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 No, it's awful to take a desktop concept file system and slap it onto a mobile device. There's nothing inherently wrong with a file system, but they're often not very intuitive and present a complication of average users.  The best thing Apple has done in the last 7 years (IMO) is to make computing devices so accessible for people who aren't considered tech-literate. 
 Truth is, a LOT is from Apple. Don't forget that Apple has been around for a long time, and without them a lot of the things we take for granted in tech land wouldn't exist. They patented a lot of those things too. Common sense helps too. Pretty easy to see the line of demarcation pre-and-post-iPhone. And the iPhone was based on the original Newton, and a lot of underlying technology has it's roots from pre-OSX Apple.
D'okay... before we continue, you should go watch the keynote. The demoed the new keyboard with predictive text buttons. LATER, they demoed third-party keyboard extensions, and explained how they're sandboxed for security, unless you specifically give them network access.
 Gotta love that crazy absurd logic.
 Don't forget the Newton... oh, wait. A lot of the patents Apple is trying so hard to defend were patented back in the 90s, or are related to IP invented back then.  People act like Apple is a newbie in the tech world.
Did you watch the keynote?You can access iCloud from within apps, open (compatible) documents from different apps in the current app, etc.Also, the TITLE of this thread includes the words "third-party keyboards", which were also demoed. iOS 8's default keyboard is a whole other topic.
Not a single feature... FUD
Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc.Oh, and .Mac.
How about head to head with DropBox? They're the standard currently.Google is cheap because they're trying to buy into the market.
Even of that's your intention, if you don't patent it someone else could, and they might not have those intentions. You can patent something and still be altruistic.Not saying that's Apple's intent.Regarding the idea, it seems more useful in situations where the "threat" is from health problems or the environment (like the guy cleaning his furnace who got stuck and couldn't reach his phone and had to cut off his arm after several days), as opposed to, say, a mugging.I'd be...
New Posts  All Forums: