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Correction, Google is TRYING to be the we Microsoft of the 90's.They have much less power.These steps seem moronic; they need Apple more than Apple needs them; Google gets most of its mobile revenue from iOS. They overestimate their importance. People use Google because its easy and free. That's all.If this is some attempt to prop up Android, it's stupid. How much money do they make from Android? They've already sunk $13B into the Android money pit. And now Android and...
If your company is using a custom domain through Gmail, they are a PAID Google Apps subscriber most likely. In which case, if you read the article, push STILL works.It is only being discontinued for unpaid accounts.
The evil American company is treating the poor Chinese badly.
In all fairness, I didn't understand your point either.
    I don't think Apple is going anywhere anytime soon. Perhaps it's just the pendulum swinging as far as reason and logic are concerned?    I'd think most rational people would see that the market is acting rather irrationally toward Apple, and the hate has gone too far.    The same thing happens in other areas of life. Take fantasy football. A player may be overly hyped and then have a down series of games, or a bad prior season. Suddenly, he becomes "dead" to many...
If you want a stylus, there are many available that work on iOS devices.
Is DED drunk? I mean, I agree with most of what was said, but seriously.
And the Podcast app features skeumoorphism.It can be done right.
That's more or less how I read it.I don't get the fascination with making the UI follow Windows footsteps. I can't stand that design philosophy.
Flat design can mean a number of things, and it depends on the concept. Perhaps waiting to see a visual of what is being talked about would be better.
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