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In the short term, yes.In the long term? With a near monopoly, do you think Amazon would continue to always have razor thin or negative margins? Instead of paying $9.99 to the publisher, they would be in a position to strongly negotiate it down lower.
Once Amazon owned the market, how long do you think they'd keep their razor margins or lose money on best sellers?Would you rather Amazon have a near monopoly? Because that's where things were headed.
Now you're being obtuse. His point was clear.
Why would your post be deleted?I see plenty of anti-Apple posts here. Not all cross the line. Some do. Not all get deleted, but again, some do.
What you're describing was illegal per se (in all cases) for decades. In 2007 the Supreme Court ruled that price fixing is not illegal per se, and that it depends on the circumstances.For instance, it's not illegal (most likely) if Manufacture A tells Reseller B that they can't sell their product for less that $XX.xx in order to protect against intrabrand competition and foster interbrand competition. The rationale being that if consumers don't like it, they can go to...
This man gets it.
  That's a narrow view of a "troll"; in a more broad sense, a troll is one who purposely makes comments that are specifically designed to provoke a negative emotional reaction, especially on a fan-centric forum. Basically trying to stir the pot.   This is a website for Apple enthusiasts primarily. If you hate Apple, why are you here? It's fine to not support Apple at every juncture, but we're talking about people who's sole purpose of registering on this forum is to make...
  I said "Because the only way to engineer something is to physically manufacture it."   You then said that I was wrong, that that statement was incorrect given that only 10-15% of engineered products end up getting manufactured.    My initial post was sarcastic, as I personally engineer things and have someone else manufacture it, so I know that you can engineer something without physically manufacturing it...
  You sir have won this thread.   Of course, Steve Jobs basically said: "He tasks me, he tasks me!" so I'm really confused on who's who. 
You need a sarcasm detector.
New Posts  All Forums: