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  I said "Because the only way to engineer something is to physically manufacture it."   You then said that I was wrong, that that statement was incorrect given that only 10-15% of engineered products end up getting manufactured.    My initial post was sarcastic, as I personally engineer things and have someone else manufacture it, so I know that you can engineer something without physically manufacturing it...
  You sir have won this thread.   Of course, Steve Jobs basically said: "He tasks me, he tasks me!" so I'm really confused on who's who. 
You need a sarcasm detector.
Don't bother.
Is the credit card on file active? If not, you're not one of the half mil.The accounts have nothing to do with physical Apple Stores or products. It's about digital content.
A jury of Samsung's peers felt differently, a billion dollars differently.
Some of us work for a living and said work involves HTML, JavaScript, CSS, et. al. not to mention the occasional custom built database with scripts, etc.Being illiterate sure makes that difficult."Tech" stuff isn't really difficult and shouldn't be bragged about
Hardware without software is meaningless. Given your posts and patent theories, you clearly have a bias toward hardware.The marriage of hardware and software is why Apple's products are so popular, and why Samsung has sought to emulate them.
They make Android in house?
So much lies.The difference in display results has to do with tech, yes... The tech of the actual machines and manufacturing skill. They're foundries. Some are better than others. That has nothing to do with the technology behind the display itself, which is owned by Apple.Same with the chips. Apple OWNS their chip. The issue is there are few foundries that can build to the scale and quality that Apple needs.
New Posts  All Forums: