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If its all Samsung tech, then why is Apple able to take its IP and move it to another manufacturer, as it's been doing? Or how can they have multiple vendors build the same component?Maybe because Apple owns and develops the IP and outsources it to be manufactured?If it was all Samsung IP, then Apple couldn't have TSMC or LG or Sharp or any other OEM make it.EDIT: Define "1.5x" as powerful... Do you mean in performance benchmarks? Or because it has more Ghz?
Because the only way to engineer something is to physically manufacture it. D'ok.
Software is meaningless, right? Have fun using your tech without software.Patents can involve the implementation of components.Samsung, like LG, et. al. make components, and make many according to another company's IP and specifications. They're a foundry. That's why Apple's displays have been color representation, and why their SoC's typically beat whatever the comparable Sammy SoC happens to be.
True, I suppose. But unlikely, since multiple companies have to support it, otherwise it's basically proprietary.Usually a standards body will be formed, for instance.Technically a company can invent something, and then release it as an industry standard, but its pretty rare, especially if it involves communication tech that uses bandwidth and frequencies governed by governments.
How else is someone supposed to read it? Earlier you claimed Samsung is inventing 5G.
A single company can't invent something like 3G, ugh.
Yes, the iPhone 5 is just a rectangle.
So when you see a beautiful building, you give credit to the steel company? Not the architect? D'okay...And it's a trademark, yes, and the tech behind each variation is patented. And it's sourced from multiple manufacturers.
Is that a static sales rate? Does the launch month not inflate things?How many 5's were sold in its first month?Since Samsung doesn't actually provide official numbers, can we trust them?
By the by, my company actually contracts out work to an Asian manufacturing company. We create the designs, specify the materials, specify the equipment, etc. Pure outsourcing. But apparently the manufacturer does everything. Maybe I can fire my design team.
New Posts  All Forums: