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  That's some bold "truth" there, with little in the way of facts to back it up.   The "truth" is that the report is designed to CHANGE the tax laws, seeing as how Apple et. al. are following the letter of the law while perhaps ignoring the spirit. If you're following the letter of the law, it's technically not illegal, although you could argue that it's morally wrong. You'll notice the report doesn't use terms like "tax evasion"; instead, it is designed to cause a moral...
  GalaxyOS.   "Tizen" is just a codename.    People don't by Android phones, they buy Samsung phones. They may use Google's services, but you can bet these will be supported, just like the iPhone supports them. Customer's won't know the difference, and Samsung controls its own destiny.   If I was a betting man, I'd wager that the next flagship Galaxy S5 release not only has no mention of Android, but highlights the new "Galaxy OS". 
Sorry, but this post is trash and strikes of someone who doesn't understand how business and the markets work.Google's acquisition of Motorola has thus far been an unmitigated disaster, and you can't include that as a reason why Google has seen its value increase; that's based off of its core services, not anything Motorola related.Second, the P/E ratio Google is trading at is unlikely to be sustainable; the market seems to keep thinking that Android and Google by...
The only thing I think is fishy is the ability to download; otherwise, I'm guessing the app merely accesses the web, re-skins it, and blocks ads. Didn't think that's illegal.
  So? You in that country, the promise Apple makes is 2 years. If you think Apple should warrant the device longer than what they promise, then don't buy it.
  You might want to check your math and/or your terminology.   Perhaps you meant $150 cost + 35% MARKUP is roughly $200.   Otherwise it is only about 25% gross margin. To get those margins, it would need to sell for circa $230.
If Apple knew is irrelevant. When you purchase a phone from Apple, they warrant that it will work for at least a year. That's it. That's their promise. By purchasing it, you are saying you are ok with that promise.
The thing I've never understood about JCP is how they're trying to position themselves. They're not high end, and they're not the bargain bin. What are they? They're not communicating it to me. Lets look at competitors. Walmart (which sells clothes and many similar items) is clearly the bargain bin. Kohls is basically the same. Target is tells me they are different and a little better, but still affordable. Macy's is "high end". Where is JCP? Are they trying to be...
Also, if you select the "censored" text and hit copy and paste it elsewhere, the entire message will paste. So the content is still there, just not displaying.
Google isn't the one creating the report, therefore it stands to reason that ALL flavors of Android (note I'm saying Android, which is open source, not Google Android) is grouped together under the "Android" umbrella.If you really think the Kindle and Nook, two of the more popular "android" tablets, are in the small other category, I think you're being purposely obtuse.
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