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Make sure you include the iPad mini in there. It is broken out separately.
I'm so tired of this moronic drivel about Apple over charging for storage increases.1) Of course it doesn't cost $100 for Apple to go from 16GB to 32GB. If it did, Apple would be selling it for cost. Why would they do that? Oh that's right, it's evil for companies to make money.2) People who say the cost is really only a few dollars a) don't have access to Apple's supply chain and b) are looking at the cost of CHEAP NAND.3) It is entirely possible that the 16GB entry...
 That would still be incorrect. "Twelve ante meridiem (before midday)" is impossible, as Twelve IS midday. If you want to get picky, it should be: 11:58am... 11:59am... 12:00m (meridiem)... 12:01pm...
 Why does this irritate you? 
I can confirm this. Tested with my 5S: -2 to -4 degrees registered on several flat surfaces.    A quick test of a friend's iPhone 5 reads a perfect 0 degrees.   Hopefully it's a software update, otherwise I'll be making a Genius Bar appointment.
It's referring to most valuable brand, not necessarily the most well known. I'd say Coke still wins the latter category, but that's not what this is about.
If I remember right, these types of LCD displays are still very new for that size, meaning supply constraints are probably very real. The amount needed for Nexus tablets would be quite different than for iPad minis.
Are these other "retina" devices using OLED or the tech Apple uses?
Maybe your personal view is not in harmony with the majority of everyone else's. Everyone I know loves iOS7. There, I have anecdote evidence too.In the same vein, I could speculate how many people Apple would lose because of the stale iOS 6 had they kept the look.Also, if Apple had released a new phone without a new OS, they'd have been skewered.
I was joking. Although for me and my "circle", it's rare when I get the hideous green.
New Posts  All Forums: