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More SKUs is not a good thing.From a consumer standpoint, a company offering a myriad of choices is a good thing. But that doesn't translate to business success.Rarely in business can you succeed by trying to be all things to all people. Apple has proved that focusing on a few truly good ideas and ignoring others works well. No doubt Apple either is or will be the primary case study for those studying business, just like Toyota's JIT model is for operations studies.
It's a good UI. As Soli posted, the functionality is nothing knew, but it's still "new", or reinvented. Seems more practical than strictly folders. This won't replace folders, but makes a few primary "no-brainer" folders easier to get to.
Samsung et. al. do not post numbers, they post revenue that includes many product categories.Analysts GUESS what the numbers are, and don't guess what the channel inventory is.Apple actually posts its REAL numbers, and breaks out its channel inventory.See the difference?There's also the fact that when Apple releases a product, it's a scarce commodity for quite sometime.Maybe it's your argument (which is not relevant at all to this thread; strikes me more as a shill post)...
  Interesting point; they can just change the voice over.
  Actually, generally speaking, people who buy an S4 really ARE falling victim to an overactive marketing budget. If you're looking for an Android phone, the HTC One is better in every way.    But HTC doesn't have a marketing budget.   Ironically, Android's "hero" Samsung is what fanboys have labeled Apple forever: all marketing, all fluff.
  Unless it's an ad for the Xoom. 
  Why should Apple pay U.S. taxes on money it made by selling products overseas through it's overseas offices that have employees overseas? Who's the greedy one? It's not like Apple is shipping products from Cupertino over to France. They have corporate offices, warehouses, supply chains, etc. in France, etc. Money is made there and stays there.   And it's not illegal. Apple has IRS agents pretty much stationed in their offices and are pretty much audited round the clock....
  It wouldn't have mattered if Cook et. al. were there or not, pretty sure Levin would have just talked anyway. That's basically what he did: ask (himself) questions, answer them (himself), rinse, and repeat.
This is false and you clearly have poor comprehension.   Apple does not funnel money that it earns out of the U.S., unless you are accusing them of lying to Congress. They earn money overseas in Eurasia in KEEP it there; Congress wants them to pay taxes on those earnings too.   What Congress is accusing them of is funneling the ECONOMIC RIGHTS on the intellectual property overseas to Ireland, which is totally different but SOUNDS illegal (it's not).
  Technically, states can only collect SALES tax on sales made inside their jurisdiction IF the seller and buyer are located in the same state at the time of the transaction (taking delivery) AND the state can prove the seller has nexus (i.e. an office or representative physically located in the state).    Obviously, these laws were written back when that's how pretty much ALL transactions took place (the buyer and seller being in the same physical location); mail-order...
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