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Not a single feature... FUD
Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc.Oh, and .Mac.
How about head to head with DropBox? They're the standard currently.Google is cheap because they're trying to buy into the market.
Even of that's your intention, if you don't patent it someone else could, and they might not have those intentions. You can patent something and still be altruistic.Not saying that's Apple's intent.Regarding the idea, it seems more useful in situations where the "threat" is from health problems or the environment (like the guy cleaning his furnace who got stuck and couldn't reach his phone and had to cut off his arm after several days), as opposed to, say, a mugging.I'd be...
I remember going over the Double Irish in business school. This was years ago. Apple was mentioned.This isn't a new thing. Ignoring ethics, it's also pretty brilliant from a business standpoint. No comment on those ethics, mind you.
This, again.
Do you ever get dizzy from all that spin?
Link? That's not what the story that I read said.iTunes is it's own category, it would make no sense to lump it together.
I believe the $1B figure is just for hardware.Don't iTunes sales and rentals account for much more than a billion per year?
Funny, if I go to Purchased Movies, Incredibles (HD) shows up. But if I'm just in the Videos app, it doesn't list under "All Movies" like my other iTunes in the Cloud movies.
New Posts  All Forums: