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    From a political standpoint, it sounds better for the DoJ to be targeting "big bad Apple" who raised prices with their "Apple tax", than to target Amazon's low prices. That sounds better, right? It's shortsighted, but sounds better. And that's politics for you.
  Yep.   Their main problem is lack of cash for content deals. 
LOL at Netflix's cash flow per account.   I wish Apple would by a stake of Netflix (basically buying blue sky and mind share, that's all the stock's trading on anyway) and bankroll it.    Netflix also needs a tiered pricing strategy, say charging $12.99 for PREMIUM access to their best shows, or something similar. It's way too cheap. And the regular account needs to be $9.99... you think the mental difference between $7.99 and $9.99 is that big? Maybe it would...
  Price fixing is not illegal.   Ugh.   Apple is not accused of price fixing, they're accused of price fixing AND collusion with the major publishers, thus causing a monopolistic position and an abuse of market power.
  Your entire post is untrue, manufacturers CAN set the prices their retailers sell at, as recently determined by the U.S. Supreme Court.    Also, that's what the agency model is: the publisher sets the price. Nothing illegal.   What would be illegal if all the big name publishers got together secretly and agreed to ALL raise their prices. Combined, they have monopolistic power, and raising prices as a collective would be an abuse of market power.   Apple is being accused...
  Price fixing isn't illegal, in and of itself.   The issue is whether the major publishers CONSPIRED TOGETHER to fix their prices (which they likely did, given they settled), and, if so, whether Apple was the instigator of said conspiracy.   For example:   Scenario #1: Apple approaches Publisher A, who has 20% market share, about the agency model. Publisher A agrees, and fixes the selling price at $12.99, and agrees not to allow it to be sold cheaper anywhere else under...
You don't need USB 3 for printers or mice either.I'd think its pretty safe to say that Thunderbolt is much better for HDDs and SSDs.
The iPhone doesn't take printable photos?Ok.
Fair enough.
Maybe we need a "MPG" equivalent for smartphones, since battery life can be artificially kept high due to larger batteries.Then maybe these inefficient phablets can do the way of the Hummer H2.
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