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If I remember right, these types of LCD displays are still very new for that size, meaning supply constraints are probably very real. The amount needed for Nexus tablets would be quite different than for iPad minis.
Are these other "retina" devices using OLED or the tech Apple uses?
Maybe your personal view is not in harmony with the majority of everyone else's. Everyone I know loves iOS7. There, I have anecdote evidence too.In the same vein, I could speculate how many people Apple would lose because of the stale iOS 6 had they kept the look.Also, if Apple had released a new phone without a new OS, they'd have been skewered.
I was joking. Although for me and my "circle", it's rare when I get the hideous green.
Dumb post is dumb. What you're referring to is a security feature. If you have Siri read your messages while your phone is locked, so can anyone else.
The term "reasonable" is usually left to the courts to decide.In this case, it should trickle up. The customer bought a device that Apple advertised as being capable of having month-to-month unlimited data (it was a big selling point). People paid money for it. AT&T then stabbed Apple in the back. The customers have no recourse from AT&T, as they bought the device from Apple.Apple, if they wanted, could likely sue AT&T for breach of contract (assuming they had some sort of...
Forward head posture would go from bad to worse. We already sit too much looking down as it is.
I think the 5C was priced specifically to allow Apple to be more flexible and aggressive with pricing and carrier agreements.
I'd think so.Unless Apple marketed the iPad + 3G as having unlimited data for $30/mo. without having a contract with AT&T that specified how long that plan would stay in effect.I don't recall their marketing specifics, but I do remember the ability to sign up for as little as a month at a time as a feature.
Interesting. Good thing Apple didn't price the 5C at $450 then I suppose.
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