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  I know, but you know it's going to be a scandal someday.
iCloud Keychains just sounds like a future scandal.    Keychain-gate.   Ugh.   I hate the media already.
App Nap looks cool, wonder how it works when streaming audio/video where I'm just listening and not looking. 
Tagging seems pretty awesome, considering I hate managing folders. 
This guy is very charismatic and doesn't have crazy eyes.
Mavericks.   Hmm.
  Safari is working for me.
  I wish I knew more about that kind of stuff, it strikes me as the type of thing that's much more incredible when you know more about how it works.
  Are you drunk yet?   ...   We are drinking right? It's not just me?
  It reminded me of the new commercials, classy.
New Posts  All Forums: