring to it. Oh well.
They could have chosen not to enforce the injunction.But keep pretending Google doesn't offensively use patents.
Does Sudo require an admin password to use? My understanding is that this exploit works if the user is already logged in as Admin; thus the attacker doesn't need the password. And if Sudo was already run once before, it won't ask for a password(?) so again, no need for the attacker to know the password. That said, if you can do all that, can't Sudo do more than change the clock? Maybe Sudo should just always require an admin password to launch?
  Never going to happen.   Making quality TV costs money, and is based on paying for things you don't need. If you pay for only what you need, you can expect prices to rise accordingly.     If you want truly a la carte, what Apple could negotiate is an expansion to iTunes Season Pass, where you buy a season of a TV show (for, say $50) and then get a access to a live stream of the show when it airs, in addition to On Demand of the entire released season in your Purchased...
New Posts  All Forums: