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This, again.
Do you ever get dizzy from all that spin?
Link? That's not what the story that I read said.iTunes is it's own category, it would make no sense to lump it together.
I believe the $1B figure is just for hardware.Don't iTunes sales and rentals account for much more than a billion per year?
Funny, if I go to Purchased Movies, Incredibles (HD) shows up. But if I'm just in the Videos app, it doesn't list under "All Movies" like my other iTunes in the Cloud movies.
 Undoubtedly. I would imagine large portion of Apple's costs were fixed or relatively fixed (as opposed to a smaller portion of variable costs) , and as the store has boomed, it has become more profitable. Or perhaps the equipment infrastructure is more mature and not being depreciated the same. Or even if it is, as the revenue pie gets bigger, the cost is relatively smaller.
Wow.   I don't post here much anymore, but I saw solipsism's link today. Sad news indeed, always enjoyed reading his posts. Funny how the death of someone you never actually met or had anything resembling an actual conversation with can affect you.   Best wishes to his family. Death sucks.
Sounds like whining to me. Such a non issue.
AirDrop has nothing to do with geography, it has to do with BT 4.0, which the 4S lacks. AirDrop is available on iPhone 5 and higher. So not a bug.
Really? You think teens working is a bad thing? In my opinion more teens should work for a living. Working is part of education, and it teaches the value of a dollar, a hard day's work, etc. Cliche? Yes, but true. Kids having to work and make their own money are less likely to waste it.I started working when I was 15, and continued working while I paid my own way through school. Way better education than anything taught in the classroom.I'd say the converse of what you...
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