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Mavericks.   Hmm.
  Safari is working for me.
  I wish I knew more about that kind of stuff, it strikes me as the type of thing that's much more incredible when you know more about how it works.
  Are you drunk yet?   ...   We are drinking right? It's not just me?
  It reminded me of the new commercials, classy.
  When did Apple say they would release what in the fall?   Do you honestly think that Apple is moving to a once-a-year for all products schedule? 
What percentage of iPhones running iOS 6 can run Google Now? The requirements just say iOS 5, so I'm guessing a pretty high percentage.People always forget that even if core functionality is missing, generally 'there's an app for that'.Now how many Android phones can run Siri?
  No, in the allegation, it would be the publishers who supposedly engaged in price fixing, not Apple. Even then, the issue would be collusion, which is one of the things that can cause 'price fixing' to become illegal.   Apple is just getting dragged along, accused of being a party to said alleged collusion.    Of note, 'price fixing' can also be illegal if caused by undo pressure by a retailer forcing the manufacturer's hand, although I would imagine this would be the...
  Technically, that would be more of an indirect loss of potential revenue that simply saying "they were losing money".    But yeah, they weren't happy.   Also, taking this to its logical conclusion, once they cornered the market, Amazon would likely be in a position to negotiate lower wholesale prices, so that they can actually make a profit too. Or they'd raise their prices to consumers in time. Businesses will operate at break-even or below-margin only for strategic...
New Posts  All Forums: