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Apple probably wants you to just use iMessage lol.
...and this is Apple's fault, how?
 No issue with you, just with the oft repeated statement — the implication of said statement being that China Mobile won't really provide *that* much of a boost. It was untrue with T-Mobile, and will likely be untrue with CM as well. My "so what" response wasn't directed to you, but rather a response to the statement. 
 Easy to use Siri to change nicknames and alter pronunciations.
Just wait till you do get an SMS. It looks radioactive in color.
Wow, a link to a website called "Rectangles and Rounded Corners". Classy.
What in the world are you talking about?
Huh? iMessages are blue, SMS are green, and they've always been like that.
Unless it involves the rape of a 14 year old.
 I doubt this. Is Apple Retail considered a "third party partner"? That's what is reflected in channel inventory. 
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