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Forward head posture would go from bad to worse. We already sit too much looking down as it is.
I think the 5C was priced specifically to allow Apple to be more flexible and aggressive with pricing and carrier agreements.
I'd think so.Unless Apple marketed the iPad + 3G as having unlimited data for $30/mo. without having a contract with AT&T that specified how long that plan would stay in effect.I don't recall their marketing specifics, but I do remember the ability to sign up for as little as a month at a time as a feature.
Interesting. Good thing Apple didn't price the 5C at $450 then I suppose.
Apple probably wants you to just use iMessage lol.
...and this is Apple's fault, how?
 No issue with you, just with the oft repeated statement — the implication of said statement being that China Mobile won't really provide *that* much of a boost. It was untrue with T-Mobile, and will likely be untrue with CM as well. My "so what" response wasn't directed to you, but rather a response to the statement. 
 Easy to use Siri to change nicknames and alter pronunciations.
Just wait till you do get an SMS. It looks radioactive in color.
Wow, a link to a website called "Rectangles and Rounded Corners". Classy.
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