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It gets fuzzy because you're including losses. How would you chart this in a pie chart, for instance? In comparing Apple and Samsung (the whole point) it should exclude anyone losing money.I mean, would you want a headline that says both Apple and Samsung are each making 62% of the profits?
I guess the choreography didn't pay off.
Most people I know that have an Android tablet, including the Nexus 7, use it sparingly, and only for reading. So basically a glorified e-reader, as opposed to a full iPad experience.    Those people also bought them solely based on price and/or that it ran Google services supposedly better.    My anecdotal evidence is probably as reliable as the report Google used.
When weighing an increase in cost, you need to compare it against potential increases in revenues attributed to the new additions.
Duh.Alert the media.
Godwin, yikes.You're really comparing this trivial thing with one of the WORST things in human history?Chill out.You have a limited world view and assume people are just like they are where you live. I know very few people with bags.Considering that the lawsuit is likely an exaggeration as, if true, they'd be violating a whole host of state laws regarding breaks, and likely it's only a minute or two being "wasted", it's not totalitarian or unique for Apple to perform these...
How about using the bathroom while punched in? Most people I know do that.If these people are going to complain, they should give Apple back the money they were paid for defecating.
Sounds like a smart idea.
Do these people have documentation of how much time was being "wasted"? It sounds like an exaggeration. Most other retail stores have similar bag checks. Not just Apple.
You have a bias toward people without cars, based on your other comments. So obviously you think the majority of people carry bags.I rarely ever carry a bag.And lots of people have cars.
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