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 I doubt this. Is Apple Retail considered a "third party partner"? That's what is reflected in channel inventory. 
 Is Spotlight indexing everything? Have you restarted your phone since updating? I had to restart my 4S (since retired) because I was having issues; after reboot, it worked great.
 This doesn't make sense. Apple's cash is growing faster than it can spend it.
 So what. Lots of people used T-Mobile before it was an actual iPhone carrier, but they still had big sales once they officially supported it. Don't any iPhones on CM not work to their full potential? They only now just added the proper bands.
 You're right. Taco Bell would be better for them.
 It doesn't disable activation lock, though. They need your iCloud password to wipe the phone, and your iCloud password to restore the phone. Both require internet connection, which would turn Find My iPhone back on. Will deter most thieves.  But yes, Airplane mode should probably be disabled from Control Center when the phone is locked, or require a password.
 False. You need to enter your password. I just tried this on my 5S with my thumb; worked fine. Locked phone again and tried it with my ring finger (not a saved print) and no dice. It prompts for password.
I think that's the reason Amazon is so heavily betting on things like the Kindle and services like Prime. These help make their system "sticky".Otherwise, simply being the best price garners no loyalty, and is incredibly difficult to maintain.I think it's worked to a certain degree, as personally I'm more likely to buy something on Amazon without shopping around (and it may not be the cheapest price) because I'm conditioned to think the deal is good and Prime makes things...
As a customer, I use Amazon all the time. Mostly because of Prime shipping.I do have a problem with how their stock is valued, and how they use political methods to protect their monopolistic practices.
And then there's the whole lumping all kindles together BS. Some Kindles are tablets, the others aren't.
New Posts  All Forums: